Tuesday, June 25, 2019

5 Larva cartoon facts that not many people know

5 Larva cartoon facts that not many people know

Two larvae with this diffused behavior are distinguished by two different characters, namely red and yellow. Where red is so easy to emotionally and stubborn, while yellow often behaving violently with his voracious attitude. From the appearance side, they also have different sizes.

So you know, behind the lucid Larva cartoon, there are some interesting facts that people have not yet known. Do not admit that you love the cartoon if you do not know some of the following Larva Cartoon facts!

1. Larva cartoons are made to compete with the Angry Birds game.

The interesting fact of the Larva cartoon is, where the filmmakers have no purpose at all to compete with other types of cartoons. Their goal at the beginning was just one, compete with the Angry Birds game. No wonder, Angry Bird's android game is very popular.

2. Tuba Entertainment raises huge profits.

As it is known that Larva cartoons are made by Tuba Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. This cartoon was created to be enjoyed by all people, not surprisingly not only the children who love it but also adults. Well, the success of Larva cartoons certainly brings its own benefits to its players, namely Tuba Entertainment. Due to the rocketing of this cartoon, Larva cartoons have grown into toy products, merchandise, stationery and lenses in different parts of the world. 

3. Most popular cartoon in Korea.

Not only did it succeed in all corners of the world alone. This cartoon is definitely popular in Korea's native country. Larva cartoons first aired in Korea in 2011 at KBS TV stations and cable networks. This short cartoon was one of the most anticipated spectacles in Gingseng State

4. Has been aired in 30 countries.

Who would have thought, the cartoon that did not have this dialogue turned out to be a favorite film in 30 countries? Obviously, this is a matter of pride for the Korean nation because their work is favored by many people until it shows in 30 countries.

5. First time popular on YouTube.

Who likes to watch Larva cartoons on YouTube? Well before popular on television, Larva Cartoons first aired on YouTube. Seeing enough of this cartoon, the TV station finally aired it.

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