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5 Bulma Interesting Facts (Dragon Ball)

The Dragon Ball anime series has always been an interesting topic that hasn't ended until now. The anime by Akira Toriyama which was first released in 1986 was immediately attached to the hearts of its fans. Among the many interesting figures to discuss, Bulma is arguably the most appropriate because she became one of the most 'senior' characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

Yep, since the initial story of Dragon Ball, precisely when Son Goku was small and tailed, Bulma was already present and adventurous with him. His intelligence always helps Goku on his journey to find seven Dragon Balls that can grant all requests.

There are still some interesting facts that you should know from this blue-haired girl character. Come on, just take a look at the five facts of Bulma below!

1. Inspired by Monk Xuanzang

Bulma is indeed a girl character. Interestingly, he was originally inspired by monk character Xuanzang, the male protagonist in a popular Chinese novel entitled Journey into the West.

In the Chinese legend, Xuanzang is told to lead a group to search for Buddhist scriptures. As in his novel, Bulma leads a group consisting of Goku, Yamcha, Oolong, and Paur, who happened to be inspired by Journey into the West, to look for the Seven Dragon Balls.

Even though Xuanzang and Bulma are girls, Akira Toriyama follows the tradition of Chinese opera which requires girls to play the role of the monk. Toriyama also adapted the concept used in making the Dragon Ball anime.

2. Strawberry Fruit Enthusiasts

Bulma also has her favorite food, strawberry fruit. So happy with strawberries, his initial motivation for collecting Dragon Ball was to ask for strawberry supplies during her life. A request that is quite absurd, considering that at that time the world was threatened with safety.

Unfortunately, until now Bulma's request has not yet materialized in anime and manga. Precisely the one who was answered first was the request of a girl's panties by Oolong. However, given the urgency that was very important at that time, Oolong's request was certainly much better and more beneficial.

3. 18 times changing hairstyles

Bulma is a stylish girl because she likes to change her hairstyle. He didn't just change his hairstyle once or twice, but up to 18 times. He changed the hairstyle throughout the anime series. Without realizing it, maybe you also don't see the change of hair because it's too focused on the story.

For example in the first episode, her hair was ponytailed with a red ribbon that adorned her upper hair. Then, her hairstyle changes when the Fortuneteller saga is by tapping one side of her hair. As for the Piccolo Jr. saga, his hair becomes shoulder length. He has also used an afro hairstyle on the Trunks saga that expands upwards with a yellow headband.

In Dragon Ball Super, Bulma's hair is shorter with bangs combed to the right. If there is a girl anime character competition that often changes her hairstyle, she will definitely come out as a champion.

4. Inventor of Supergenius

Behind the mischievous nature and letting go, Bulma is a very genius girl. As a scientist, her genius has been seen as a child. In her childhood, she didn't like playing in the house. Instead, she likes to repair machines and create new technologies.

This behavior arose when he and his family visited the island of Omori. There, he repaired Jaco's spacecraft without his father realizing it. Besides being in touch with mechanics, she was able to design her own laser gun and was made to defend herself, thinking Jaco was an evil alien.

Among all the technology and findings of his creation, of course, the most important is Dragon Radar. Without this tool, maybe the world was destroyed before Son Goku could be as strong as she is now.

5. Had a crush on aliens!

Although it belongs to the genre of action, Dragon Ball also presents a romance between the characters. Including Bulma who was told that she had a love relationship with several figures, before finally tethering her heart to Vegeta.

In the original story of Dragon Ball, Bulma had a love affair with Yamcha. Their relationship begins with the search for Dragon Ball. At that time, Yamcha liked her and was willing to do anything for her.

Finally, both of them realized they had a sense of each other and decided to become partners. For five years as a couple, their relationship has always been a problem. Yamcha who practices more often than not cares about Bulma. They finally separated.

Bulma is also known as a flirtatious character. On the Planet Namek saga, he has a crush on one of Frieza's, Zarbon's subordinates, who happens to have a handsome face. In fact, his good looks are only a cover because Zarbon actually has a bad original and unsightly appearance.

Apparently, Bulma has a special feeling towards aliens. The thing is, Vegeta from other planets can also be considered aliens, right?

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