Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The 6 lessons that I learned from Tom and Jerry

The 6 lessons that I learned from Tom and Jerry

Are you a fan of the cartoon series? If so, you must be familiar with the Tom and Jerry cartoon. This cartoon film was indeed booming in the country and became a mandatory show when weekends or holidays arrived. We are even willing to spend hours in front of the glass screen to watch cartoons, one of which is Tom and Jerry.

Although the storyline can be guessed, aka crisp, at least in our opinion, as we grow up, where Tom (the naughty cat) will experience bad luck when trying to win Jerry (the clever mouse), this cartoon is still interesting to watch.

In addition, if we look and reflect, the Tom and Jerry cartoons actually contain a lot of life lessons. The relationship that they intertwined is actually not limited to competition, but also friendship that makes us touched when watching it.

1. Size doesn't matter

The old saying: Don't judge a book by its cover. This lesson is reiterated in the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Even though Jerry's size is smaller, in fact, Tom always fails to overtake Jerry.

The point is, never underestimate our opponents just because we think they are weak and helpless. We may be wrong when we see the real reality.

2. Become a team

We know that Tom and Jerry always fight and their arguments seem endless. However, they will try to unite to fight their enemies.

3. Sharing is caring

Sometimes we experience competition with people we love, whether it's with a sister, brother or sister. The bitter and sweet relationship between Tom and Jerry teaches us that life will be meaningless without other people besides us to share moments of happiness and laugh together.

4. The right way to seduce

Besides the hobby of exploring Jerry, Tom is a cat who never gives up to get his dream female cat. The way Tom seduces women will be a valuable lesson for those of us who want to go on a first date.

5. Failure is the beginning of success

Jerry, the smart mouse is a source of inspiration for all. He never gave up and was never caught in Tom's trap. His intelligence and determination to defeat the cat proved to make him stronger and more invincible. Therefore, one lesson we can take: never give up without trying!

6. Stay optimistic despite being trapped

When Jerry was in a state of being trapped by Tom's trap, there was just his clever act to fail Tom's action. The point is, don't lose hope even in desperate situations. Be a strong person!

Well, what are the lessons and positive lessons that we can take from this cartoon series? 

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