Saturday, June 29, 2019

Winnie The Pooh's character turns out to be a girl!

You still remember the Winnie The Pooh cartoon right? Bear cartoons that are attached to young people in the 90s. Yes, even though as a guy, maybe you rarely watch this cartoon. But this cartoon isn't foreign anymore? Maybe a lot of people think that this Winnie character is a guy bear figure with a look that only uses pants without pants. But, who would have thought that Winnie turned out to be a girl?

Maybe, some of you already know, but maybe there are still many who don't know. So, I will explain. Previously, the character of AA Milne's creation had never been explained what gender was on the official Disney website. So, many people think that Winnie is a boy bear in terms of appearance.

But, in fact, as reported by 'Seventeen', it was explained that it turned out that Winnie was a girl bear from Canada, not England. This can be seen from a book called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, from which you can know that Winnie was actually given the name of the black bear from the London Zoo which was also named Winnie, like Winnipeg. Winnipeg is Canadian!

This new book was written by Lindsay Mattick, who was a great-grandson of soldiers named Lieutenant Harry Colebourn who was responsible for bringing Winnie to England at that time. Lieutenant Harry Colebourn bought a 20-dollar Winnie bear in the First World War. Soldiers and Winnie were very close and inseparable, until one day he had to leave Winnie at the London Zoo so he could go with his unit to France.

Luckily, Winnie didn't have to feel too lonely for too long because there was a little friend named Christopher Robin who often visited her at the London Zoo. Well, do you know who Christopher Robin is? He is the son of AA Milne, who is the creator of the character Winnie The Pooh. Inspired by this friendship of the child with the Winnie bear, A.A. Milne wrote the story in the Winnie The Pooh book series. The book was first published in 1926 ago.

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