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Coco Animated Films with These 5 Unique Facts

Coco Animated Films with These 5 Unique Facts

Coco himself Inspired by Mexican culture and this film will follow the adventures of Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who dreams to be a musician.

Coco's film was directed by Lee Unkrich who was successful with Toy Story 3. The story in this animated film is thick with Mexican culture, elevating the tradition of Día de Muertos to respect and recall memories of family members who have passed away.

Of course, from the length of the manufacturing process to the release, the Coco film holds a variety of facts. Here are five interesting things that are worth knowing before watching Disney-Pixar's Coco.

1. Name Coco

Although titled Coco, this Disney-Pixar film tells the adventures of Miguel who aspires to become a reliable singer and musician like his idol, legendary Mexican musician Ernesto de la Cruz. Unfortunately, the family forbade Miguel to play music.

Coco itself is the name of Miguel's great grandmother who is usually called Mama Coco. He also became the person who always heard of Miguel's daily adventures.

2. Two Different Worlds

Set in Mexico, Coco features two different worlds, namely Land of the Living and Land of the Dead. Miguel and his family are from Santa Cecilia, a charming fictional city on the Land of Living.

The magical moment that resulted from an unplanned action by Miguel, made him the first human to visit Land of the Dead, or also known as Dia de Los Muertos.

3. He is de Muertos

Día de Muertos, the Mexican tradition that inspired the animated film, Coco. 

The film Coco is very thick with Mexican culture and elevates the tradition of Dia de Muertos. This tradition is not a moment of mourning, but to celebrate and remember the goodness of the ancestors, and respect and recall memories of family members who have passed away.

Most of the time in this film, the two worlds (Land of the Living and Land of the Dead) are described separately but run harmoniously and side by side.

On one day each year, the two worlds are united magically which is described as a large family reunion between the world we know and the world of death, a world full of colors, music, and also happiness.

4. Started Since 2011

The process of making Disney-Pixar's Coco film began in 2011 with several research visits to Mexico. For this film, Pixar Animation Studio collaborated with a cultural consultant team.

This is done by them so they can revive the story, and consider all the details starting from the characters' clothes, decorations, color choices, to dialogue. The filmmakers also visited museums, markets, plazas, churches, and graves in Mexico that were the inspiration for creating the fictional city of Santa Cecilia accurately.

5. Disney Short Films

A short film titled Olaf's Frozen Adventure will be screened before the screening of Coco. The 21-minute short film will tell an adventure in finding family traditions and welcoming the return of the audience's favorite characters from the 2013 Oscar-winning animated film, Frozen.

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