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18 Top question about Squidward from Spongebob Squarepant Cartoon Series (ANSWERED)

18 Top question about Squidward from 

Spongebob Squarepant Cartoon Series

I try my best to answer these question based on my knowledge. ENJOY!

1. Does Squidward like Spongebob?

Yes, Squidward does like Spongebob. Eventhough sometime his word may hurt Spongebob feeling but his action sometime show another part of him that he actually like Spongebob. Like one of the episode where a customer refuse to pay for a pizza because there's no drink included and this make Spongebob crying and then you can see how angry is Squidward and defend Spongebob from that customer.

Squidward usually does some nice thing to Spongebob especially when he realize he made a terrible messed. When he thought that Spongebob ate a BOOM Pie, Squidward really want Spongebob to enjoy his final hour and start to do everything together according to Spongebob bucket list.

2. Does Squidward have teeth?

Of course he have teeth. Remember the episode "Just one bite"? There's a close-up scene where Squidward eat a tiny bit of krabby patty and ended up getting obssesed with it!

3. Does Squidward wear pants

Theoritically, firstly presumably due to his 4 legs. You think it's easy to wear a pant when you have 4 leg?

Secondly, maybe it's because Squidward nose is actually his p3nis.

4. Does Squidward play the clarinet

It's seems like the only person who really loves Squidward playing clarinet is Spongebob. No matter how bad Squidward plays it, Spongebob always give his fully support to him,

Squidward can play a clarinet really good especially in his dream. In reality, most of the time people are just closing their ears.

5. Does Squidward have ear

Yes, he has ear. He work as a cashier and when a customer calls, he can pick up the phone and literally hear every words in the phone call. Althought we can't see his ear, it still exist.

6. Does Squidward have depression

Although most of the time Squidward always says something that depressed, there is no actual proof or evidence that Squidward is suffering from depression.

On the other side, Squidward actually let his ego get the best of him. He has a home, stable job, friends but he is just ungrateful. Key of happiness is always gratitude.

7. Does Squidward have eyebrow

Yes, he does have eyebrow. On the episode, "Pineapple fever", Squidward is tweezing his eyebrow but accidentally rip off his whole eyebrow because Patrick angrily nails a hammer at Spongebob house which cost an eyebrow for Squidward.

8. Does Squidward have parents

Although his Mr.Tentacle did not appear on the show, Squidward did mention about them on how his father raised him right and he really loved him. 

And yes, Squidward have his parents Mr.Tentacle and Mrs.Tentacle

9. Does Squidward have a last name

His name is Squidward Tentacle.

10. Does Squidward have a brother

In my knowledge. NO

11. Why Squidward is the best character in Spongebob

Possibly, Squidward is the only character that we can relate with. 

12. Why Squidward hates Spongebob

It's not that Squidward really hates Spongebob. He just feels annoy with him. It's kinda annoying hearing his laugh and voice.

13. Why Squidward didnt wear pant

Because he has 4 legs.

14. Why Squidward is awesome

Is he? 

15. What's Squidward phone number

I have some problem with this question. Squidward is a fictional charter and it's not possible to call Squidward. Although I've seen some youtuber that claiming that Squidward actually talk with them on the phone which we all know it's fake, it is still impossible. Unless you're saying about the voice actor Rodger Bumpass,

16. What Squidward middle name


17. What Squidward last name


18. What Squidward full name

Squidward Quincy Tentacles

6 Moral messages from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series

Do you still remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons? This film is very popular because of the cat, Tom, and the mouse, Jerry who never get along. Although this film is very entertaining, there is a moral message that is exemplary for life.

1. Not giving up easily

Both Tom and Jerry don't give up easily. Tom always tried to prey on Jerry, but he always failed. But does he just give up? No, no. He kept trying to get Jerry by all means. Jerry also tried to run away from Tom with all his tricks and never gave up on Tom.

2. Size does not guarantee everything

Although Tom has a bigger body than Jerry and has sophisticated equipment, in fact, he always fails. In fact, Jerry, who was small in his modest equipment, always escaped Tom's actions. This shows that size does not guarantee everything. The most important thing is ingenuity and courage.

3. The key to success is confidence

Jerry is not a hero. It's just that he was confident enough to defeat Tom with his ingenuity. Nothing can make you feel inferior, except with strong beliefs.

4. Have lots of ideas

Just look at Tom and Jerry never run out of ideas. They have a lot of sense to set a trap. We must have many ideas to face life's difficulties.

5. Their relationship

Not always Tom and Jerry always fight. They sometimes get along very well and work together. It is very beautiful not rather than having to fight all the time.

6. Not everything that looks good is really good

You've certainly seen one episode of Tom suddenly turn out well for Jerry. It turns out it's just pretending that Tom can prey on Jerry more easily. Many hypocrites in this world, you must be careful.

It turns out that cartoons can convey valuable moral messages for life.

Difference between Japanese cartoons & American cartoons

Broadly speaking, cartoon shows circulating in Malaysia are divided into 2, namely American cartoons (dominated by Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network) and Japanese cartoons (dominated by TV Tokyo Anime), both of which have different characteristics and characteristics between one and the another. Even though they both display quality cartoons, they still have fundamental and striking differences.

Here are some differences between Japanese cartoons and American cartoons:

 American cartoon

  • It usually shows about technological progress and about genetic disorders.
  • Cartoon traits are rougher and rarely resemble the original creature.
  • Usually, the cartoon uses heavy humor.
  • Not too often show drama in the cartoon.
  • Often displays unique and imaginary characters.
  • It usually emphasizes the element of cooperation in the cartoon story.
  • More displays intelligence education.
  • Examples of American cartoons: Sponge bob Squarepants, X-men, Scooby doo, Tom and Jerry, Tiny Toon, Ben 10, Dora the Explorer, Avatars, Go Diego Go, etc.

Japanese cartoon

  • More about simplicity.
  • In nature, the characters are made as closely as possible with real characters.
  • The humor displayed is mild humor that tends to be crisp.
  • Often displays something normative.
  • Usually tells the story of someone's struggle in achieving his dreams (for example Naruto and Captain Tsubasa).
  • More displays emotional education.
  • Examples of Japanese cartoons: Naruto, Captain Tsubasa, Bleach, Pokemon, Hamtaro, Eyeshield, Love Hina, Doraemon, Go-Go Racing, Negima Masters, etc.

And although both have different color patterns, both of them remain a spice of the world of cartoons that always decorate screen shows around the world.

Happy Tree Friends Character

Not all cartoon is for a kid, like Mondo Media a company that produces an animation that targeted teens and young adult.

I watched this cartoon while I was still a kid. If you know this cartoon, I confirmed that you have seen some real sh^t. I love this cartoon and there's nothing wrong with me. I don't know why this really entertains me. It's cute but not suitable for kids to watch. 

I really don't know how to says this. Kinda weird to say that this cartoon really entertain me when I was a kid, but you know, this cartoon is extreme violence... 

So, here the Happy Tree Friends Character.

Petunia is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a blue skunk with a white arrow on his forehead. Giggles is his best friend. While Giggles is like a child, Petunia is more mature for her age. 

They once made a lemonade booth together which is one of my favorite episodes. In the Happy Tree Friend cartoon, Petunia died very sadistically (like being roasted on a popcorn grill, pressured by Cro-Marmot and roasting on a burger grill). Many fans consider him the most unlucky character in the series.

Cuddles is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends series. He is a yellow rabbit with pink cheeks. Cuddles is one of the main characters in the Happy Tree Friends series. Like Giggles, Toothy and Lumpy. 

Cuddles is the first character made in Happy Tree Friends. It was made by Rhode Montijo. Cuddles nature usually causes him to die. He is seen as having two houses. He is a friend of Toothy, Flaky, Giggles and Lumpy. Cuddles have died 45 times and most of them were killed by Flippy and Lumpy.

Giggles is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon. He is a kind of pink squirrel. She is a shy young girl. Petunia is his best friend. He is also the first character made with Cuddles. He often died, although his death was not as sadistic as Petunia's.

Toothy is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. It is a dark purple otter. There are two reasons he is famous: he is the first character to be killed in Happy Tree Friends and he often dies of gruesome death in an award-winning episode at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France.

Lumpy is a fictional character from the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a light blue deer that is not smart. He is one of the adult characters in this cartoon. Lumpy appears in almost all episodes of Happy Tree Friend. His stupidity often leads to his death, besides, he causes the death of all characters except Cro-Marmot and Splendid.

Nutty is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. It is a yellow-green squirrel with a yellow triangle on its head and candy or anything containing sugar.

Sniffles are fictional characters in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a blue anteater who is one of the smart characters in this series. He likes to read about natural science and mathematics. Sniffles IQ is proven high on the internet and television series. He built things far more powerful than other characters, including rockets from buses and even time machines. 

However, sometimes the equipment can become malfunction and cause death. He also has several jobs, including doctors and pilots. Sniffles also likes to eat ants, but, instead, ants actually kill him after torturing him with a sadist. Only in the episode "Blast from the Past", Sniffle eats ants without getting killed.

Flaky is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a red hedgehog who is one of the most popular characters with a very shy character. He is often seen as timid. When he was with Cuddles, Flaky often caused a bad situation for them. Flaky is not a character who likes to help. In the episode "Party Animal", he was found to be allergic to peanuts. He is also afraid of flying. The thorn in his body also often causes problems.

Handy is a fictional character from the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. Handy is an orange otter with an amputated hand. He wore equipment belts and yellow worker helmets. He is also one of the adult characters. When he tries to do something, sometimes he actually dies.

The Mole is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a blind lavender-colored mole and wears sunglasses. Like Mime and Cro-Marmot, he does not speak. He is not only blind, but he is also mute, but he is not deaf, even though he has hearing problems seen in the episode "Party Animal". His blindness often causes problems.

Flippy is a light green character from the animated series Happy Tree Friends. He is a war veteran. In each episode, he wears a battle suit. There is evidence that he fought during the Vietnam War. If Flippy saw something that reminded him of war, he went crazy and killed everyone around him and believed that he was still at war. The characteristics he changes are: the color of his eyes changes, usually yellow or green, his voice changes from high and funny to low and evil, and his teeth become branched.

Disco Bear is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a golden bear who likes disco dancing. He wore 1970s style clothing, including a yellow jacket. He usually brings everyone into trouble when dancing. He is often seen trying to impress other female characters, such as Giggles and Petunia who are usually killed during the process. He had never been seen seducing Flaky.

Cub is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a very young bear and child of Pop. He is the youngest and smallest character in Happy Tree Friends. He died as a result of his father, although Pop loved him, Pop accidentally killed him and Pop didn't even know he killed Cub. Cub is very rarely survived in this cartoon and his death is usually terrible and painful.

Pop is a fictional character in the Happy Tree Friends cartoon series. He is a light brown bear. He always appears with Cub in every episode. He is the father of the Cub. His son often died because of his attention and ignorance, and obviously, he loved his child. Usually, he does not know the death of his child. 

When he tried to save his child, he even accidentally killed him. The only episode when Pop killed Cub was in the episode "Read 'em and Weep", because Cub was possessed by a demon that forced Pop to kill him (even though Lumpy had taken the demon out of the Cub). He survived in almost all episodes.

Writing these sure bring some memory. I really miss watching this cartoon!

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Cartoon Film That Reminds us the importance of environment

Actually, there are many films that convey messages to us about the importance of protecting the environment. But, cartoons have a unique way to convey that message. Starting from the funny characters and exciting stories that make us not feel bored or patronized. Well, below are some cartoon films that have the message of the love of the earth in it.

Finding Nemo

This cartoon film tells about the journey of a clownfish father is looking for his son, Nemo, who was caught by a diver. This film gives a message to us that it should not be arbitrarily taking fish from the sea, especially the rare species. 

Because in addition to pity the fish will be separated from the group, it can also cause the fish species to become extinct.

Over the hedge

In this film, we are shown the consequences of an increasingly broad human population, and ultimately plundering the dwellings of animals. The characters in this cartoon are a group of animals that had lived peacefully in the forest. But, then they have to struggle to survive when humans begin to build housing around their forests.

Happy Feet

What happens if the fish in the sea get fewer because they continue to be caught by fishermen? Of course, fish-eating animals will starve, including penguins in Antarctica. For the sake of saving his group, a penguin named Mumble swam following a fishing boat, to prevent their continued fishing. Uh, instead of hearing the penguins complaints, the humans catch it and put it in a zoo.

Battle for terra

This animated film tells the story of an Earth-like planet, inhabited by the terra nation. at the same time, the earth began to threaten with the extinction of natural resources. some astronauts find similarities between terra and earth so they try to carry out attacks to take over the planet terra.

This film shows how human beings are selfish, greedy and selfish regardless of what is around them. however this film teaches about friendship, perseverance to maintain something that is already owned

Ice Age

When you hear the words Ice Age, what comes to mind? Most certainly remember a 3-dimensional cartoon that tells the adventure of a mammoth named Manfred, a slow loris named Sid, and a sabertooth tiger named Diego in a region full of thick ice. 

Namely the Ice Age, a period in the past, where almost all the land in the northern hemisphere is covered with ice and the story of those who have to survive from humanity (ice age 1) and melting of polar ice caps (ice age 2)

Doraemon in the cloud kingdom (1992)

They met the cloud dwellers namely sky people, at night they stay in the clouds, they are locked up by sky people. It turns out that sky humans have a plan to destroy the earth because countless people who want to destroy the earth. 

Doraemon that has been damaged is helped by Kibo, the prime minister of planetary plants. And humans are given the opportunity 1 more time. Previously, they lived on earth and were cared for by Nobita and Doraemon.

Nobita & The Green Giant Legend (2008)

One day the creatures of the Green Planet want to destroy the earth because humans are considered to have done cruelty to nature. Doraemon, Nobita and his friends fight against blocking creatures from the green planet who want to destroy the earth.

In this film, we are reminded to always love nature by maintaining the balance of nature. This film wants to make people aware of their dishonorable actions in nature, illegal logging of trees without replanting causes the forest to become barren. 

If I pay attention, it seems like humans have started to forget the function of trees for the earth and for humans themselves, just look at if your area has vacant land or gardens within a few months or years that have turned into houses, shops, and others.

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5 Positive nature of Doraemon cartoon character that we must apply in our lives

Doraemon is an animated series that has been faithfully accompanying us from childhood until now. Although this animation is mostly centered on Doraemon and Nobita's activities as the main characters, the presence of their friends also makes this animated series more interesting. The thing that makes Doraemon's animation very attached to the heart beside the unique magic equipment of Doraemon is the various positive values ​​we can take.

Every character in Doraemon has a trait that is exemplary by us, both adults and children. What are those? Let's discuss it!

1. Doraemon is always ready to help and never runs out of minds

Our beloved blue cat robot seems to never run out of ideas to help Nobita who is often hit by misfortune. With his magic equipment, Doraemon can solve many problems, even though sometimes it even becomes chaotic at the end.

Doraemon is also always ready to help anyone who is in trouble. Not only was Nobita helped, so Doraemon was well-liked by the people around him.

In real life, having friends like Doremon is certainly very fun and makes our days more exciting. Doraemon is also wise so it feels very comfortable to be around. Proof? Just ask Nobita who always stay beside Doraemon every time a problem strikes.

2. Nobita is a loyal friend and friendly

Although he was always bullied and scolded, it did not limit Nobita's good traits. An example is that he can become good friends with Giant and Suneo who like to bully Nobita. He also could not bear to leave his friend who was in trouble, this made many people sympathize and eventually helped Nobita.

This trait seems to have been obtained from his grandmother who had spoiled Nobita as a child. 

3. Shizuka, the caring and sociable

Shizuka is the only woman in the Nobita group. This shows Shizuka is very sociable so it is no problem to make friends with anyone. Shizuka was also very concerned with her friends, for example, she was willing to teach Nobita who always gets a score of 0 during the exam, even though Shizuka was not told by anyone.

Shizuka was also a high-achieving child at school, was already smart too, no wonder Shizuka has a lot of secret admirer including Nobita.

4. A brave and leader-spirited giant

Behind his rude nature, Giant is a brave man who always comes first when something difficult happens. This is mostly seen when Nobita and his friends go to an unknown place. Although sometimes Giant is also frightened (a natural thing because he is still a child), when his friends are helpless, Giant will dare to move forward.

This courage made him have a good leadership spirit. In some of his adventures, Giant is relied upon to lead because he can be trusted. The only one that can't be opposed by Giant might be his mother.

5. Suneo is smart and knows a lot

Suneo is described as a spoiled rich kid, he also often cries when faced with difficult situations. Even so, Suneo in the end always tried to resolve the difficult situation with his friends. Behind the spoiled and timid nature, Suneo likes to read and travel so he has extensive knowledge.

And most important, one life lesson from all of them is the bond of friendship. Although they often quarrel, their friendship is extremely close. Of course, with the different characters they have, the friendship can be closely intertwined. Who is this character that is related to your character?

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5 Reasons You Should Not Watch Family Guy Cartoons

So far, we must think that cartoons are suitable for all ages to watch. From toddlers to adults, we certainly still like to steal when watching SpongeBob Squarepants or Doraemon series.

But did you know that from a handful of cartoons in circulation, there are also cartoons that cause controversy? Not only is it not suitable to be watched by children, but the cartoon is also a debate because the contents of the story are very taboo accepted by the public.

One of them is the Family Guy cartoon series, there are reasons why you - even as an adult, should avoid watching this cartoon.

1. There is a scene of violence

As is often shown in cartoons, the harmony of a family is usually one of the most illustrated core stories.

However, in Family Guy, harmony is so lame when it coexists with violence. Both in the internal family and external parties, it is not uncommon for them to act like enemies who will do anything to channel their emotions.

2. Contains rough curses

Like widescreen movies, Family Guy doesn't seem to think about whether their dialogue is one that is worth saying or not. Whether it's Peter the head of the family, to Stewie the toddler who is too mature for such a small child.

Speech that should be an example for the audience instead manifests as words that you least want to hear from the head of the family or child. So you have to be smart to sort words if you want to watch this one cartoon.

3. Bad lifestyle

As a family in the spotlight, the Griffin family is one of those who show unfavorable neighbors. Their character is made "as crazy" as possible, to make them think that a "sane" party can only shake their heads. Especially with cases of corruption to openly having an affair discussed in the cartoon episode.

4. Bullying

Still continued from rough curses, often the words contained in this film create an unfavorable impression. Especially when Peter said that his son was ugly, and others. Parents utterances to children or vice versa are in the form of terrible verbal bullying.

That is why this film is not very recommended for children, because it is likely to imitate speech so that respect for parents can be affected.

5. Frontal & Sadistic

Even though it's not a crime movie, sadistic scenes that are shown are enough to disturb your day. Spilled blood is displayed frontally due to exposure to a weapon or personal act because accidentally makes you a little fed up watching it.

That is the fifth reason why you should avoid Family Guy cartoons as an entertaining spectacle, everything returns to taste, but the reasons above may help to consider all possibilities.

However, do not get me wrong! I love watching Family Guy Series cause I know their just making some dark jokes. I can accept the jokes, just do not include their behavior in our lifestyle. Accept the positivity and ignore their negativity. All of the cartoons always have some good moral story at the end of the series.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Cartoon Characters Never Change Clothes

We certainly love cartoons, besides being funny, the characters in each cartoon also have a lot of uniqueness.

Have you ever noticed, in every cartoon film like Spongebob, Doraemon, Shin Chan, even Anime rarely or even never change clothes?

I wonder why characters in cartoons rarely and almost never change clothes?

1. Icon themselves to be quickly recognized

Clothes are one of the characteristics of each character in each film.

With just the same clothes, we will easily recognize the appearance of a typical cartoon character from their clothes.

For example, if we hear the word Naruto, we will imagine a male character wearing an orange and black jacket.

2. Ease the Author in Drawing

Besides being able to save time in making it, this also makes the author easier to draw.

The author also does not have to think about the new clothes that the character will wear.

Imagine if the cartoon character in your favorite movie has a lot of clothes?

Of course, it will make the author need a lot of time to draw it and it will take a long time in making the film. Hehehe.

3. Have Certain Symbols or Meanings

Have you ever noticed princess characters in Disney cartoons and Barbie cartoons?

Usually, most of the clothes they wear are bright and cheerful.

Besides being their identity, this symbol of bright colors symbolizes the colors of women.

Oh yes, the princess characters in Disney cartoons also mostly contain blue.

This blue color describes women's courage and adventurous spirit.

4. More Focused on Stories

One other reason why cartoon characters have only one shirt is so that the authors think more about the storyline that will be displayed.

The storyline is much more important than the character cloth right?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Without Dialogue, These 5 Animation Serials Are Still Exciting to Watch

Watching cartoons or animation is an entertainment in itself when bored.

Especially during school holidays, it feels good, yes, you can watch as much animation as you like.

Most of the animations we watch may have dialogue in the story.

Where dialogue is a conversation between two or more characters, which we usually do every day with family, friends, and other people.

However, the 5 animated films below do not have a dialogue.

Is it still enjoyable? Apparently, yes, friends!

1. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are one of the cartoons that are quite popular for a long time ago.

The story of a pet cat with a mouse that always fights.

This cartoon series has been around since the 1960s and has survived until now.

Although in the story there is no dialogue, the movements of the two main characters are quite entertaining, right?

2. Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep first aired in 2007.

This series tells about the lives of animals on a farm.

Friends, of course, can see the funny behavior of the characters in this animated series.

3. Bernard Bear

Bernard Bear was a finalist at the 2003 Annecy International Animation Festival.

This cartoon tells the story of a polar bear who is often unlucky in his life.

4. Larva

This animated series comes from South Korea which tells the funny action of 2 red and yellow larvae.

Maybe their behavior that makes us laugh out loud, right?

5. The Owl

This animated series tells the story of a pink owl and has been airing on the French station since 2003.

Although the duration is short, the story of The Owl is quite entertaining.

Well, from the 5 animated series above, which ones are my friends' favorites?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Fun Quote from Mr.Krab That Will Raise You Spirit of Seeking Money

The attitude of Mr. Krab in pursuing money is actually worth our example, because indeed if we want to get what we want, one of the keys is hard work or maybe smart work like most of the Mr. Krab do, but use a good way, not like Mr. Krab weird and maybe even cunning.

Moreover, for those of us who want to build a business or anything concerned about money, we can imitate some of the positive behaviors of this Mr. Krab. But it needs to be sorted out too because not all of the characteristics of the Mr.Krab are worthy of imitation. His overly greedy nature is a NO.

Here is a collection of the words Mr. Krab that make you the spirit of looking for money:

  • "We never refused customer requests even though the request was strange." (customer requests are always strange, but yes we as sellers should be able to fulfill that even though it's weird but the most important thing is customer satisfaction number 1)

  • "5 letters for happiness: MONEY (Money)." (Very simple, Happiness = Money, 'but happiness isn't always about money', it's true but let's be honest, everything needs money so in short this saying is true)

  • "You can't hang things in front of my customer's face." (Mr. Krab seems to be very concerned about the comfort of his customers)

  • "This is my debt, plus a bonus. Now, this is your paycheck." (Don't forget to pay your debts)

  • [While singing cheerfully] "Counting my money. Money is sweeter than honey. Money money this. Money money that. Profit will make my wallet fat!" (When you have a lot of money, you will definitely feel pleasure just like this Mr. Krab)

  • "Wash your hands, leave the floor, change clothes! The health inspector will come here." (Welcome special guests by making things cleaner)

  • "The receipt is out of your salary." (Even if you have a high salary, after a while your salary will run out, so save - save your money)

  • "All of you come back to work, I'm not running a happy factory here." (Like any jobs, you must accept the consequences of working unhappily)

  • "Today, I want you to take everything here, every last pickle and patty must be counted." (Details are the things that are needed so that you do not lose money in looking for money or building a business, everything must be calculated)

  • "I can think of 10 good reasons to never let go of a penny." (No matter how small money is money)

  • "Spongebob, I didn't pay you to stand around here [give him a spatula] back to the kitchen!" (Do what you should do)

  • "Plankton is a smart animal. You have to remain vigilant about it, Spongebob. The Krabby Patty law must be enforced. The future of the Krusty Krab depends on it." (Be careful of your competitors or something that wants to knock you down, because the future of your business depends on that person)

  • "Suckers waste money by having fun? That is the biggest fraud ever!" (Don't use excessive money to have fun, because, in the end, you're the one who needs to use it in the future.

  • "Money is always right!" (You can do anything with money)

  • "That's money that makes the world go round." (The world will get better when you have money)

  • "Because you've noticed, profits have declined this month. We need a gimmick to bring in customers. Do you have any ideas?" (A business must have experienced a decline in profits, so that the business continues to run.)

  • A man who works hard all week to keep his pants off all weekend. "(Don't forget to take a vacation after your hard work so that the work is still good)

There are various quotes from Mr. Krab who inspired to be even more enthusiastic to seek money and to follow this harsh business world. Indeed, most only talk about money and money, which in turn seems greedy, but throw away the negative traits and try to pay attention to the positive traits that we can take, many of which are good to apply to our daily lives.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Some funny quote from SpongeBob and Patrick

The film series Spongebob Squarepants is very popular among many people, from among children and even adults, who are still happy to watch it, because the light stories are good to watch.

And in the film Spongebob, there is a character named Patrick Star who is very silly but has a strong spirit of friendship with Spongebob, often ridiculous words come out of the mouth of the pink starfish, this silliness makes the watching laugh at his behavior.

Patrick: "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

Mindy: (accidentally saw Patrick's pants)
Patrick: "MINDY! Do you see my underwear?"
Mindy: "No Patrick"
Patrick: "do you want to see it?"

Spongebob: "Patrick, how long have we been here?"
Patrick: (looking at his watch drawn on his pen)
Patrick: "Wow, I have to draw a new battery for this"

Spongebob: "So this is your job? Sit and watch TV."
Patrick: "Hey, this isn't as easy as you see it. Sometimes I lose the remote, sometimes I have to fix the TV antenna, and sometimes my ass hurts!"

Patrick: "Do you know what's funnier than 23?"
Spongebob: "What is that?"
Patrick: "24"

Spongebob: "I hate you, Patrick."
Patrick: "I hate it too."
Spongebob: "I hate you no matter what!"
Patrick: "I will hate you even if I don't hate you."
Spongebob: "I will hate you even if it makes sense."
Patrick: "I hate you even if you become me. That's how much I hate you."

Spongebob: "What did you eat today?"
Patrick: "A roast chicken and pizza"
Spongebob: "No, no, this morning?"
Patrick: "A roast chicken and pizza"

Spongebob: "What do you usually do when I go?"
Patrick: "Waiting for your return." (This one might be a touching word)

Patrick: "Are you Squidward?"
(Other people resemble Squidward): "No"
(a few seconds later)
Patrick: "Are you Squidward now?"
(Others like Squidward): "NO!"

Spongebob: "Remember Patrick, flirt with his customers"
(knock the door)
Person: "Hello?"
Patrick: "I love you"
(people close the door)

Patrick: (whistling to birds)
Spongebob: "Patrick, I don't know you can speak bird."
Patrick: "It's not SpongeBob bird language, it's Italian"

Flying Dutchman: "Okay, I'll give you 3 requests"
Patrick: "What are 3? I'm asking for 5!"
Flying Dutchman: "4?"
Patrick: "3 Accept or not."

(When playing the pirate monopoly with Mr. Krab, the master Krab loses)
Mr. Krab: "Patrick you got fired"
Patrick: "But I'm not working here"
Mr. Krab: "Okay do you want to work here"
Mr. Krab: "Alright Patrick Now You Fire"

Patrick: "If money can make me forget my best friend, then I prefer not to have money at all" (awwww)

Squidward: "Don't come near, I'm claustrophobia"
Patrick: "What is claustrophobia?"
SpongeBob: "Afraid of being nervous?"
Squidward: "No!"
Patrick: "Haha turns out Squidward is afraid of Santa"
Squidward: "Whatever"
SpongeBob: (rather close the squid again)
Squidward: "Don't come near! I told you I'm claustrophobia!"
Patrick: "Ho ho ho ... (mimic Santa claus's voice)"
SpongeBob: "Don't Patrick ... you scare him"

[ket: claustrophobia = phobia in narrow spaces]

Spongebob: "Patrick can you hear me?"
Patrick: "No Spongebob, it's too dark here"

Quite entertaining, it is incomplete if there is no Patrick Star character in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. Everyone needs a friend like SpongeBob or Patrick!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Some Ugly Truth quote from Squidward

Squidward Tentacles is a character in the cartoon TV series Spongebob Squarepants which is known to be lazy, but behind it all turns out there are also many characteristics of Squidward that match the lives of many people today, various words and quotes that Squidward uttered also turned out to be funny, concerned with our condition, and also wise.

Here is a collection of the best words from Squidward in the cartoon film Spongebob Squarepants:

"I order food, you cook, buyers get food. We did it for 40 years then we die." (It is very suitable for our lives where we do the same thing repeatedly until it finally dies)

"Unfortunately it didn't kill me." (When Squidward sticks a blown drum stick)

"I hate you all."

"If I have a dollar for every brain you have, I'll have one dollar."

"No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument ... Horse racing is also not an instrument"

"The future! The future!"

"When I die, you stay away from my burial."

"Hello, you've contacted the house of someone who doesn't have talent."

"Please come back. When I don't work."

"Why every 11 minutes my life is filled with suffering."

Spongebob: "What's better than smiling?"
Squidward: "Dead or something else."

"Here, hit me as hard as you can." (While thrusting a baseball bat)

"Hello, sad life."

"Why does everything I do is fun, is that wrong?"

"Nobody cares about the fate of workers as long as they get instant satisfaction."

"Uniform is a symbol of oppression."

"Is it time for you to ruin with my day?"

"Don't do it now if you can do it tomorrow."

That is a variety of Squidward's collection of words that apparently many also match the reality that exists today, Squidward's nature turns out to have similarities with human life, and the existence of Squidward's character certainly makes the episode of Spongebob Squarepants more entertaining because besides that we can learn valuable lessons from their character traits.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Top 7 Songs in the Spongebob Squarepants Cartoon Series

SpongeBob is a cartoon that is quite popular with children and even adults. There are also songs that are actually favored by many fans. What are the songs?

1. Sweet Victory - Band Geeks

It all started with Squidward's friend, Squilliam who said that his band could not appear and asked Squidward to replace him. Because Squidward didn't want to look bad, he said he was ready to replace him and asked everyone in Bikini Bottom to become members. 

This episode is quite funny especially in part when the first day of practice, especially when Patrick is noisy with Sandy. After a long training session, Squidward felt his band could not perform and it turned out that Spongebob managed to unite them and look good with the song Sweet Victory.

''is mayonnaise an instrument? - Patrick Star''

2. Boys who cry - Whale of a Birthday

In this episode, Pearl wants her birthday to be celebrated lively. But, his father Mr.Krab is indeed stingy and tries to save expenses but still celebrates. Hence, the Pearl statue was made of Patty, a drink from rice washing water and the band Pearl wanted, Boys Who Cry was instead replaced by Squidward. 

Even so, the style and lyrics can make it hard to hear the song. But, finally, Spongebob bought a lot of gifts and invited Boys Who Cry!

3. Ripped Pants - Ripped Pants

Spongebob and Sandy were on the beach, and then Larry Lobster came to them. Sandy and Larry took turns lifting weights which unfortunately Spongebob couldn't do it. Spongebob tried to do it with a branch and the burden of marshmallows. 

Unfortunately, his pants are torn, and everyone laughs at him. When approaching the end of the episode, Spongebob sings the song Ripped Pants.

4. Goofy Goober Rock - The Spongebob SquarePants Movie

In this episode, Spongebob sings Goofy Goober to destroy the "controlling" bucket made by Plankton. That is part of Plankton's Z plan. 

When the Krusty Krab 2 will be opened, the plankton bucket forces take control of the Krusty Krab 2 and those who are able to stop it are only SpongeBob and Patrick because they have not been controlled by the bucket.

5. Best Day Ever - Best Day Ever

Spongebob already has a list of what he will do that day and make it his best day. But unfortunately, nothing happened. Until finally when he wanted to watch Squidward's concert, he gave his teeth to repair his clarinet. 

Unfortunately, he couldn't enter and finally hide in Mrs.'s bag Puff. Apparently, he got a VIP seat, and when he sat down, the concert was over. Finally, Spongebob sang Best Day Ever on the stage until all the visitors fell asleep or had left.

6. Gary Come Home

This song appeared in the episode: Have You Seen This Snail. It tells about Gary who ran away from home because SpongeBob didn't take care of him. SpongeBob is busy playing with his new toy until he forgot to feed Gary for days. Yes, where can Gary stand? So he ran away from home.

After realizing Gary disappeared. SpongeBob and Patrick look for Gary throughout the City, making posters about the missing Gary and pasting them in the corners of the city. SpongeBob is really sad, and so am I!

7. F.U.N

This is when Plankton pretending to be SpongeBob's friend, to get the Krabby Patty secret recipe

At first, Plankton just pretended. But while together with SpongeBob, Plankton learned about happiness. Spongebob even taught him to sing F.U.N song. Maybe this could be the beginning of a change in Plankton. But apparently, in the end, Plankton is still Plankton.

Spongebob isn't just a cartoon, but there are songs too. Sometimes, the song is even more phenomenal than the episode itself. Where is your favorite song?