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5 Life Advice From The Story of Monkey D. Luffy ( One Piece )

5 Life Advice From The Story of Monkey D. Luffy

For anime fans, you certainly know the One Piece series. The anime series tells of a 17-year-old named Monkey D. Luffy, who dreamed to sail in the ocean, the dream of his own pirate crew, to find the hidden treasure of "One Piece" and become the king of the sea.

Although it's just a series of anime or cartoon, Luffy's life journey in One Piece illustrates the situation where we can make the guidelines and guides in life. want to share with readers and fans of this anime 5 things we can learn about life from Monkey D. Luffy.

1. Whatever you choose to do, just get started!

Luffy starts sailing at age 17. He does not have a real pirate ship and only uses a very small boat. The usual thought might be to say, "I have no real pirate ship so I can not sail,". But Luffy never cares whether he's ready to start. His mentality is that every passing hour is a waste of time for him to be a pirate leader.

We have never started by having everything we need to pursue the goal, but this does not mean we can not start. Fear plays an important role in making us not start something because there are too many things to play in mind. "What if I fail?", "Is this the right decision?".

Indeed, it's daunting but you have to be brave and most important is to enjoy every life journey! You will never get to the destination if you have never started!

2. Your words and actions specify everything

The more you watch this series you will notice patterns in which Luffy personally recruits members to become crew members where they refuse to join his adventure. Luffy will change their minds with their actions and capabilities fulfilling their promises.

He does not promise much but Luffy is willing to do anything, not for himself but his team. He lives to protect his friends. It is easy to trust someone who is willing to sacrifice anything for you.

Luffy's own personality is no longer the moment when it comes to pledging his promise and that his crew is aware of. Make your appointment clear and everything is in line with what you plan on.

3. Sometimes don't think too much about problems

As a pirate sailing across the vast ocean and pursuing long distances, you will certainly face problems and difficulties. Monkey D. Luffy himself faces problems, but he does not care.

She is the emblem of "go with the flow", whatever comes next will be best for you. He likes to joke and think about the next meal without worrying about the troubling situation.

This kind of attitude actually helps a lot in giving confidence to himself. We've all faced problems but the less we think about things that are not in our control, the calmer we will feel.

The brain will become more clear and calm. We will be able to focus on bigger and more important matters. So keep working on what you can do and do not think of what's out of your reach.

4. Simplicity is the best

Luffy sees the world from a teenage point of view. His world is very simple and concise. Food, friends, adventures, and dreams. Is it not good? This can be debated. The One Piece World is full of frustration, confusion, and curiosity. Luffy is an easy-minded man who can bring disadvantages but it makes him able to handle the tests in life better than ordinary people.

He tried to see the good in himself. Luffy knows that the crime exists but he sees it as a barrier to be dealt with when dealing with him.

He never mentioned anything about materialism, wealth and anything else. Life is very easy and avoids complicated things. Simplicity is better than we live by worshiping these things.

We ourselves make our lives complex from love to respect. When you live in simplicity, then life is more enjoyable.

5. The secret of success is by having a better friends circle

Everywhere Luffy goes will definitely meet many people and make them friends. In this series, it is clear that Luffy is friendly but that does not make you can join the crew.

There was a situation where Luffy was willing to deal with the risks and risked the lives of strangers who had just been discovered but he never offered them to board his ship afterward.

There is a saying that says "Choose a friend who can make you a better person," and this is what Monkey D. Luffy did. Those taken into the crew have certain skills they can learn from a doctor, cook, and guide.

Everyone in his crew utilized the overall purpose. In the reality of life, we will meet with good people all the time but they are not as beneficial in our lives.

It does not make you a bad person when you meet good people but you do not make them part of your life. There is nothing wrong with any contact but you must really choose who should be around you.

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