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Coco Animated Films with These 5 Unique Facts

Coco Animated Films with These 5 Unique Facts

Coco himself Inspired by Mexican culture and this film will follow the adventures of Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who dreams to be a musician.

Coco's film was directed by Lee Unkrich who was successful with Toy Story 3. The story in this animated film is thick with Mexican culture, elevating the tradition of Día de Muertos to respect and recall memories of family members who have passed away.

Of course, from the length of the manufacturing process to the release, the Coco film holds a variety of facts. Here are five interesting things that are worth knowing before watching Disney-Pixar's Coco.

1. Name Coco

Although titled Coco, this Disney-Pixar film tells the adventures of Miguel who aspires to become a reliable singer and musician like his idol, legendary Mexican musician Ernesto de la Cruz. Unfortunately, the family forbade Miguel to play music.

Coco itself is the name of Miguel's great grandmother who is usually called Mama Coco. He also became the person who always heard of Miguel's daily adventures.

2. Two Different Worlds

Set in Mexico, Coco features two different worlds, namely Land of the Living and Land of the Dead. Miguel and his family are from Santa Cecilia, a charming fictional city on the Land of Living.

The magical moment that resulted from an unplanned action by Miguel, made him the first human to visit Land of the Dead, or also known as Dia de Los Muertos.

3. He is de Muertos

Día de Muertos, the Mexican tradition that inspired the animated film, Coco. 

The film Coco is very thick with Mexican culture and elevates the tradition of Dia de Muertos. This tradition is not a moment of mourning, but to celebrate and remember the goodness of the ancestors, and respect and recall memories of family members who have passed away.

Most of the time in this film, the two worlds (Land of the Living and Land of the Dead) are described separately but run harmoniously and side by side.

On one day each year, the two worlds are united magically which is described as a large family reunion between the world we know and the world of death, a world full of colors, music, and also happiness.

4. Started Since 2011

The process of making Disney-Pixar's Coco film began in 2011 with several research visits to Mexico. For this film, Pixar Animation Studio collaborated with a cultural consultant team.

This is done by them so they can revive the story, and consider all the details starting from the characters' clothes, decorations, color choices, to dialogue. The filmmakers also visited museums, markets, plazas, churches, and graves in Mexico that were the inspiration for creating the fictional city of Santa Cecilia accurately.

5. Disney Short Films

A short film titled Olaf's Frozen Adventure will be screened before the screening of Coco. The 21-minute short film will tell an adventure in finding family traditions and welcoming the return of the audience's favorite characters from the 2013 Oscar-winning animated film, Frozen.

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Why does Piccolo use Serban?

Besides Son Goku, there is one character in Dragon Ball that is interesting to discuss, namely Piccolo. If Goku is portrayed as an enthusiastic smile, Piccolo looks fierce and terrible. Initially, aliens from Planet Namek were indeed antagonists. Episode after episode, he finally got 'guidance' and instead became a good character who always helped Goku and his son, Son Gohan.

Talking about Piccolo, it can't be released from the turban he uses. Indeed, in a few moments, he was seen releasing his turban, especially when he was fighting. However, still until now the reason for using the turban is still mysterious. In fact, other Namek residents were rarely seen wearing a turban. There are even people who are confused because Piccolo uses a turban.

No wonder, why is this fierce-faced green creature always wearing a turban? Instead of being confused, it would be better to discuss together below.

1. Shame with the antenna

When he was a child, Piccolo was described as a green boy with two flexible antennas at the top of his head. Two antennas on his head look like two stalks above a green apple. Unlike the Guardian of the Galaxy Mantis who still has black bob hair and makes the antenna on her head look funny, Piccolo's head model actually makes it look like an old television that has an antenna

The son of the Demon King certainly can't look ridiculous like television or like a walkie talkie for children's toys. Well, there is a possibility that Piccolo uses a turban to increase his authority. The thing is, not only is it ridiculous, the twin antennas that belong to it also make it look cute. Of course, it can be dangerous if the reputation of a child of the demon king is damaged because of that.

2. Protecting the Head from Exposure to Sunlight

You know the reason why we are born with hair? Not only does it make us look cool, but hair also serves to protect our heads from heat. The head exposed to direct sunlight will make you dizzy easily. As a result, your body feels bad.

As a creature that has solid activity against the enemy, of course, Piccolo will often be exposed to sunlight. The state of the head without a strand of hair makes Piccolo risk being exposed to various diseases, ranging from dizziness to skin cancer. So, there is a possibility that the turban on his head serves to dispel the heat of the sun like a hat.

3. Increase in Height

A high body is somehow a dream of many people. In fact, there are people who are willing to spend deeply to increase their height by using leg lengthening surgery. This operation is not only expensive but also high risk.

Most likely, Piccolo doesn't want to sacrifice his life just to increase height. There is another possibility that he doesn't have enough money to do this kind of operation. So, instead of bothering, it's better to just use the turban Piccolo so that his body looks taller. After all, Piccolo is already high, especially compared to Goku.

4. Affirming Gender

As a citizen of Namek, Piccolo is said to have no gender. Residents of Planet Namek do have different specifications than humans. However, considering Piccolo moved to Earth, he also had to adjust his specifications to the specifications of Earth creatures in general.

Just an antenna is not enough to confirm a particular gender. The proof, Mantis also has an antenna as a female gender alien. Instead of making confusion, maybe Piccolo decided to use a turban. Well, maybe you don't agree and say that even today girls also use turban.

5. Shows that he has repented

If you are a true fan of Dragon Ball, you will know that Piccolo is the son and incarnation of Demon King Piccolo Daimao. Initially, he really intended to rule the Earth. However, his meeting with Gohan plus a few surprising moments made him repent and choose the right path.

Anyone can use a turban. However, during this time the turban is always identical to something that is used by religious people. The use of this turban may be to confirm the repentance he has committed. Serban is indeed something almost always used by the sheikhs, so the connotation will be good. Moreover, the Piccolo turban is white and white itself has a sacred meaning.

6. Hiding Identity

Sometimes someone wears certain clothes constantly not because they are based on certain practical reasons. Often the fashion model is a way so that he is not recognized by others. Like celebrities who like to wear sunglasses when they are in public places. It could also be like Clark Kent who uses minus glasses so it doesn't look like Superman.

Forcing Piccolo to not use a turban will make his identity as (ex) the evil King of Hell Revealed. One of them is when he was in the tournament. When the turban was gone, people knew that he was the demon king who had wanted to destroy them.

Whatever the reason, the turban can't be separated from the figure of Piccolo. Perhaps the turban also functions with make-up for girls and pomade for guys. According to you yourself, what exactly is this turban for the demon king from Planet Namek for?

5 Bulma Interesting Facts (Dragon Ball)

The Dragon Ball anime series has always been an interesting topic that hasn't ended until now. The anime by Akira Toriyama which was first released in 1986 was immediately attached to the hearts of its fans. Among the many interesting figures to discuss, Bulma is arguably the most appropriate because she became one of the most 'senior' characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

Yep, since the initial story of Dragon Ball, precisely when Son Goku was small and tailed, Bulma was already present and adventurous with him. His intelligence always helps Goku on his journey to find seven Dragon Balls that can grant all requests.

There are still some interesting facts that you should know from this blue-haired girl character. Come on, just take a look at the five facts of Bulma below!

1. Inspired by Monk Xuanzang

Bulma is indeed a girl character. Interestingly, he was originally inspired by monk character Xuanzang, the male protagonist in a popular Chinese novel entitled Journey into the West.

In the Chinese legend, Xuanzang is told to lead a group to search for Buddhist scriptures. As in his novel, Bulma leads a group consisting of Goku, Yamcha, Oolong, and Paur, who happened to be inspired by Journey into the West, to look for the Seven Dragon Balls.

Even though Xuanzang and Bulma are girls, Akira Toriyama follows the tradition of Chinese opera which requires girls to play the role of the monk. Toriyama also adapted the concept used in making the Dragon Ball anime.

2. Strawberry Fruit Enthusiasts

Bulma also has her favorite food, strawberry fruit. So happy with strawberries, his initial motivation for collecting Dragon Ball was to ask for strawberry supplies during her life. A request that is quite absurd, considering that at that time the world was threatened with safety.

Unfortunately, until now Bulma's request has not yet materialized in anime and manga. Precisely the one who was answered first was the request of a girl's panties by Oolong. However, given the urgency that was very important at that time, Oolong's request was certainly much better and more beneficial.

3. 18 times changing hairstyles

Bulma is a stylish girl because she likes to change her hairstyle. He didn't just change his hairstyle once or twice, but up to 18 times. He changed the hairstyle throughout the anime series. Without realizing it, maybe you also don't see the change of hair because it's too focused on the story.

For example in the first episode, her hair was ponytailed with a red ribbon that adorned her upper hair. Then, her hairstyle changes when the Fortuneteller saga is by tapping one side of her hair. As for the Piccolo Jr. saga, his hair becomes shoulder length. He has also used an afro hairstyle on the Trunks saga that expands upwards with a yellow headband.

In Dragon Ball Super, Bulma's hair is shorter with bangs combed to the right. If there is a girl anime character competition that often changes her hairstyle, she will definitely come out as a champion.

4. Inventor of Supergenius

Behind the mischievous nature and letting go, Bulma is a very genius girl. As a scientist, her genius has been seen as a child. In her childhood, she didn't like playing in the house. Instead, she likes to repair machines and create new technologies.

This behavior arose when he and his family visited the island of Omori. There, he repaired Jaco's spacecraft without his father realizing it. Besides being in touch with mechanics, she was able to design her own laser gun and was made to defend herself, thinking Jaco was an evil alien.

Among all the technology and findings of his creation, of course, the most important is Dragon Radar. Without this tool, maybe the world was destroyed before Son Goku could be as strong as she is now.

5. Had a crush on aliens!

Although it belongs to the genre of action, Dragon Ball also presents a romance between the characters. Including Bulma who was told that she had a love relationship with several figures, before finally tethering her heart to Vegeta.

In the original story of Dragon Ball, Bulma had a love affair with Yamcha. Their relationship begins with the search for Dragon Ball. At that time, Yamcha liked her and was willing to do anything for her.

Finally, both of them realized they had a sense of each other and decided to become partners. For five years as a couple, their relationship has always been a problem. Yamcha who practices more often than not cares about Bulma. They finally separated.

Bulma is also known as a flirtatious character. On the Planet Namek saga, he has a crush on one of Frieza's, Zarbon's subordinates, who happens to have a handsome face. In fact, his good looks are only a cover because Zarbon actually has a bad original and unsightly appearance.

Apparently, Bulma has a special feeling towards aliens. The thing is, Vegeta from other planets can also be considered aliens, right?

Winnie The Pooh's character turns out to be a girl!

You still remember the Winnie The Pooh cartoon right? Bear cartoons that are attached to young people in the 90s. Yes, even though as a guy, maybe you rarely watch this cartoon. But this cartoon isn't foreign anymore? Maybe a lot of people think that this Winnie character is a guy bear figure with a look that only uses pants without pants. But, who would have thought that Winnie turned out to be a girl?

Maybe, some of you already know, but maybe there are still many who don't know. So, I will explain. Previously, the character of AA Milne's creation had never been explained what gender was on the official Disney website. So, many people think that Winnie is a boy bear in terms of appearance.

But, in fact, as reported by 'Seventeen', it was explained that it turned out that Winnie was a girl bear from Canada, not England. This can be seen from a book called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, from which you can know that Winnie was actually given the name of the black bear from the London Zoo which was also named Winnie, like Winnipeg. Winnipeg is Canadian!

This new book was written by Lindsay Mattick, who was a great-grandson of soldiers named Lieutenant Harry Colebourn who was responsible for bringing Winnie to England at that time. Lieutenant Harry Colebourn bought a 20-dollar Winnie bear in the First World War. Soldiers and Winnie were very close and inseparable, until one day he had to leave Winnie at the London Zoo so he could go with his unit to France.

Luckily, Winnie didn't have to feel too lonely for too long because there was a little friend named Christopher Robin who often visited her at the London Zoo. Well, do you know who Christopher Robin is? He is the son of AA Milne, who is the creator of the character Winnie The Pooh. Inspired by this friendship of the child with the Winnie bear, A.A. Milne wrote the story in the Winnie The Pooh book series. The book was first published in 1926 ago.

5 Good Characteristics of Shinchan that you can apply in daily life

Do you agree that the Crayon Shin-chan anime is indeed one of the favorite anime that accompanied the children of the 1990s? It feels like the morning isn't complete, yes, if you haven't watched this one anime. Lo, you know Shinchan, how do you like it? Surely you know him as a child who likes to adult girls, right?

Full name Shinnosuke Nohara, Shinchan is always known for the nature that does not fit with his age. However, you know if there are still good qualities in him. Even good qualities are different from most children and you can really imitate.

Curious? These are the five good qualities of Shinchan that you can apply. He is also a small child who has a good nature. Come on, see!

1. Maximize Talent

Don't you realize, that Shin Chan is a smart kid? He has a variety of talents that make you surprised. He has kendo talent, skiing, fishing, swimming, surfing, etc. When it comes to swimming and skiing, indeed Shinchan, the master. Even you yourself will be amazed at the skills he has.

He is also good at playing baseball and soccer. In fact, Shin-chan also has a sweet voice, you know. Apparently, not only does Shinchan appear with bad qualities, huh? He also has a talent that you deserve and thumbs up. You feel amazed that you don't have the same talent?

2. Loves Family

Although Shin chan is sometimes not polite to his mother, he still loves him. The proof, when his mothers were pregnant with Himawari, he was sad because he believed that his mother would die after giving birth.

In fact, when his younger sister, Himawari, was already a toddler, Shinchan still gave his sister's full attention. Actually, in his heart, Shinchan really cares for his family. Shinchan is indeed a person who loves his family!

3. Animal Lovers

You must have known if Shin chan has a pet named Shiro. Shinchan was very fond of her pet dog and refused hard when someone took his pet dog. Shinchan also saved a frog from a truck when it rained again. He was willing to be scolded by his father because his clothes were soaked and dirty even though it was his last clean shirt.

Not only just love the family, but Shinchan is also an animal lover. He is willing to be scolded by his father for saving a frog.

4. Patience and Strength

Apparently, this Shinchan is patient, you know! Evidently, when he was always scolded and beaten by his father he never cried, you know. He also rarely snapped when his mother scolded him again. Shinchan also never cry, when he got punished.

You could say Shinchan is a very patient person, huh! Shinchan, who is just a bad boy, never cried and never get angry when he was punished. 

5. Humorous

No wonder, though, if Shinchan is indeed a humorous person. He sometimes likes to change the actual words that become funnier. Humorous behavior successfully shakes your stomach when watching his action. It seems like if you are friends with Shinchan it won't make you bored, anyway!

He can also make the atmosphere more pleasant and not crisp. You can exemplify his humorous nature and a happy-go-lucky person.

5 The Characteristics of Plankton that everyone should have (Spongebob Squarepant series)

Life lessons can come from anywhere. One of them is from evil characters in the animated series. Yep, the existence of evil characters is important for the integrity of a story. Similarly, the figure of Plankton from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.

The owner of the Chum Bucket is indeed known as the mortal enemy of Mr. Krab. Plankton always has 1,001 kinds of ways to make Krabby Patty's secret recipe fall into his hands. Even though it always comes up with a character that is not commendable, the owner's full name Sheldon J. Plankton also has good qualities that you can emulate.

These are the five properties of Plankton that you can emulate in everyday life.

1. Never Give Up

There have been many evil plans contrived by Plankton and it is always complicated. Indeed, the results are always a total failure. However, he never gave up for the Krabby Patty secret recipe.

Even though he had fallen many times because of his always failed plan, Plankton was consistent with his ambitions. Every effort failed, he devised a new plan and was always ready to attack the Krusty Krab at any time. So, you don't have to lose to Plankton to get something you want, huh!

2. Always innovating

Even though it is small, Plankton has great critical thinking power. He doesn't limit his brain to making various kinds of sophisticated tools to launch his evil plans. The proof, he once made the Mind Control Bucket Helmet which functions to control the mind of fish and turn them into Plankton slaves. He also made Robo-Krab, a robot similar to Mr. Krab.

Plankton also created Karen, a computer wife who can analyze various things and can make holographic food. You can imitate, here, Plankton's spirit in utilizing the power of thought to the limit. However, don't let you use your intelligence for negative things, huh!

3. Dare to Take Risks

Plankton is arguably a brave figure. How not? He always believed that the plan he was making would succeed. In fact, the plan that he has always made ends in total failure. In addition, he is also not ashamed to sell his strange foods, such as Chum Burger, Chum Stick, and Chum Fries.

You can take this as an example of being brave enough to take risks even though those risks are the worst! This is life, there's always be obstacles that we will face. Every decision taken is always at risk.

4. Ignored other people's thought

Plankton does not care about other people thought. Mr.Krab's enemy is a figure who is relaxed in responding to other people's words. Many residents of Bikini Bottom insult their very small size. Hurt, but he can't bother with all the insults.

Not only that, but many also mocked Plankton because he was unable to steal the Krabby Patty secret recipe. Instead of being angry or slumped in sadness, he instead ignored these words and remained focused on making plans to steal secret recipes. You can apply this one characteristic in your life. For example, if someone says a bad thing about you, don't be miserable on social media and just ignored all those hateful words. 

5. Merciful

Plankton appears with a cruel and ambitious figure. However, he actually has a loving nature. This can be seen from his sincere attitude towards his wife who is a computer, Karen. Evidently, Plankton was always beside Karen when his wife was sad again. He was also touched by the "virtual" dinner program made by Karen.

They often disagreed, but it did not exhaust Plankton's affection for his wife. He also doesn't care if Karen is just a computer and remains loyal by his side. 

Being evil is not always bad, I guess. Plankton can prove that behind his evil nature there are traits that can make you more optimistic in pursuing your dreams. Now, which good qualities, are you starting to apply in your daily life?

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4 Moments that prove Squidward loves toward Spongebob

4 Moments that prove Squidward loves toward Spongebob

Spongebob Squarepants has a lot of really interesting things to discuss. One of them is a complicated relationship between Spongebob and Squidward. As you all know, Squidward is a character that you can say is not so familiar with Spongebob. No matter how much joy Spongebob emits, Squidward always responds with an apathetic attitude. The proof is clearly seen from Squidward's bitchy and lazy face when dealing with his neighbor.

However, you know that there are some moments in certain episodes that show Squidward's concern to Spongebob. In fact, in a few moments, he even seemed to be longing for Spongebob's ignorant behavior and laughter. Don't believe it? Here, just look at the evidence in the review of the episode below!

1. A special day for the last day of Spongebob

You can see this touching moment in Spongebob Squarepants episode "Dying for Pie". Right on Brotherhood Day, Mr. Krab told his two loyal employees to exchange gifts. Spongebob gave Squidward a knitted jacket from his plump eyelashes. Disgusting, but also too cute. While Squidward gave him a pie he bought from a pirate.

Actually, the pirate has warned that the pie is a cake-shaped bomb. It was proven by the fact that the small part only is able to damage half of the Krusty Krab kitchen. Unfortunately, after fighting outside with the Lord Krab and returning inside, the pie had been eaten by Spongebob. Mr. Krab, who claimed to have experienced a similar incident many times, told Squidward that Spongebob is certain that he cannot be saved and his longest life will only last until sunset.

Feeling guilty, Squidward then promised to accompany Spongebob to spend his last days by giving him the best togetherness moment he could feel. Spongebob then compiled a long list of absurd and crazy things he wanted to do with Squidward. In normal situations, where is Squidward willing? However, due to his own actions, he couldn't help but be forced to violate his own principles.

Until the last activity on the list arrives. Watch the sunset. Blocked by the wall that Squidward woke up to avoid the explosion, Spongebob then said that this was the scene he wanted to witness if at that time he was killed "by some kind of explosion due to the carelessness of a friend." From where the Spongebob could have thought that such predictions right.

Hearing this, Squidward's tears of guilt flowed unstoppably. This scene was even more dramatic when Spongebob did a sunset countdown. And when the sun really sinks, BOOM! Squidward's cry broke out even more. A friend who is diligent in making him annoyed so far now is gone.

Uh, the second explosion followed because apparently, Spongebob didn't die. He apparently just blew a bomb bubble. Squid is surprised and angry at the same time. When he asked where the pie he had given him, Spongebob then took it out.

Apparently, he accidentally saved the pie because he wanted to enjoy it together with Squidward. And as soon as Spongebob stepped in to give it, he tripped over a rock and accidentally threw this pie bomb right into Squidward's face. Visually, what happened then was an epic view of the "mushroom" puff of smoke from a massive nuclear explosion which directly destroyed all of Bikini Bottom.

2. Worrying about Spongebob being trapped in an "imaginary vehicle"

Lol, no. This isn't a real vehicle, really. The vehicle in question here is a cardboard box that became Spongebob's fantasy space and Patrick preserved their silly imagination. Therefore, this episode is given the title "Idiot Box" or "Idiot Cardboard Box".

The narrative began when Spongebob and Patrick got a box of cardboard boxes which turned out to contain a large television. It's funny, the television was discarded and the cardboard was taken. Squidward, as the only creature among those with a sane brain, is clearly confused. Spongebob explained that they don't need television, as long as they have the name imagination. screenshot This "rainbow imagination" scene was then popular and celebrated as a meme until now. No need to bother, Squidward then returned to the house carrying a television with two imbeciles.

When leaving to take the remote, Squid was amazed at the sounds heard from inside the box. Sounds like both of them are climbing a mountain. Outraged by their ignorance, Squidward then kicked the box. Suddenly, a mountain sound erupted and the two rancid boys screamed in pain. Patrick even told Spongebob that their limbs were frozen and had to be forced amputated. Squid who feels guilty and worried then opens their cardboard. Apparently, there's nothing in it. There is no TV or tape recorder as the producer of the sound. Squidward is angry then returns to his house.

The voices were heard again, this time involving chases with the police, rocket launches, and fighting on the island of robots and pirates.

Intrigued by what really happened, at night Squid settles into the cardboard box. He then tried to "imagine" according to Spongebob's advice. He then pretended to fantasize that he was racing. Unexpectedly, the sound of the car's engine lit up and the cardboard really drove. In fact, it is actually the sound of a garbage truck that transports the cardboard to a landfill. And Squidward who was "sane" finally fell into the garbage pile of Bikini Bottom.

So, who in this episode is actually stupid?

3. Angry when SpongeBob is being bullied by a customer

This episode tells the story of Spongebob and Squidward's journey to a customer's house in an area that is nowhere. Their mission is to usher in a Krusty Krab presentation that is literally being developed and only appears in this episode, Pizza.

After going through a series of bad luck along the way, they finally found the place of the buyer. Spongebob then knocked on the door of the owner to bring Pizza in his hand. However, not long after that sense of pride vanished and changed into sobs. The thing is, the buyer has ordered a drink. He said he didn't want to eat pizza without a drink. In fact, Spongebob has no doubt that there are none. No thanks, the consumer then rejects the Pizza that Spongebob and Squidward have been struggling with between.

Watching Spongebob be humiliated like that, Squidward then took the knight's step. He snatched the pizza, knocked on the door of the annoying consumer, then threw it right at his face. Squidward then returns and tells Spongebob that the guy (fish) was happy to take orders without drinks. Spongebob was happy, they went home.

If Squidward didn't put up a body for Spongebob, maybe the only miracle that appeared in this episode was the giant stone that became their lightning vehicle.

4. Squidward miss Spongebob even though he lived in the city of dreams

In the episode "Squidville", Squidward feels that he has enough with Spongebob and Patrick who are endless rowdy. He also hopes to immediately evacuate themselves from the two shrewd creatures. Then, like the revelation that comes down at the right time, the TV suddenly lights up among the ruins of its destroyed house. The TV plays commercial broadcasts about a dream residential area specifically intended for entities like himself. The place is Meikarta Squidville.

Without a doubt, Squidward immediately shot to the place. Sure enough, as soon as he entered the gate of his giant complex, Squidward was immediately greeted by the neat scenery of the same house as his. Everything he dreamed of existed. Starting from cycling in the afternoon, dancing to playing the clarinet with his idol trio. Everything he could casually walk without any meaningful interference from the yellow sponge and pink starfish. It is truly a utopian city for squid.

However, all that happiness slowly faded. Day after day passed until in the end the routine he had longed for reached the point of exhaustion. As he pondered in a park, he saw a coral blowing machine, a tool used by Spongebob when (accidentally) destroyed his house. Although initially shy, Squidward apparently likes to play with this tool.

Squidward may just pretend to be bored with his routine in the city. However, his expression that laughed off while using this tool was proof that he missed Spongebob's ignorance. He even presumptuously accused that the population in the city was too stiff and needed insanity like he did. As if to emphasize that he was actually one opinion with his annoying coworker.

At the end of the episode, Squidward fled from the mass tantrum by darting into the sky using the blower machine. 

Those are the moments that prove that Squidward sometimes cares and loves Spongebob. Apart from those already mentioned above, what other moments do you think to indicate the close friendship between Spongebob and Squidward? 

The mystery of Fire and Beach in SpongeBob SquarePants Series

The mystery of Fire and Beach in

 SpongeBob SquarePants Series

SpongeBob SquarePants series often makes people laugh with their fresh jokes but often absurd. Even so, don't get me wrong. Indeed, there are many things that don't seem to make sense, but they can actually happen. Examples are like the mystery of fire and the beach that has appeared in several episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. Come see the explanation!

1. The mystery of Fire in the Sea

In SpongeBob SquarePants, you can see the presence of fire in several episodes such as "The Camping Episode" or "Life of Crime". There it is seen how fire can burn on the sea floor. SpongeBob and Patrick casually enjoy a bonfire on the sea floor. Even so, maybe you won't realize this weirdness until episode 54 of the third season, "Ugh" when SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog (ancestors of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward) who accidentally discovered fire. How come you can?

As quoted by National Geographic, in 2015 a marine technician named Brennan Phillips found hammerhead sharks and other sea animals swimming in the underwater volcano. In fact, the temperature is hot and contains acid. The fish are still alive even though they are surrounded by the flaming fire under the sea.

This separate phenomenon can occur because under the sea there is still a volcano that has lava and fire. In essence, as long as the flame is still strong, the fire will still stay on even though the water goes down. After all, fire requires oxygen to stay on. Water also contains oxygen.

If you still doubt if the fire can't be lit in water, you can prove it by making a simple experiment. The trick, you use fireworks wrapped in masking tape. Then, try to burn and dip it in the water. He will turn on and not go out until the machine runs out.

2. Mysteries of Beaches in the Sea

Okay, if it was fire. Now, what is the explanation about the beach under the sea? When, is there a beach in the sea?

Maybe you often shake your head when SpongeBob and friends play to the Blue Lagoon beach. Whether it's for swimming or surfing. To the extent that in the third season of episode 41b, "SpongeBob on Duty", Patrick had almost drowned on the beach. In fact, right, he is in the sea. He himself is also a sea creature. Very absurd!

In fact, the phenomenon of underwater beaches can be found in Mexico. Reported by the Daily Mail, there is a strange phenomenon under the Cenote Angelita sea. You can see there are different streams that look like rivers. Around it, there are branches and leaves. In addition, there are also underwater lakes that have their own waves like the beach at sea level.

This phenomenon can occur because there is a mixture of salt water with hydrogen sulfide. Will appear like a fog that distinguishes the two. If you see it looks like a river and a beach in the sea. If you look around, it looks like an explanation like in a holy book. For those who are still curious, you can see the video below.

That's the biggest mystery in the SpongeBob SquarePants series. How? Will you be able to sleep well tonight? Besides the mysteries above, is there still a mystery in the world of SpongeBob SquarePants that makes you curious?

The 5 Villain in SpongeBob SquarePants Comparative Avengers

The 5 villains in SpongeBob SquarePants 

Comparative Avengers

SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series is indeed famous for its main characters who are hilarious and ridiculous. However, the SpongeBob SquarePants series not only performed hilarious acts of the main characters, but also there were evil characters who also appeared in this popular cartoon series. The enemies in this series also have precise moves, you know!

However, what happens, yes, if SpongeBob's enemies fight the superhero Avengers? Looks like it's going to be an exciting battle, here! The thing is, their strength can, here, to knock out these Avengers heroes. SpongeBob's enemies are also not losing cruel and sadistic with other Avengers superheroes.

This is a series of villains in SpongeBob SquarePants that can be a match for the superhero Avengers. Come on, see!

1. Man Ray

Do you know the nemesis of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy? Yep, Man Ray. Initially, Man Ray was imprisoned but managed to escape by tricking Patrick and SpongeBob. He also stole several weapons belonging to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. He also had the power to be able to take out the destructive beam from his hand. In addition, he also has unique superhero combat skills.

Who do you think, huh, is the Avengers suitable for fighting Man Ray? If it's based on its strength, it's the right match, Man Ray is Iron Man. The problem is that with Man Ray's ability to release the destructive beam, it can make the Iron Man reactor disrupted. If the Iron Man reactor is interrupted, his life will be in danger, right!

2. Dirty Bubble

Man Ray also has a friend to commit a crime called Dirty Bubble. Like its name, the giant bubble-shaped Dirty Bubble is transparent brown. He can also trap and trap everyone in his body. He had a chance to fight SpongeBob by releasing his toxic bubble science.

Dirty Bubble can be an opponent that can cripple Spider-Man, here! The problem is that if Spider-Man is caught up in the bubble, Dirty Bubble is guaranteed not to get out, anyway. In addition to that bubble, the texture is slippery that makes Spider-Man unable to pull out his spider web moves. No wonder, yes, how tortured Spider-Man is when fighting Dirty Bubble.

3. Master Udon

If you always watch SpongeBob, you will not be familiar with this one fish character. Master Udon is a good fish figure in the field of karate. Although, this Master Udon body is not high, but his body is muscular which makes the residents of Bikini Bottom afraid to fight him. He also had karate fights with Sandy.

The Avengers Superhero that is suitable for being the opponent of the Udon Master is the Black Widow. The thing is, Black Widow has a variety of martial arts skills, one of which is the expertise of karate. Imagine if the Udon Master and the Black Widow share their karate skills together? It will definitely be a pretty fierce battle, huh! Who are you going to jam if they fight again?

4. Dennis

Dennis's character is already familiar with this series. He is a hitman hired by Plankton. He does not have special superpowers, but he has the expertise to tear people's mouths empty-handed. Even in the SpongeBob series, there are already victims of Dennis's wrath.

Dennis's expertise must be watched out for, here, with Doctor Strange. How not? If Doctor Strange finds a problem with Dennis, Doctor Strange's mouth will be torn apart by Dennis. Now, if Doctor Strange's mouth has been torn apart, we can be sure he can't read his spells anymore to enchant his opponents. Fatal too, yes, Dennis's strength.

5. The Moth

The Moth itself is one of Mermaid Man's enemies and also SpongeBob. He is a fly insect that has a muscular body. Although The Moth is only a small insect, he can, you know, lift the lighthouse and also the house of SpongeBob pineapple. In fact, Spongebob and Patrick had a shock at seeing the greatness released by The Moth.

Like, the opponent who is worth fighting with The Moth is the Hulk. You see, both The Moth and the Hulk both have muscular bodies with superpowers. Their battle will definitely be exciting. How not? The Moth can only lift the lighthouse and SpongeBob's pineapple house at the same time especially if it's just lifting the Hulk. Maybe the Hulk can all be thrown away with The Moth.

Well, that's a series of SpongeBob enemies in the cartoon series Spongebob. It turns out that if you look at the power of SpongeBob's enemies, you can defeat the Avengers heroes too! it seems the Avengers must start being alert, here, with SpongeBob's enemies. According to you, SpongeBob's enemy is the one with the most power to cool the Avengers?

5 Theory of the Krabby Patty Secret Recipe - Spongebob Squarepant

5 Theory of the Krabby Patty Secret Recipe

If you often follow the SpongeBob SquarePants animated series, you must know the Krabby Patty really. In plain view, the Krabby Patty looks like an ordinary burger dish. We also often see SpongeBob making it in the Krusty Krab kitchen, Mr. Krabs's fast food restaurant, with his frying pan and spatula.

Everything seemed natural until finally the Krabby Patty was served. Visitors who eat must be hooked. It's not surprising that many are addicted and ask for additions, including Squidward who was originally antipathy. Because of the famous Krabby Patty, Plankton who opened a food business across from the Krusty Krab restaurant was unable to compete. As a result, Plankton is jealous and tries to steal his secret recipe.

Maybe we can't play Krabby Patty in the Bikini Bottom universe. However, you wonder, what exactly is the secret recipe behind the delicacy of the Krabby Patty? In fact, not only Plankton is curious about this secret formula, but the audience too! To the point, the episode of Plankton trying to steal the Krabby Patty recipe has become something exciting to follow.

In the end, it's not discovered, what's the formula. However, that does not mean there are no leaks in the SpongeBob Squarepants series. Well, if you're also curious, find out more, bro.

1. "Secret" in the Krabby Patty Material

In general, the Krabby Patty is a fast-food burger dish. If you see SpongeBob again cooking, we can know the Krabby Patty made from the frozen patty, lettuce, pickled cucumber, onion, tomato, sea cheese, mustard, and tomato sauce. Observers also try to complete the list on SpongeBobia's Encyclopedia fandom site. However, we never see when SpongeBob added this "secret" when he cooked.

Well, according to you, where is the secret recipe? Some argue that the secret is in vegetables. However, there are also those who say that the patty batter is made with a secret formula. It makes sense because we never saw where this patty came from.

2. The location of the Secret Recipe is hidden

In episode 31 in the third season titled "Plankton's Army", Plankton invites his troops to uncover Mr Krabs's secret recipe. At the end of the story, Plankton finds a book containing secret recipes in a safe in Mr. Krabs's study room. The recipe consists of a pinch of salt, three teaspoons of chopped onions, a cup of love, and four pounds of plankton. Unfortunately, it was only Mr. Krabs's trick to rout Plankton.

Mr. Krabs said the real secret recipe he kept was in the safest place to the point that Plankton wouldn't think. However, Squidward easily guessed it was under his bed. Well, Mr. Krabs himself, we see, his sleep swings on, huh. So, there is an assumption that Mr. Krabs has already taken the Krabby Patty's secret recipe. Moreover, as long as this franchise is broadcast, secret recipes - in the form of sheets of paper stored in bottles - are always stored in the Krusty Krab.

3. Krabby Patty Made from Love

In episode 143 in the seventh season titled "The Great Patty Caper", revealed some secret recipe ingredients consisting of flour, clam shavings, salt, and turmeric. However, it turns out there is still more material that has not been revealed.

When referring to several other episodes, like "Plankton's Army", "Growth Spout", and "Krabby Road" and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015), there is one ingredient from a secret recipe called repeatedly. That material is love. Maybe this is a cliche that you often hear from stories about cooking. It is also unclear the concept of love that the creator has, Mr. Krabs (besides a love of money), which can be embodied. However, it could be that love is the core ingredient of the Krabby Patty's secret recipe.

4. Krabby Patty Made from Crab Meat

You realize, isn't it, if the form of the Krusty Krab restaurant comes from trawl, which is used by fishermen to catch crabs? This could be an indication that the Krabby Patty is made from crab meat.

Plus, the menu names on the Krusty Krab contain the ingredients used. For example, Coral Bits, Salty Sea Dogs, Kelp Rings, and Seafoam Soda. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are those who argue that the Krabby Patty is made from krab or crab.

In the third episode of season 28 titled "Midlife Crustacean", there is a scene Mr. Krabs takes the Krabby Patty from a customer who is walking. After sucking on the Krabby Patty, Mr. Krabs said, "Hmmm, so it feels like this is mine." This reinforces the theory that the Krabby Patty is made from crab meat.

From this theory, speculation developed that Mr. Krabs was a cannibal. Moreover, we have never seen a crab character other than Mr. Krabs and his father. Even if there were, like in the episode "Kracked Krabs", they were not from Bikini Bottom. Even so, quoted from BuzzFeed, Nickelodeon confirmed that the Krabby Patty is 100% not from crab meat.

5. Never Have Secret Recipes

Of the many assumptions and theories that lead to the Krabby Patty secret recipe, only the theory of crab meat is denied by Nickelodeon. The rest, really, there's never been a direct confirmation. Even so, there is still one more theory left, which has never been a secret recipe for Krabby Patty!

It could be, it's just Mr. Krabs's marketing strategy to increase sales. The visitors will arrive because they wonder what makes the Krabby Patty taste good. What's more, during cooking, SpongeBob has never been seen adding secret recipes to it. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs is more busy counting his money.

Well, the name is also a secret recipe, yes, so it's only natural if nobody knows. However, this mystery can always be guarded well as long as the SpongeBob SquarePants animated series is broadcast and has become a special attraction since its first episode in 2000. If the secret has been discovered, of course, the excitement will be reduced and Mr. Krabs will no longer be rich.

Of all the theories, what do you believe? Or, do you have your own theory about the Krabby Patty secret recipe? Try it, please say your opinion in the comments column below!

Jimmy Neutron Interesting Facts

Jimmy Neutron Interesting Facts 

Jimmy Neutron is an iconic cartoon character in the 2000s. Let's look at 5 interesting facts from this character and at the same time reminisce!

Many children of the '90s who might have known this cartoon character, Jimmy Neutron. This genius boy is indeed very difficult to forget with his big forehead and head. For fans of his cartoons, he must have known the genius and strangeness.

Now, while reminiscing here are some other interesting facts about the Jimmy Neutron the genius boy that you might not know.

5. First Appears in Films Before Serial V

Maybe some of you think that this one character appears first in a television series before it appears on the big screen. But it turns out the truth is the opposite!

Jimmy first appeared in an animated film called Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) made based on Jimmy short films; which finally aired as a serial on the Nickelodeon channel with Spongebob one year later.

4. Lose By Shrek Animated Film

In the year of the launch of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the film immediately won the nomination as the best-animated film. Unfortunately, Paramount Pictures's film was defeated by the animated film Shrek.

3. Jimmy Neutron is not the original name

Jimmy was born the name James Isaac Neutron inspired by the name of the famous scientist who invented the theory of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton.

At his first appearance, Jimmy was a 10-year-old genius boy, while at the end of his appearance, he was said to be 12 years old. Jimmy also always appears with a red shirt with a yellow atomic symbol which is his trademark. He also referred to his high-topped hairstyle as 'Anti-Gravity Crested'.

2. Have a Super High IQ and a Faithful Pet Dog

Jimmy's genius is indeed supported by his genetic talent. Jimmy who was able to create various strange types of this magical bin had an IQ of 210, very far above the average (Kindaichi Detective alone was only 160). With his intelligence, as well as a special lab that is like his personal workshop, he creates various kinds of innovations. One of them is a robot dog who faithfully accompanied him named Goddard.

1. Have a Cross-Over Series with Fairy Odd Parents

In one of the series, Jimmy was in a series with Timmy, a child character from Fairy Odd Parents. The series that aired in 2004 was titled Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.

In the series, Timmy, who hasn't worked on his science project, hopes for the two fairies to be able to go to the best laboratory in Dimmsdale. However, he finally arrived at Jimmy's laboratory in Retroville. That's where the story of the two of them began.

That's five interesting facts from Jimmy Neutron, the genius boy who can create things

What Is Tenkaichi Budokan In Dragon Ball Z?

What Is Tenkaichi Budokan In Dragon Ball Z?

Tenkaichi Budokai is a world-class martial arts tournament, in Dragon ball comics. It starts with Son Goku's desire to become a stronger fighter than before. This reason encouraged Goku to meet Kamesennin, a martial arts teacher.

In other places, it turns out that Krillin also has the same desire. However, Kamesennin turned out to reject their wishes, the reason he had stopped teaching. Long story short, finally Kamesennin accepted these two people to become his students.

Next, Kamesennin trains Son Goku and Krillin. At the beginning of the practice, Kamesennin throws a stone into the forest, then Goku and Kuririn compete to find the stone. This race has delicious food prizes as the evening menu. Kuririn won by cheating, but she was poisoned as a cheating reply.

Goku and Krillin training:

  • Lifting large stones using their hands.
  • Use their hands to plow the land.
  • To get food in the morning, they have to walk to deliver milk first.
  • Avoid wild fish sharks.
  • Avoid bee stings.
  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

8 months passed, finally Kamesennin registered Kuririn and Son Goku to take part in the event called the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, the aim was to test the strength that was within them. Secretly, Kamesennin also participated in the tournament disguised as someone in Jackie Chun's style. In this prestigious event, Yamcha is not left behind.

The initial match until there were only 8 finalists left, they still escaped. The remaining eight fighters are combined according to their respective opponents. And, this is what is left of them:

  • Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun

  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

  • Ranfan vs Nam

  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

  • Krillin bacteria

  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

  • Giran vs Goku

The match was quite exciting, one of which was a session where Kuririn had to fight it out to fight Bacteria which had a very bad odor and bad breath. Kuririn was truly cornered and almost lost. Son Goku gives motivation to Kuririn, saying that he has no nose. So Kuririn can finally defeat Bacteria in a landslide. The bacteria fainted by Kuririn's pretty strong punch.

Well, that's Tenkaichi Budokai in the film Dragon Ball. However, this event is the first step for Goku to achieve strength as a Super Saiyan.

Who Is The First Super Saiyan In The Dragon Ball Series?

Who Is The First Super Saiyan In The Dragon Ball Series?

Do you know who is Super Saiyan in the Dragon Ball movie? Super Saiyan is a change in the advanced form of Saiyan which is very strong in the Dragon Ball series. Previously, Saiyan superpowers were only myths that no one had been able to get for thousands of years.

Super Saiyan Goku

According to Vegita, the superpower is very powerful in the form of transformation. This is what makes Frieza become paranoid, and wants to destroy the planet Vegeta. Well, it looks really not, Frieza fears Saiyan.

Changes to super Saiyan were initially triggered by emotional changes. Like Goku who was able to get this power when left by Krillin. Likewise with Bejita, being super loyal is driven by his ambition to surpass Goku. If you listen to episodes per episode of this series, of course, you understand what Bejita's character looks like.

Who is the First Super Saiyan in a Dragon Ball Film?

All Saiyan descendants left after Frieza Saga, generally, reach the first level of Super Saiyan. There are no Super Saiyans in the Dragon Ball series, except for Pan who might have the potential to turn into Super Saiyan. This is still an estimate, considering that Pan is a descendant of Goku.

Changing into Super Saiyan must be triggered by a response to urgent needs, such as when Goku is determined to defeat Frieza. Physical changes are not striking, but Goku's strength has increased by 50 times from ordinary Saiyan.

Super Saiyan characteristics

A super Saiyan initially lost control of his emotions. Even they don't care about their own safety, to save their friends.

Super Saiyan characteristic is seen in the color of his hair, namely gold and rose to the top. Yes, maybe it's not like the shape of fire. While their eyes are turquoise, the muscles of the body are more muscular, and the skin color glows due to the radiating aura.

Who is the First Super Saiyan in a Dragon Ball Film?

Saiyan's super personality also changes, they are more aggressive and easily motivated. Goku is the first super Saiyan to achieve this power, which is when fighting Frieza.

The characteristics of Saiyan are also shown in the shape of their eyes, which seem bolder and sharper. Although these traits are not seen when Goku and Son Gohan do the exercises at Cell Games Saga.

Then, can super Saiya do the spirit bomb technique? In Dragon Ball Z, Goku failed to do this technique. This is because his heart is full of emotions, so energy is absorbed by it.

However, in the end, Goku was able to master him. The spirit bomb can be done by him when the Cell Games Saga.

What about Future Trunks when you become super-saiyan? Two years from the battle on the planet Namek, Super Saiyan Trunks easily defeated Cyborg Frieza and King Cold.

Super Saiyan Vegeta, getting his abilities triggered by strong emotions. Although you tend to be evil, the bad is not absolute. The strength of the Big Bang obtained by this is able to overcome the Android 19 robot and doctor Gero, but not with android 17 and 18.

Basic super Saiyan ability, unable to defeat the Android robots. So Son Goku proposed to practice in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku suspected, with training in that place was able to exceed the limits of Super Saiyan's strength.

Goku and Gohan trained hard at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, thus gaining a new Super Saiyan form. Unlike the exercises carried out by Vegeta and Trunks, where they are able to increase energy quickly.

Intensive training produces new strength for Gohan and Goku, namely Full-Power Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan legend

Get here first about the first or initial Super Saiyan. Wait for the continuation of Super Saiyan 2, huh. Who is your hero in this Dragon Ball series?

The Adventure Of Yamcha In Dragon Ball-Z

The Adventure Of Yamcha In Dragon Ball-Z

For those of you fans of the dragon ball series, of course, you know the characters in this animated film. One of them is Yamcha. This protagonist in Dbz is Goku's friend. What is the background and character of Yamcha in the Dragon Ball series and movies?

Yamcha dragon ball z

Previously, Yamcha was a desert bandit and classified as an enemy to Goku. Along with time travel, Yamcha changed her way of life and became Goku's friend. Yamcha has courage, is rather arrogant, and is a mainstay for Z-Fighters at the beginning of the story.

Yamcha is a powerful hero on earth. His ability greatly helped the Z Fighters in eradicating evil on earth. He is always present when Goku and his friends get threats from outside.

This is the Adventure of Yamcha in Dragon Ball-Z

Yamcha's characteristic is in his clothes and character. In the initial series of Dragon Ball, his hair was always long with bangs in front. Since moving to the city, her hair has been cut and is more fashionable. Yamcha's hair model was copied by Gohan for some time.

About the scar on Yamcha's cheeks is quite mysterious, some say that it was caused by training during the World Martial Arts tournament. The scan by Android 19 shows that Yamcha's body height is 183 cm and weighs 68 kg.

The clothes that are often used by Yamcha are white colored clothes, with black trousers. Similar to Bruce Lee's outfit when fighting O'Hara in a film titled "Enter the Dragon".

In the Saga Red Ribbon and the Dragon Ball Z movie, his clothes are similar to Tsukutsun Tsun's clothes. Whereas in Majin Buu saga, a yellow suit and white shirt are used by him. Yamcha's hair is left longer, at the end of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. The hairstyle is a ponytail, with the same clothes as in the Majin Buu Saga.

Yamcha Dragon Ball-Z martial tournament

Yamcha is shy and submissive to women, especially Bulma. How come? He said he was a brave soldier? Yes indeed, but not for women. After joining Z-Fighters, Yamcha was very caring about others.

Yamcha is a martial arts tournament lover and has a strong determination to win. Every time the tournament starts, he always practices with enthusiasm and learns various martial techniques. In fact, he was diligent in learning Kamehameha besides Goku.

Yamcha in Saga Android

In the Dbz series, Yamcha initially rejects the Saiyan. The next session of his life was used against the androids (artificial robots). In the end, Yamcha forgave Bejita and Bulma. In fact, he received Trunks well, as a friend.

Who is Yamcha dragon ball

Yamcha lost his enthusiasm to fight the enemies, since the presence of Super Saiyans. He realized that his abilities were far lower than theirs. Yamcha feels that his efforts have no meaning, so he prefers just to be on guard in battle.

In the final series of Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha retired from the struggle and chose to practice on his own. Yamcha finally wanted to have a family soon. For this reason, he learns against his fear of women.

Even so, in the dragon ball series, it was never told about who Yamcha's lover was after separating from Bulma. Could it be that Yamcha remained alone until the end of his life?