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4 Best Cartoon Films that you can let your kid watching without parental guidance

4 Best Cartoon Films that you can let your kid watching without parental guidance

Not all cartoons are worth watching by children. There are educative ones, some are full of moral messages, some must be under the guidance of parents. However, western animated films are more quality with high-quality visual effects. Far compared to animated films made in the country.

To attract viewers who in fact are children, animation with very high-quality visuals is, of course, difficult to resist. In fact, not a few parents who like to watch animated films.

Cartoon films that are worth watching by children are educational films, have good moral messages, and increase knowledge.

4 Best Cartoon Films that you can let your kid watch

The following are some selected cartoon films that are worth watching with family:

1. Toy Story

This animated film has been made the sequel up to 2 times. The story of Woody and his friends is planned to be continued to be released in 2018. In terms of story ideas, this cartoon film has been touted as the best anime of late.

Woody is a cowboy who leads his friends, a toy owned by Andy Davis. Uniquely, these toys have feelings, emotions, thoughts, dramatic, and emotions like humans. This film is quite exciting and makes the mind of the audience dissolve in the story.

This cartoon movie is good for watching with family. Not only entertaining the audience but also teaching about friendship and educating.

2. Despicable Me

Cartoon films that are suitable for kindergarten and elementary school children. Not only funny, but the story is quite interesting and touching. Felonious Gru in competing with Vector, assisted by minions. Little children certainly really like watching the action of the minions who run here and there. In terms of quality, this animation uses very good visual effects.

3. Minions

This 3D animated film is a continuation of Despicable Me. In fact, the director Pierre Coffin participated in the voice of this animated film.

As a result of the actions of the minions, T-Rex and Dracula were finally eliminated as well. Then minions move on and adapt to new places in the Antarctic region. Kevin-Stuart-Bob, finally found a new boss named Scarlet, a woman with a stylish appearance and very ambitious to rule.

For those of you who have watched this film, of course, you can clearly remember the accent of one of the minions who said the word "thank you". One more thing from this animated film, when the minions sing a song that you often sing when you become a scout. What song is Hayoo?

4. Finding Nemo

The 3d Pixar animated film that is very fascinating to the audience is Finding Nemo. The story writer and director is Andrew Stanton. This cartoon film was created since 2003, then re-released in mid-2012 in the 3D format.

An important lesson implied in this cartoon is the love of a father to his son who is very high.

Clownfish fight named Nemo in the middle of the vast sea without father beside him. His father did not stop in his search for the little guy. This film is more exciting with the presence of Dory who has forgetfulness.

Well, that's 4 animated films that are quite worth watching for children. But I think it is better to accompany your child while watching cartoons animated films. They need parental guidance so that the moral message in the film can be conveyed. Who is your favorite cartoon character in childhood?

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