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Why does Piccolo use Serban?

Besides Son Goku, there is one character in Dragon Ball that is interesting to discuss, namely Piccolo. If Goku is portrayed as an enthusiastic smile, Piccolo looks fierce and terrible. Initially, aliens from Planet Namek were indeed antagonists. Episode after episode, he finally got 'guidance' and instead became a good character who always helped Goku and his son, Son Gohan.

Talking about Piccolo, it can't be released from the turban he uses. Indeed, in a few moments, he was seen releasing his turban, especially when he was fighting. However, still until now the reason for using the turban is still mysterious. In fact, other Namek residents were rarely seen wearing a turban. There are even people who are confused because Piccolo uses a turban.

No wonder, why is this fierce-faced green creature always wearing a turban? Instead of being confused, it would be better to discuss together below.

1. Shame with the antenna

When he was a child, Piccolo was described as a green boy with two flexible antennas at the top of his head. Two antennas on his head look like two stalks above a green apple. Unlike the Guardian of the Galaxy Mantis who still has black bob hair and makes the antenna on her head look funny, Piccolo's head model actually makes it look like an old television that has an antenna

The son of the Demon King certainly can't look ridiculous like television or like a walkie talkie for children's toys. Well, there is a possibility that Piccolo uses a turban to increase his authority. The thing is, not only is it ridiculous, the twin antennas that belong to it also make it look cute. Of course, it can be dangerous if the reputation of a child of the demon king is damaged because of that.

2. Protecting the Head from Exposure to Sunlight

You know the reason why we are born with hair? Not only does it make us look cool, but hair also serves to protect our heads from heat. The head exposed to direct sunlight will make you dizzy easily. As a result, your body feels bad.

As a creature that has solid activity against the enemy, of course, Piccolo will often be exposed to sunlight. The state of the head without a strand of hair makes Piccolo risk being exposed to various diseases, ranging from dizziness to skin cancer. So, there is a possibility that the turban on his head serves to dispel the heat of the sun like a hat.

3. Increase in Height

A high body is somehow a dream of many people. In fact, there are people who are willing to spend deeply to increase their height by using leg lengthening surgery. This operation is not only expensive but also high risk.

Most likely, Piccolo doesn't want to sacrifice his life just to increase height. There is another possibility that he doesn't have enough money to do this kind of operation. So, instead of bothering, it's better to just use the turban Piccolo so that his body looks taller. After all, Piccolo is already high, especially compared to Goku.

4. Affirming Gender

As a citizen of Namek, Piccolo is said to have no gender. Residents of Planet Namek do have different specifications than humans. However, considering Piccolo moved to Earth, he also had to adjust his specifications to the specifications of Earth creatures in general.

Just an antenna is not enough to confirm a particular gender. The proof, Mantis also has an antenna as a female gender alien. Instead of making confusion, maybe Piccolo decided to use a turban. Well, maybe you don't agree and say that even today girls also use turban.

5. Shows that he has repented

If you are a true fan of Dragon Ball, you will know that Piccolo is the son and incarnation of Demon King Piccolo Daimao. Initially, he really intended to rule the Earth. However, his meeting with Gohan plus a few surprising moments made him repent and choose the right path.

Anyone can use a turban. However, during this time the turban is always identical to something that is used by religious people. The use of this turban may be to confirm the repentance he has committed. Serban is indeed something almost always used by the sheikhs, so the connotation will be good. Moreover, the Piccolo turban is white and white itself has a sacred meaning.

6. Hiding Identity

Sometimes someone wears certain clothes constantly not because they are based on certain practical reasons. Often the fashion model is a way so that he is not recognized by others. Like celebrities who like to wear sunglasses when they are in public places. It could also be like Clark Kent who uses minus glasses so it doesn't look like Superman.

Forcing Piccolo to not use a turban will make his identity as (ex) the evil King of Hell Revealed. One of them is when he was in the tournament. When the turban was gone, people knew that he was the demon king who had wanted to destroy them.

Whatever the reason, the turban can't be separated from the figure of Piccolo. Perhaps the turban also functions with make-up for girls and pomade for guys. According to you yourself, what exactly is this turban for the demon king from Planet Namek for?

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