Wednesday, June 19, 2019

5 Things I learned after watching The Power Puff Girls

5 Things I learned after watching The Power Puff Girls

Cartoon series always brings beautiful memories. A number of cartoon series that have filled our days in childhood contain extraordinary life lessons.

For example Scooby Do, the adventure of a dog that solves a mystery with his friends, Tom and Jerry, a pair of cats and mice who are always fighting but love each other.

Besides the two series above, there is one more cartoon that we often watch on Sunday mornings. Yups, Powerpuff Girls! Superhero consisting of three cute girls. The three girls named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were created by Dr. Utonium from a mixture of sugar, spices and other ingredients.

It is said that the story, Dr. Utonium deliberately added 'chemical liquid X' to the mixture. Their super strength consists of speed, human strength, x-ray vision, super senses, and hot vision. With this power, they fight against criminals and horrible monsters.

But do you know that the characters and stories that are strong from this series actually contain valuable life lessons? Here are some reasons why you should be grateful to watch the Powerpuff Girls cartoon series.

1. Appearance is not a problem

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are not girls with ideal body shape and height. But that is not an obstacle for them to become superheroes who are in charge of saving the world from destruction. For them, the most important thing is to be someone who is useful to others.

2. Everyone has the right to feel insecure

Although cartoons are often identified as childish, this is not the case with cartoons. One of the characteristics that are typical of these three girls is to always be vigilant. This trait is what we sometimes need.

To anticipate problems that can arise suddenly, we need to imagine the worst possibilities that we will experience in this life. As a result, we will not be surprised if the predictions we think actually occur.

3. Don't value people from an appearance

Although physically looks funny, cute, and adorable, who would have thought the three girls turned out to be a trio of heroes who protected the world from various forms of evil. Again, never be fooled by physical appearance, because the eyes can be fooled!

4. Get rid of jealousy and start cooperation

Many girls feel jealous and jealous of their own friends for various reasons, such as appearance, boyfriend, career, until something really is trivial. But it is different with the trio of Powerpuff Girls, they are happy to work together to crush criminals roaming the city.

5. Girls can make a difference

Girls are often victims of crime in public places and are still underestimated by the community.  Don't get me wrong first. Girls can also excel beyond what you imagine. Never underestimate yourself, be different and show your true identity.

That was some life lesson from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon series. It is not always the cartoon series that is only intended for children, because the values ​​and life lessons contained in it are also worthy of listening to adults.

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