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Jimmy Neutron Interesting Facts

Jimmy Neutron Interesting Facts 

Jimmy Neutron is an iconic cartoon character in the 2000s. Let's look at 5 interesting facts from this character and at the same time reminisce!

Many children of the '90s who might have known this cartoon character, Jimmy Neutron. This genius boy is indeed very difficult to forget with his big forehead and head. For fans of his cartoons, he must have known the genius and strangeness.

Now, while reminiscing here are some other interesting facts about the Jimmy Neutron the genius boy that you might not know.

5. First Appears in Films Before Serial V

Maybe some of you think that this one character appears first in a television series before it appears on the big screen. But it turns out the truth is the opposite!

Jimmy first appeared in an animated film called Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) made based on Jimmy short films; which finally aired as a serial on the Nickelodeon channel with Spongebob one year later.

4. Lose By Shrek Animated Film

In the year of the launch of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the film immediately won the nomination as the best-animated film. Unfortunately, Paramount Pictures's film was defeated by the animated film Shrek.

3. Jimmy Neutron is not the original name

Jimmy was born the name James Isaac Neutron inspired by the name of the famous scientist who invented the theory of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton.

At his first appearance, Jimmy was a 10-year-old genius boy, while at the end of his appearance, he was said to be 12 years old. Jimmy also always appears with a red shirt with a yellow atomic symbol which is his trademark. He also referred to his high-topped hairstyle as 'Anti-Gravity Crested'.

2. Have a Super High IQ and a Faithful Pet Dog

Jimmy's genius is indeed supported by his genetic talent. Jimmy who was able to create various strange types of this magical bin had an IQ of 210, very far above the average (Kindaichi Detective alone was only 160). With his intelligence, as well as a special lab that is like his personal workshop, he creates various kinds of innovations. One of them is a robot dog who faithfully accompanied him named Goddard.

1. Have a Cross-Over Series with Fairy Odd Parents

In one of the series, Jimmy was in a series with Timmy, a child character from Fairy Odd Parents. The series that aired in 2004 was titled Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.

In the series, Timmy, who hasn't worked on his science project, hopes for the two fairies to be able to go to the best laboratory in Dimmsdale. However, he finally arrived at Jimmy's laboratory in Retroville. That's where the story of the two of them began.

That's five interesting facts from Jimmy Neutron, the genius boy who can create things

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