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History and Interesting Facts About Mickey Mouse The Origin of a Rabbit

Interesting History and Facts About 

Mickey Mouse Originally a Rabbit

Most of us have to be friends with this Disney mouse. Who doesn't know Mickey Mouse? But do you know little about the history and origin of these mice?

1. The origin of Mickey Mouse

Before Walt Disney copyright Mickey Mouse, he and Ub Iwerks had produced cartoons whose main character was Rabbit. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is named. However, after the affair with his colleague Charles Mintz, Disney has lost his rights to Oswald.

To treat the loss of wounds and compete with the character of the Rabbit, Walt Disney had established Walt Disney Animation Studio, then he and Iwerks produced a character resembling Oswald, but this time he was a rat and he named the character of his latest creation Mickey Mouse.

2. Mickey has been married since 1928

Of course, you may be somewhat Mickey's wife. Although it has been a long marriage, but there is no marriage ceremony or festivities that are aired in Mickey Mouse's cartoons. Mickey and Minnie have been married since then 1928 and they both just celebrated their 89th wedding anniversary on November 18th. The date is also the birthday of both of them.

3. Mickey Mouse Original Mute

Since its inception on November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse has never spoken. It just laughs at once. However, his painters finally gave freedom for Mickey to speak in his ninth film entitled The Carnival Kid. The first word Mickey said was "Hot dog!" And then the mouse dancing the 'hot dog dance'. True Mickey Mouse likes hot dogs.

You can see for yourself how Mickey Mouse uttered his first words through the video below. The sound for Mickey Mouse's character is recorded using Walt Disney's own voice.

From this movie, it also produced a Mickey hat that was always sold mainly on Disney Land. This hat is still a trend until now.

4. Mickey Loves Wear Gloves.

We are always excited that Mickey and Minnie wear gloves or gloves. The main reason they always wear gloves is not the reason for the trend at that time. In contrast, at the beginning of the cartoon creation Mickey Mouse, all TVs, and black and white theater. So, to differentiate their body parts, Disney has given the gloves to the mice.

5. Mickey was voted President of America

Although it was funny to imagine Mickey Mouse as President replacing Donald Trump, it was the choice of some who voted in the United States. When none of the candidates they like on election day, the average American makes a broken vote by choosing Mickey Mouse as their preferred President. Perhaps this is why Donald Trump can win a majority vote.

6. Mickey gave birth to big talents

Mickey Mouse has its own power. Aside from Disney's main character and icon to the Disney Channel, Mickey has given many famous artists to this day by inviting them to dance or simply pointing them to the Mickey Mouse Club program when they were little. Perhaps from there their hidden talent was successfully polished.

Among the artists born by Mickey are Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell, JC Chasez, and Tony Lucca.

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