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Who are the Red Ribbon members in Dragon Ball?

Who are the Red Ribbon members in Dragon Ball?

If you watch the dragon ball Z series in an irregular manner or in other words jumping on the episodes you watch, then you will not fully know the storyline of this exciting cartoon series. Maybe you easily mention ten main characters in dragon ball or at least 7 characters. But, can you name 5 members of the red tape force?

Who are the Red Ribbon Members in Dragon Ball?

The Red Ribbon Army is the enemy of Goku and other Z fighters. Red Ribbon is an obstacle for Goku and friends in an effort to eradicate crime. The story of the red ribbon army has its own series in the dragon ball series, called the Red Ribbon Saga.

Red tape forces have a characteristic symbol of the letter R, except for a portion of them. Cell is one of the red ribbon members that does not have an R. symbol

Similarly, the robot named Android 16 made by Dr. Gero, the symbol of the troops was replaced by Bulma and his father became a symbol of Capsule Corporation. This is due to the damage to the robot so that the repair process also applies a new symbol.

Red Ribbon Army is a crime organization that aims to rule the world. In the Dragonball Z series, this force has a mission to crush Goku who has destroyed the previous troops.

Who are the Red Ribbon Members in Dragon Ball

Red Ribbon Army made by Dr. Gero is in the form of robots (android) which incidentally have more power than the previous troops.

If in the Dragonball series only Tao Pai Pai and his army are the main enemies of Goku and the team, then the new red tape force formation involves many robots made by Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero. Each member of the red ribbon has a specific character but is equally hostile to the figures of Z Fighters.

Well, here are the members of the Red Ribbon Army in the Dragon Ball movie:

1. General Tao / Tao Pai Pai

2. Adjudant / Assistant Black

3. Red Commander

4. Captain Yellow

5. Sergeant Purple / Ninja Murasaki

6.Colonel Violet

7. General Copper

8. General White

9. Captain Dark

10. Murasaki Brothers

11. Major Metallitron

12. Colonel Silver

13. General Blue

14. Buyon

15. Android 8 (Made by Dr. Flappe)

16. Hasky

17. Dr. Flappe

18. Android no 13 (created by Dr. Gero) has a Red Ribbon symbol on the hat and the left side of his shirt.

19. Android no 14 (made by Dr. Gero) has a Red Ribbon emblem on the Gasper belt.

20. Android no 15 (made by Dr. Gero) has a red ribbon symbol on the ribbon tie.

21. Android 16 has an RR symbol on the left of his shirt but was changed to a Capsule Corp symbol during Cell Game.

22. Super Android 17 (Made by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu) with the RR symbol on the left of his shirt.

23. Android 18 has a Red Ribbon emblem on the back of his jacket.

24. Android 19 has a troop symbol on the hat.

25. Android 20 also has a Red Ribbon symbol on the hat.

Well, that's a glimpse of the red tape army or called the Red Ribbon Army in the Dragonball series. With great effort, in the end, all the evil forces could be destroyed by Goku and other figures.

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