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What is Shin Chan favorite food and most hated food? Only a true fan can answer!

Have you seen Crayon Shin Chan cartoon?

Probably that is my all-time favorite cartoon ever!

It is written by Yoshito Usui, the first appeared in 1990 in Japanese weekly magazine. Yep, it is a Japanese cartoon. But in 2019 this cartoon has been air for 45countries which has 990 episodes and 26 minutes full-length film. 

There's also a 2 hour Shin Chan which is Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm, Operation Golden SpyCrayon Shin-chan: Great Adventure in HenderlandCrayon Shin-chan: Fast sleep, The Great Assault on Dreamy World and more.

I swear all of the films will always make you smile! I SWEARRRR!

The cartoon ended originally on September 11, 2009, due to the death or author. 

Let's give a moment to the author Toshito Usui for giving us a cartoon/film that makes us smile.

If you really a fan of Shin Chan, you know that the cartoon is not for the kid (I think?) I watch this cartoon when I was a kid, I saw how Shin Chan behavior towards his parent and whenever Shin Chan or his father or his grandpa attitude when they saw a woman.

Shin Chan is 5 years old, but his tastes in a woman can just WOW us all.

My friend, who is a mother ask me what is the best cartoon to watch with her kid and I told her Crayon Shin Chan, but she said the cartoon is not good since Shin Chan attitude is inappropriate and will influence her kid to the same thing like Shin Chan does.

Well actually, as I was mention above, I watch the cartoon when I was a kid and Shin Chan did not influence me to do any bad thing. Thank god, my parent raises me to have a strong mentality and not easily influence by the other.

Not just having an inappropriate manner, he always said that his Mother(Misae) is fat, her stomach has a lot of fat in it, not a good cooker and more.

But anyway, everyone views is different!

Back to the actual topic of What is Shin Chan favorite food and most hated food?

Shin Chan can eat everything! Chocolate, fruits, nato, sushi, ramen, steamboat, puffer fish, steak, tofu and more!

BUT, One of his favorites is Chocobi Biscuit.

The proof is, if you watch Shin Chan you will see that he always ask for this food from his parents or when Misae is busy and wanted Shin Chan to help her with something, he will ask for Chocobi biscuit as a reward helping her. 

You see, that's not a good attitude to help someone and ask something for a reward especially if you're helping your parents. 

Even if he taking care of his little sister(Himawari) he would still ask for Chocobi. Taking care of the house, Chocobi. Helping his Mother to wash the dish, Chocobi. Everything is Chocobiiii! Chocobi this and Chocobi that!

What is Shin Chan hated food of all time?

On episodes 8, 26, and 112 Crayon Shin Chan. It showed how Shin Chan really hates this kind of food!

Green capsicum! He really hates it. One time his mother cooks his food for school and cook capsicum for him, he didn't eat it. He even asks his classmate to eat it for him. 

And when he's at home, he asks his dog(Shiro) to eat it! Seriously? He always finds a way to hide something so Misae wouldn't scold him for not finishing his food.

The second food he hates is garlic. I love garlic but Shin Chan hates garlic! Misae cooks his food for school and deep fried a clove of garlic with batter to make Shin Chan loves it. But as always, Shin Chan would not eat it too!

The photo is Masao, Shin Chan classmate. He gave the deep fried garlic to him, and he thought that was a Tonkatsu!

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  1. Yeah I as a kid heard of other kids who got out of eating things they didnt like, I was not one of them. lol