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6 Unique Facts About Cartoon Minion

6 Unique Facts About Cartoon Minion

Who doesn't know this tiny yellow creature in this Hollywood cartoon? Sponge Bobs? No, he is a minion! This little capsule is like a banana. With thick glasses, always blabbing is not clear. Which language they use.

Minions Despicable me

For those of you who have watched despicable me and despicable me 2, you certainly know the characters of the minions well. Going where - were with their community, always moving - moving employers.

What is your impression of these small yellow creatures? Funny, funny - cute, adorable, nosy? Maybe you've watched an animated film with the main characters of the Minions. But, do you know about the unique facts of minions?

6 Unique Facts About Minion Cartoon Films

1. Many Malaysian words are spoken by Minions

Although the minions express more expressions with movement, they often say unique words. In the few sentences they say, many words in Indonesian are spoken. You certainly remember, when Minions mentioned the word thank you, your majesty, for the king, and came here.

Cartoon Film Minions

This unique fact is related to the film director's childhood. In the past, his mother often invited him to several Indonesian embassies in several countries. Coffin often moved - moved his domicile, so languages ​​from various countries also colored the conversations of the minions.

2. Banana song

Film Minions Studio

For those of you who have watched the despicable me animated film, surely you are no stranger to banana songs. Yes, the soundtrack of this film is so attached to the viewers' memories. Even though, you don't know the meaning of the whole song, right? Likewise with other viewers.

3. The film director is of Indonesian descent

Pierre Coffin is a child from NH Dini, a Javanese woman writer. Coffin still remembers, where he was with his mother who was then still living in France.

4. Dubber Minion is a film director

Maybe you are curious about who voiced Minions? You wouldn't have thought that the cute voice of this tiny creature was filled by the director of this animated film. Pierre Coffin is actually just a fad to try dubbing. However, the film producer likes his voice.

5. Minion's film inspiration is Looney Tunes

Some cartoon characters have yellow as their characters, including Minions. Surely you are no stranger to Sponge Bobs, the yellow culprit. But the character of the minions with yellow is not inspired by Sponge Bobs but from looney tunes.

Minions character

6. Prime Show Film Minions in Indonesia not in America

This Hollywood-made animated film was first released not in the country, but in Indonesia, it was in mid-June 2015. The film only aired in America a month later.

Actually, this is not the first time the premiere of a Hollywood film in Indonesia. There is also the movie Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and fast n furious 7 which was the first release in Indonesia.

The consideration is a large population, as well as the slowness of filmmaking in Hollywood at that time.

Minion Films in Cinema

Minions really like to look for bosses who are not good, but they have good hearts and are not bad. Minions are actually cute, cute, and not evil little creatures.

Well, that's 6 unique facts from little Minions. For those of you who have watched an animated film called despicable me, certainly, you memorize 3 names of minions. Right?

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