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10 Unique Facts of Interest and Interest for Discussion

10 Unique Facts of Interest and Interest for Discussion

Why are Upin and Ipin having a bald head? Then where did their father and mother go? Here is the answer.

Facts about Upin and Ipin - Who doesn't know the series of these two cute twins? Yes, Upin and Ipin are cartoon series originating from Malaysia which is also popular in Indonesia.

However, do you know it turns out that in the Upin and Ipin series there are some things that you might not know? Curious right? Here are 10 facts that can be interesting to discuss.

Mystery Behind Upin Ipin

1. Reasons for Upin and Ipin Baldness

Surely you rarely see a bald-haired little boy? Apparently, the character of Upin and Ipin was deliberately bald in order to save production costs. In 3D animation, simulation hair will make the rendering process longer.

To make the rendering process faster, better computer specifications are needed and certainly more costly.

2. Where Did Your Mother Upin and Ipin?

Maybe you already know that Ibu Upin and Ipin are told to have passed away since the initial episode of the series. Apparently, the reason for the removal of Mother Father Upin and Ipin was due to operational factors.

At that time, the serial production house of Upin and Ipin named Les' Copaque Production was being pursued by a deadline for the screening of the first episode. Because the time is short, the production team eliminates the father and mother figure.

3. Initially Not a Main Character

You must have first known the second character of this bald-headed boy from the cartoon series Upin and Ipin, right? However, it turns out they have first introduced in the movie "Gangs of Beginning Nomads" you know.

The Beginning Geng Wanderer Film was first launched in 2007 and released in 2009.

4. Native Opah and Tok Dalang names

If you've ever watched the Upin and Ipin series, of course you know the character of Opah who is the grandmother of Upin and Ipin and Tok Dalang, an elder in the village. Many people are curious about the real names of Opah and Tok Dalang because they were never mentioned.

However, it turns out the real name of Opah is Siti while the real name of Tok Dalang is Haji Isnin Bin Khamis.

5. Never been rejected by various TV stations

Before it was as popular as it is now, it turned out that the serial Upin and Ipin had been rejected on several television stations. Until finally, the series Upin and Ipin were trusted by Director of TV9 at that time because it was considered to have a funny and interesting story.

6. Originally Durian Runtuh Village Name

Kampung Durian Runtuh is the name of the village where Upin and Ipin live. The name Kampung Durian Runtuh was taken because there used to be a durian tree that only once fruited every season.

Because of that, residents fight to get the durian. Because he could not stand the debate of the people, Tok Dalang decided to tear down the durian tree.

7. Criticism of Serial Upin and Ipin

Upin and Ipin series was broadcast on the Disney Channel in 2009. Serial Upin and Ipin are translated into three languages, namely Malay, Mandarin, and English.

However, many people criticized the Upin and Ipin series for not having good English language rules, even though the English version of Upin and Ipin itself was translated directly by the Disney Channel.

In the end, Les' Copaque took over the English translator in the Upin and Ipin series until now.

8. The soundtrack of Upin and Ipin Made in Indonesia

Although Upin and Ipin are serially made in Malaysia, it turns out that the Upin and Ipin soundtrack entitled "Sahabat Selamanya" is made by an Indonesian band from Indonesia, who collaborated with Les' Copaque.

This aims to strengthen relations between Indonesia and Malaysia.

9. Upin and Ipin Have Been Criticized

All series must have fans and also haters, including the Upin and Ipin series. The series was cursed by Paul Moss, a judge of the Malaysian Idol when the Upin and Ipin series won the Best Screen Chemistry award at Shout! Awards in 2009 ago.

Paul Moss issued a negative statement on the program live. Because of his actions, Paul Moss was criticized by netizens.

10. Serial Upin and Ipin Show in Various Countries

Serial Upin and Ipin are very popular cartoon series. No wonder the Upin and Ipin series airs in many countries, not only in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and European countries like Turkey.

That's the 10 facts Upin Ipin that are unique and interesting to discuss. You certainly don't think about it right? Speaking of watching Upin and Ipin, have you paid your TV bill yet?

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