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Who is "Cell" in the Dragon Ball Story?

Who is "Cell" in the Dragon Ball Story?

Who is Cell in the Dragon Ball movie? You are certainly curious about this one character. Cell is an evil creature that is able to evolve until its form is perfect. Initially, the cell shape resembled an insect, with a long tail like a scorpion. This tail is able to sting his opponent, so the opponent is sucked. Android 17 and 18 are the first targets for these evil creatures.

Who is Cell in Dragon Ball Stories?

The appearance of the cell in the dragon ball story

Cell is an evil character made by Doctor Gero through his computer. Naturally, Cell has tremendous and terrible power. Inside the body of this monster one stored genetic information from powerful figures in dragon ball like Goku, Bejita, Frieza, Picollo, and others. This genetic information was inserted into his body when doctor Gero conducted research in a secret laboratory under the ground.

The story begins with the sucking of the Trunks by Cell, so that the evil one changes shape (metamorphosis) into an insect-like creature. Everyone in the city was sucked up by Cell, in order to increase his strength against the powerful fighters.

After Piccolo, continued with Android 17 and 18 which were absorbed by him. The shape of the cell then changes like a real human, smarter and more resourceful. Next, Cell defeats Bejita!

The fear of the people made Cell even happier. For some reason, Cell held a self-defense tournament named by Cell Games.

The first round, Cell opponent is Goku. Although Goku was still able to survive, he then proposed Gohan to continue the match.

Gohan has extraordinary strength, but he easily feels compassion for others. Gohan who did not have the heart for this enemy benefited his opponent. Gohan shows the situation to Cell, if he continues to be urged, Son Gohan will destroy it.

Still, Cell was desperate to crush Android 16 to pieces, also removing Cell Junior troops. Finally, Gohan was unable to hold back his emotions so that his form changed to Super Saiyan 2.

Super Gohan goes berserk and attacks Cell and his junior until Android 18 comes out from Cell's mouth. This situation made Cell panic and lost hope, so he intended to destroy himself with the earth.

Fearing that it would explode on earth, Goku encouraged Gohan to complain about Kamehameha. Two awesome Kamehameha collided violently, which ended with the destruction of Cell.

Trunks returned to the future to destroy Android 17 and 18. Trunks met Cell who had the intention to finish him, to take the time machine from him.

Without much thinking, Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan and beats Cell very easily. This step was carried out by him to prevent terror so that peace would be achieved in the future.

Well, for those of you who are hobbies playing games, you are certainly no stranger to Cell characters who are usually portrayed as bosses!

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