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10 Fun fact about Tom and Jerry

10 Fun fact about Tom and Jerry

All of you will often see this one cat-mouse series. Here are the facts about them!

You all must have read articles about the facts of Tom and Jerry's caregivers.

1.  Pay $50 for the person who named the character

It turns out that Tom and Jerry's name is not from the author and their creator. After initially named Jesper and Jinx, an animator named John Carr gave a suggestion to turn it into Tom and Jerry. The name later became a popular name today. Even so, John Carr was only given $ 50 US dollars (around Rp. 600 thousand) as a sign of thanks.

2. Starting TV Series Debuts Years Later

Although their appearance in the world of cinema has started since the early 1940s, it turns out they just debuted as a TV series in 1965! Moving on from the film to the series made a lot of things from the side of Tom & Jerry who experienced editing so that it could be used as a TV series.

3. Rarely once spoken

In his pursuit of Jerry, Tom must go through many companion casts as obstacles. Two of them are Mama Two Shoes that have been discussed before, and Spike the Bulldog dog. Although many of the cast can speak, Tom and Jerry remain mute. In the series or movie, they almost never say anything.

4. Background music holds an important role

This is related to the previous fact that Tom & Jerry did not speak. Because they are two characters who are almost always mute, then the background music in their feud in the film or series becomes vital. Music brings emotions and various fun and hilarious effects on the audience of Tom & Jerry.

5. Tom Has a Gang 

Like humans, Tom also has a gang or friend of a fellow cat who likes to annoy Jerry.

6. How to view the audience changes with age

Have you ever imagined or remembered what you felt when you first watched Tom & Jerry. When you are a child, you will definitely feel annoyed with Tom who always hunts Jerry everywhere. However, as you get older, you will realize that Tom is just a good cat who wants to protect his home (or his employer's house) from rat disorders.

There are some interesting facts about Tom & Jerry. How, quite surprising, guys. Stay tuned for other interesting articles from DuniaGames.

7. Has entertained his fans for 78 years.

This cartoon series has counted for 78 years entertaining fans throughout the world. First produced in 1940, Tom and Jerry are still launching several new episodes with different styles and packaging than the previous series.

8. Have changed studios 4 times.

At the beginning of production in 1940, this cartoon series was still under the auspices of the MGM film studio. Then, in 1957 the MGM decided to close the animation channel and throw it at the Rembrandt Films studio, which at that time was located in Eastern Europe. But in 1980, Tom and Jerry were held by Filmation Studios until finally Turner Entertainment, which is still one name with Warner Bros., took over the Tom and Jerry series until now.

9. The face of Tom's employer.

For you loyal viewers of Tom and Jerry, you will remember some of the episodes that tell where Tom has an employer and often scold Tom if the house is in a mess. But unfortunately, Tom's employer was only shown from the upper body part to the feet, while his face was not shown. It turned out that in the episode entitled "Saturday Evening", the face of Tom's employer was first shown to a wide audience. So, now it's no longer curious about the employer's face.

10. One of the most animated series with awards.

Counted as many as 7 times the Tom and Jerry series has won the prestigious Academy Awards for the Best Short Cartoon category. Not only that, in the 1950s Tom and Jerry also won an Oscar.

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