Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10 Moral Values from Doraemon

10 Moral Values from Doraemon

Every time, when there's a problem occur, there is always a solution. Both humane solutions and unreasonable solutions from Doraemon's magic bag. Viewing the story of Doraemon means also capturing these ten valuable lessons:

1. In real life, there is no magic bag

Unlike Doraemon comic stories, in real life, there is no magic bag. When in comics, Nobita can get this, thanks to the help of Doraemon and her magic bag, not so in real life. In real life, humans have to work on their own and as much as possible avoid short cuts.

2. Friendly and loyal friends like Doraemon

Doraemon is an ideal friend. He always cared about the problems of the people around him, especially Nobita. Every time Nobita experiences difficulties and complains, Doraemon always advises him and helps solve his problems. The nature of Doraemon can be imitated if you want to be a good friend for others.

3. Don't depend too much on other people

In comic stories, Nobita is said to be very dependent on Doraemon. When faced with problems, he always complained and urged Doraemon to help him. Fortunately, Doraemon is a sympathetic and helpful person. But in real life, it's not wise to always depend on other people. There are times when you have to try to solve the problem yourself.

4. Loving someone takes time and struggle

Nobita always likes Shizuka, nothing else. He always tried to make Shizuka like him in various ways. But his feelings for Shizuka were not always reciprocated. Even so, he still liked Shizuka's figure. This gives us a lesson that loving people needs a struggle. It takes time to make someone see our sincerity and accept our love.

5. Every human being has Nobita's side in him

Nobita was told to be lazy and full of doubt during his lifetime. Often he feels pessimistic in carrying out certain tasks. He also often acts clumsy or careless. If the test score is bad, he will hide it.

Nobita's situation can be related to our situation in real life. In youth, especially during school, we often experience this. There is insecurity and not being able to live life.

But Nobita also has advantages. One of them is that he is good in imagination. He is also willing to sacrifice his safety to help others. This shows that someone must have advantages and disadvantages.

6. Accept yourself as you are

Suneo is said to be the shortest child in his class. If we become Suneo in real life, we don't need to be discouraged or feel inferior. Accept yourself for who you are and keep trying to live your life as well as possible.

7. Don't be arrogant

Suneo is a child comes from a wealthy family. He always has new toys that are expensive and not owned by other children. The allowance is far greater than friends of his age. His parents also always buy things that other parents cannot afford. Instead of being grateful, Suneo boasted his new toy to his friends. This is a lesson that in life, there is no need to be arrogant if you have more wealth than others.

8. Be sensitive

Giant characters can be used as a reminder that we are always sensitive to life. He is said to be very fond of singing and holding small concerts. Giant always forces his friends to come and praise his voice. Even though his friends don't like to hear his voice. This shows that we should be more sensitive in life. Pay attention to the surrounding environment, other people's responses, and the effects of our actions on others.

9. Everyone has their own fears

People as strong as anything must have fear. This is clearly seen from the Giant character. He is told as a person who is both scary and very strong. In fact, he always oppresses Nobita. But behind the power of Giant, he was very afraid of his mother. This shows that no matter how strong someone is, they must have a fear of something.

10. There are thousands of ways to solve a problem

Doraemon is told that he can always solve the problem of Nobita with magic tools from his pocket. Every tool has a new innovation. This can be related to real life. In solving problems, there is a thousand ways.

Indeed, there is no magical bag in real life, but humans can do miraculous things with their unlimited minds. Humans can make innovations with their minds.


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