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9 Shocking Facts about Pokemon Games

9 Shocking Facts about Pokemon Games

Just a few years ago, the Pokemon Go game was launched by Niantic Labs and Nintendo, so this game can be played on Android and iOS phones. Pokemon Go is the answer for those of you who want to combine the virtual world and reality. The players will feel a new sensation in the world of games, using sophisticated tools (smartphones) to capture Pokemon monsters in the real world.

9 Shocking Facts about Pokemon Games

Ingress is a GPS technology that is able to realize virtual games, so users really feel as if Pokemon is in the real world.

Pokemon monsters have many types, according to their habitat. Monsters caught in waters such as ponds are different from the types of monsters in the grass. Certainly, this game is really exciting.

1. A new record in the game world

This phenomenal game broke the record of mobile games since the launch was done. The number of players that exploded in a short time, so that profits reached USD 1.6 million in a day. This advantage only comes from iOS users, not yet Android. It took only two weeks to return Niantic's capital.

Incorrect investment!

2. User data is collected because of Pokemon Go

This phenomenal game requires access to Augmented Reality through your mobile camera. Not only that, but the Pokemon Go game also requires a Gmail account and internal memory. Of course technology companies, in this case, are Niantic and Nintendo, can use user data for their benefit.

3. Millions of new users in a day

A pretty astonishing fact, where Pokemon Go downloaders beat the number of downloaders of Angry Birds and Candy Crush games in just 5 days.

No less than 75 million times, this game is downloaded in 3 weeks. 85 people download Pokemon Go per second. Total downloads from iOS and Android users reach 6,998,400 per day.

4. The emergence of rare Pokemon

The farther you walk to catch Pokemon Go, then different types of monsters appear that you haven't met before. You can see it on the Pokedex. Just compare the Pokedex on your mobile with your friend's cellphone.

5. More time consuming than social media

The Pokemon Go game takes up about 33 minutes of play time per day, from other Android and smartphone users. The number of daily users of this game is more than Twitter users. Smartphone users use more time to play Pokemon Go than chat applications like BBM, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

6. The Pokemon Go game idea was inspired by April Fool's Day

Do you still remember Google jokes when April Fools in 2014? Through the video, balloons are shown at certain points on the Google Map that indicate the existence of Pokemon.

By chance, Niantic is introducing a new technology called Ingress. So the idea emerged to apply this technology in the form of a game, which was finally given the name Pokemon Go!

7. Sales of bank power surged

Market demand for power banks has increased by 50 percent, thanks to Pokemon Go. An interesting fact is that the iPhone battery will be drained by 20 percent, after playing this game for ½ hour.

8. Americans start learning system metrics

The calculation unit that we use is not the same as abroad. In America, the size of the distance is given in feet, not kilometers. The weight of an object is measured in Lbs, not kilograms.

The emergence of the Pokemon Go game made Americans have to understand how to measure the distance between the two places using kilometers. If you are a Pokemon Go game player, you certainly understand this. Is not to incubate eggs in this game indicated location within a few kilometers?

9. Not much drain on internet quota

For those of you who have never played Pokemon Go, you might think that this unique game will consume data quota. The facts show that 5 Mb of internet quota is usually drained if you play Pokemon Go for 30 minutes.

That's 9 surprising facts about the Pokemon Go game that is rarely known to many people. So, this famous game is not just a matter of capturing Pokemon, but many other exciting games on it. Maybe you are curious: How to Play Pokemon Go and Catch It Easily

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