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10 Cool Facts About Son Goku, Akira Toriyama And Dragon Ball

10 Cool Facts About Son Goku, 

Akira Toriyama And Dragon Ball

The new Series Dragon Ball Super is over and of course, the tough anime enthusiasts are overwhelmed by mixed feelings, which are funny, sad and sad. However, there are still people who don't know a few things about Dragon Ball and Son Goku.

1. Dragon Boy is an Idea from Dragon Ball

Before the triumph of Dragon Ball, among the most explosive comics of Akira Toriyama was Dr. Slump; which became the original theme and concept of the Dragon Ball at that time (given the title Dragon Boy).

The original Dragon Ball was named Dragon Boy. He tells of a slave named Tanton who was able to tame a dragon. This Tanton character is then used as a character in Dragon Ball, namely Son Gohan (son of Goku).

Tanton is not an ordinary human like Son Goku. Tanton has a pair of dragon wings hidden in his clothes. The bland acceptance of Dragon Boy's work was originally processed into Dragon Ball and released a year later.

2. Termination of Son Goku vs. Bezita

The story of Dragon Ball Z actually has a connection but it was released in the form of an MMORPG video game called "Dragon Ball Online". In the video game, Goku and Vegeta disappeared in 801. Goku realized that he would face death and wish for the final battle with Vegeta to resolve their dispute forever.

They wander into distant galaxies to reduce the damage that will apply. It is the right decision because their battle causes the supernova to take effect. This battle decision was never revealed so now.

3. Termination of the new Uub

The Dragon Ball story is concluded with Goku fighting with the Uub when the World Martial Arts Triumph. Dedicated that the Uub is the original incarnation of Kid Buu and has all the power that Majin Buu has.

The Uub has never been trained to fight and lack flying skills. Dragon Ball ends with Goku taking the Uub to be trained. Termination is intended to attract the interest of readers to imagine themselves whether it is the end after Goku trains the Uub.

In fact, it is also a stepping stone to continue the legacy of Dragon Ball manga/comics, for example like the release of Dragon Ball GT animation.

4. Goku's Evil During the Small Symbolic Society of Japan

It is an ordinary matter to see children talking in comics or anime. This is because Japanese culture sees children who is innocent in the eyes of society.

One of the main examples is the Goku character who really does not understand the case done by adults. Goku never met a woman before meeting Bulma and was very surprised to find out that Bulma did not have a penis.

5. Dragon Ball and the Olympic Games

The upcoming Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. He made enthusiasts Akira Toriyama adore because of the events of the two anime and comic stories culminated in a confrontation that took place at the Olympic stadium (when the match between national kung fu and cell).

It is as if anime will play an important role in promoting the Olympic Games of 2020 to see some of the main anime characters chosen as mascots. Goku from Dragon Ball Z is one of the characters chosen to be the fictional ambassador of Sukan Olimpik. Among the other characters who became mascots and ambassadors of Olympic sports in Tokyo are Monkey D. Luffy, Sailor Moon, Mario, and Naruto.

6. The weakness of Goku's soul

Although Goku is a hero in Dragon Ball Z, he also has weaknesses. Goku was very concerned about his desire to be a strong hero so he could ignore his family. In fact, Piccolo is a father who is better than Goku.

Vegeta is also aware of Goku's attitude in Dragon Ball Super when Goku is confused as to why Vegeta wants to live with Bulma if Vegeta's second child will be born. It is said that this is actually the soul of Akira Toriyama himself who splits with work and family.

7. Super tennis player

The greatest tennis player at the moment, Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player of all time since childhood again. He was also drawn to being the greatest tennis player in action in the clay arena.

Did you hit Rafael Nadal and Goku? Rafael acknowledges that Dragon Ball Z is the most popular anime and Goku is the most popular fictional character of all time.

Nadal told him he would rush home after school to watch the new episode of Dragon Ball Z. The CNN article discussed Nadal's interest in this anime and spread it "Dragon Ball of Tennis".

8. Famous Dragon Ball

Because the Dragon Ball anime is very famous, especially Goku, it has resulted in the production of several Safety PSA (layman announcements) along with the designs of this design. This video was produced aimed at increasing awareness, changing ordinary attitudes and behavior towards social issues.

The traffic safety video starring Goku is a layout video produced in 1988 that shows Goku being taught traffic rules by city kids because Goku lives in the woods and knows about signal lights.

Another video of the bomba forces was also released in 1988 in which Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi and Yamcha worked as volunteer bomba experts. Goku teaches children about fire safety.

9. Goku's voice for 32 years

The English version of Dragon Ball Z started hastily causing some companies to deal with the dub and edit the content of the anime to make it mean to broadcast.

He is different from Japan where the same actors are kept throughout the broadcast. Goku's voice has used a female actor's voice for 32 years.

Masako Nozawa's voice was used for Goku's voice throughout his appearance since 1986. He has been involved with Dragon Ball since the first episode and continues so that Dragon Ball Super.

10. Why doesn't Bezita become the 3rd Super Saiyan?

This is a problem that plays a lot in the mind of the Dragon Naga or Dragon Ball enthusiasts. Why didn't Bezita directly switch to Super Saiyan to 3 instead able to exchange to the 4th Super Saiyan beyond the third stage in Dragon Ball GT.

Masako Nozawa's voice was used for Goku's voice throughout his appearance since 1986. He has been involved with Dragon Ball since the first episode and continues so that Dragon Ball Super.

Between the reasons given by Akira Toriyama is, the time needed to prepare the third Super Saiyan transformation painting is too long. The comic painters certainly know how long the period has been taken to follow the line art which has been burned.

Likewise in Dragon Ball Super, only once or two, Son Goku exchanged for the third Super Saiyan because the carter and the animation maker were too lazy to paint the third super-complicated, complicated and complicated painting.

Extras: Why is Super Saiyan Hair Yellow?

Akira Toriyama's answer to this problem is also the same as Bezita SSJ3 above. He said, if other colors were for example gray, he needed to do 'inking' which also took a long time in comic income.

So letting the hair color white (in comics) is easier and faster to prepare.

Later in the anime / Dragon Ball animation, the white color is filled with yellow. Then Super Saiyan was born who was proud of all interested as yellow and golden-haired characters.

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