Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Without Dialogue, These 5 Animation Serials Are Still Exciting to Watch

Watching cartoons or animation is an entertainment in itself when bored.

Especially during school holidays, it feels good, yes, you can watch as much animation as you like.

Most of the animations we watch may have dialogue in the story.

Where dialogue is a conversation between two or more characters, which we usually do every day with family, friends, and other people.

However, the 5 animated films below do not have a dialogue.

Is it still enjoyable? Apparently, yes, friends!

1. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are one of the cartoons that are quite popular for a long time ago.

The story of a pet cat with a mouse that always fights.

This cartoon series has been around since the 1960s and has survived until now.

Although in the story there is no dialogue, the movements of the two main characters are quite entertaining, right?

2. Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep first aired in 2007.

This series tells about the lives of animals on a farm.

Friends, of course, can see the funny behavior of the characters in this animated series.

3. Bernard Bear

Bernard Bear was a finalist at the 2003 Annecy International Animation Festival.

This cartoon tells the story of a polar bear who is often unlucky in his life.

4. Larva

This animated series comes from South Korea which tells the funny action of 2 red and yellow larvae.

Maybe their behavior that makes us laugh out loud, right?

5. The Owl

This animated series tells the story of a pink owl and has been airing on the French station since 2003.

Although the duration is short, the story of The Owl is quite entertaining.

Well, from the 5 animated series above, which ones are my friends' favorites?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Fun Quote from Mr.Krab That Will Raise You Spirit of Seeking Money

The attitude of Mr. Krab in pursuing money is actually worth our example, because indeed if we want to get what we want, one of the keys is hard work or maybe smart work like most of the Mr. Krab do, but use a good way, not like Mr. Krab weird and maybe even cunning.

Moreover, for those of us who want to build a business or anything concerned about money, we can imitate some of the positive behaviors of this Mr. Krab. But it needs to be sorted out too because not all of the characteristics of the Mr.Krab are worthy of imitation. His overly greedy nature is a NO.

Here is a collection of the words Mr. Krab that make you the spirit of looking for money:

  • "We never refused customer requests even though the request was strange." (customer requests are always strange, but yes we as sellers should be able to fulfill that even though it's weird but the most important thing is customer satisfaction number 1)

  • "5 letters for happiness: MONEY (Money)." (Very simple, Happiness = Money, 'but happiness isn't always about money', it's true but let's be honest, everything needs money so in short this saying is true)

  • "You can't hang things in front of my customer's face." (Mr. Krab seems to be very concerned about the comfort of his customers)

  • "This is my debt, plus a bonus. Now, this is your paycheck." (Don't forget to pay your debts)

  • [While singing cheerfully] "Counting my money. Money is sweeter than honey. Money money this. Money money that. Profit will make my wallet fat!" (When you have a lot of money, you will definitely feel pleasure just like this Mr. Krab)

  • "Wash your hands, leave the floor, change clothes! The health inspector will come here." (Welcome special guests by making things cleaner)

  • "The receipt is out of your salary." (Even if you have a high salary, after a while your salary will run out, so save - save your money)

  • "All of you come back to work, I'm not running a happy factory here." (Like any jobs, you must accept the consequences of working unhappily)

  • "Today, I want you to take everything here, every last pickle and patty must be counted." (Details are the things that are needed so that you do not lose money in looking for money or building a business, everything must be calculated)

  • "I can think of 10 good reasons to never let go of a penny." (No matter how small money is money)

  • "Spongebob, I didn't pay you to stand around here [give him a spatula] back to the kitchen!" (Do what you should do)

  • "Plankton is a smart animal. You have to remain vigilant about it, Spongebob. The Krabby Patty law must be enforced. The future of the Krusty Krab depends on it." (Be careful of your competitors or something that wants to knock you down, because the future of your business depends on that person)

  • "Suckers waste money by having fun? That is the biggest fraud ever!" (Don't use excessive money to have fun, because, in the end, you're the one who needs to use it in the future.

  • "Money is always right!" (You can do anything with money)

  • "That's money that makes the world go round." (The world will get better when you have money)

  • "Because you've noticed, profits have declined this month. We need a gimmick to bring in customers. Do you have any ideas?" (A business must have experienced a decline in profits, so that the business continues to run.)

  • A man who works hard all week to keep his pants off all weekend. "(Don't forget to take a vacation after your hard work so that the work is still good)

There are various quotes from Mr. Krab who inspired to be even more enthusiastic to seek money and to follow this harsh business world. Indeed, most only talk about money and money, which in turn seems greedy, but throw away the negative traits and try to pay attention to the positive traits that we can take, many of which are good to apply to our daily lives.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Some funny quote from SpongeBob and Patrick

The film series Spongebob Squarepants is very popular among many people, from among children and even adults, who are still happy to watch it, because the light stories are good to watch.

And in the film Spongebob, there is a character named Patrick Star who is very silly but has a strong spirit of friendship with Spongebob, often ridiculous words come out of the mouth of the pink starfish, this silliness makes the watching laugh at his behavior.

Patrick: "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

Mindy: (accidentally saw Patrick's pants)
Patrick: "MINDY! Do you see my underwear?"
Mindy: "No Patrick"
Patrick: "do you want to see it?"

Spongebob: "Patrick, how long have we been here?"
Patrick: (looking at his watch drawn on his pen)
Patrick: "Wow, I have to draw a new battery for this"

Spongebob: "So this is your job? Sit and watch TV."
Patrick: "Hey, this isn't as easy as you see it. Sometimes I lose the remote, sometimes I have to fix the TV antenna, and sometimes my ass hurts!"

Patrick: "Do you know what's funnier than 23?"
Spongebob: "What is that?"
Patrick: "24"

Spongebob: "I hate you, Patrick."
Patrick: "I hate it too."
Spongebob: "I hate you no matter what!"
Patrick: "I will hate you even if I don't hate you."
Spongebob: "I will hate you even if it makes sense."
Patrick: "I hate you even if you become me. That's how much I hate you."

Spongebob: "What did you eat today?"
Patrick: "A roast chicken and pizza"
Spongebob: "No, no, this morning?"
Patrick: "A roast chicken and pizza"

Spongebob: "What do you usually do when I go?"
Patrick: "Waiting for your return." (This one might be a touching word)

Patrick: "Are you Squidward?"
(Other people resemble Squidward): "No"
(a few seconds later)
Patrick: "Are you Squidward now?"
(Others like Squidward): "NO!"

Spongebob: "Remember Patrick, flirt with his customers"
(knock the door)
Person: "Hello?"
Patrick: "I love you"
(people close the door)

Patrick: (whistling to birds)
Spongebob: "Patrick, I don't know you can speak bird."
Patrick: "It's not SpongeBob bird language, it's Italian"

Flying Dutchman: "Okay, I'll give you 3 requests"
Patrick: "What are 3? I'm asking for 5!"
Flying Dutchman: "4?"
Patrick: "3 Accept or not."

(When playing the pirate monopoly with Mr. Krab, the master Krab loses)
Mr. Krab: "Patrick you got fired"
Patrick: "But I'm not working here"
Mr. Krab: "Okay do you want to work here"
Mr. Krab: "Alright Patrick Now You Fire"

Patrick: "If money can make me forget my best friend, then I prefer not to have money at all" (awwww)

Squidward: "Don't come near, I'm claustrophobia"
Patrick: "What is claustrophobia?"
SpongeBob: "Afraid of being nervous?"
Squidward: "No!"
Patrick: "Haha turns out Squidward is afraid of Santa"
Squidward: "Whatever"
SpongeBob: (rather close the squid again)
Squidward: "Don't come near! I told you I'm claustrophobia!"
Patrick: "Ho ho ho ... (mimic Santa claus's voice)"
SpongeBob: "Don't Patrick ... you scare him"

[ket: claustrophobia = phobia in narrow spaces]

Spongebob: "Patrick can you hear me?"
Patrick: "No Spongebob, it's too dark here"

Quite entertaining, it is incomplete if there is no Patrick Star character in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. Everyone needs a friend like SpongeBob or Patrick!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Some Ugly Truth quote from Squidward

Squidward Tentacles is a character in the cartoon TV series Spongebob Squarepants which is known to be lazy, but behind it all turns out there are also many characteristics of Squidward that match the lives of many people today, various words and quotes that Squidward uttered also turned out to be funny, concerned with our condition, and also wise.

Here is a collection of the best words from Squidward in the cartoon film Spongebob Squarepants:

"I order food, you cook, buyers get food. We did it for 40 years then we die." (It is very suitable for our lives where we do the same thing repeatedly until it finally dies)

"Unfortunately it didn't kill me." (When Squidward sticks a blown drum stick)

"I hate you all."

"If I have a dollar for every brain you have, I'll have one dollar."

"No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument ... Horse racing is also not an instrument"

"The future! The future!"

"When I die, you stay away from my burial."

"Hello, you've contacted the house of someone who doesn't have talent."

"Please come back. When I don't work."

"Why every 11 minutes my life is filled with suffering."

Spongebob: "What's better than smiling?"
Squidward: "Dead or something else."

"Here, hit me as hard as you can." (While thrusting a baseball bat)

"Hello, sad life."

"Why does everything I do is fun, is that wrong?"

"Nobody cares about the fate of workers as long as they get instant satisfaction."

"Uniform is a symbol of oppression."

"Is it time for you to ruin with my day?"

"Don't do it now if you can do it tomorrow."

That is a variety of Squidward's collection of words that apparently many also match the reality that exists today, Squidward's nature turns out to have similarities with human life, and the existence of Squidward's character certainly makes the episode of Spongebob Squarepants more entertaining because besides that we can learn valuable lessons from their character traits.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Top 7 Songs in the Spongebob Squarepants Cartoon Series

SpongeBob is a cartoon that is quite popular with children and even adults. There are also songs that are actually favored by many fans. What are the songs?

1. Sweet Victory - Band Geeks

It all started with Squidward's friend, Squilliam who said that his band could not appear and asked Squidward to replace him. Because Squidward didn't want to look bad, he said he was ready to replace him and asked everyone in Bikini Bottom to become members. 

This episode is quite funny especially in part when the first day of practice, especially when Patrick is noisy with Sandy. After a long training session, Squidward felt his band could not perform and it turned out that Spongebob managed to unite them and look good with the song Sweet Victory.

''is mayonnaise an instrument? - Patrick Star''

2. Boys who cry - Whale of a Birthday

In this episode, Pearl wants her birthday to be celebrated lively. But, his father Mr.Krab is indeed stingy and tries to save expenses but still celebrates. Hence, the Pearl statue was made of Patty, a drink from rice washing water and the band Pearl wanted, Boys Who Cry was instead replaced by Squidward. 

Even so, the style and lyrics can make it hard to hear the song. But, finally, Spongebob bought a lot of gifts and invited Boys Who Cry!

3. Ripped Pants - Ripped Pants

Spongebob and Sandy were on the beach, and then Larry Lobster came to them. Sandy and Larry took turns lifting weights which unfortunately Spongebob couldn't do it. Spongebob tried to do it with a branch and the burden of marshmallows. 

Unfortunately, his pants are torn, and everyone laughs at him. When approaching the end of the episode, Spongebob sings the song Ripped Pants.

4. Goofy Goober Rock - The Spongebob SquarePants Movie

In this episode, Spongebob sings Goofy Goober to destroy the "controlling" bucket made by Plankton. That is part of Plankton's Z plan. 

When the Krusty Krab 2 will be opened, the plankton bucket forces take control of the Krusty Krab 2 and those who are able to stop it are only SpongeBob and Patrick because they have not been controlled by the bucket.

5. Best Day Ever - Best Day Ever

Spongebob already has a list of what he will do that day and make it his best day. But unfortunately, nothing happened. Until finally when he wanted to watch Squidward's concert, he gave his teeth to repair his clarinet. 

Unfortunately, he couldn't enter and finally hide in Mrs.'s bag Puff. Apparently, he got a VIP seat, and when he sat down, the concert was over. Finally, Spongebob sang Best Day Ever on the stage until all the visitors fell asleep or had left.

6. Gary Come Home

This song appeared in the episode: Have You Seen This Snail. It tells about Gary who ran away from home because SpongeBob didn't take care of him. SpongeBob is busy playing with his new toy until he forgot to feed Gary for days. Yes, where can Gary stand? So he ran away from home.

After realizing Gary disappeared. SpongeBob and Patrick look for Gary throughout the City, making posters about the missing Gary and pasting them in the corners of the city. SpongeBob is really sad, and so am I!

7. F.U.N

This is when Plankton pretending to be SpongeBob's friend, to get the Krabby Patty secret recipe

At first, Plankton just pretended. But while together with SpongeBob, Plankton learned about happiness. Spongebob even taught him to sing F.U.N song. Maybe this could be the beginning of a change in Plankton. But apparently, in the end, Plankton is still Plankton.

Spongebob isn't just a cartoon, but there are songs too. Sometimes, the song is even more phenomenal than the episode itself. Where is your favorite song?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

5 things that you may or never realized in the cartoon series Spongebob.

SpongeBob is one of the phenomenal cartoons and almost everyone knows this! Even if you do not watch the cartoon, you still heard about SpongeBob cartoon.

In fact, there have been many awards achieved by this one cartoon, but behind its success, there may be many things absurd and seem strange in this cartoon.

Like the beach in the sea to the fire in the sea that makes netizens wonder, but besides a few things, there are actually other strange things that are still a mystery until now.

Some of them may not be realized, but they are actually very funny and you will be aware after reading this article.

Here are 5 things that you may or never realized in the cartoon series Spongebob

1. The Door of Patrick's House

Patrick's door open from the top, but that's not interesting, what you never realized was that the door to Patrick's house was so sophisticated.

Every time Patrick will enter the house, the door will automatically open, unlike Squidward and Spongebob, who still open the door with his hand when going into the house.

2. Squidward's pants

As is known, Squidward never wears pants, but when his clothes are released, Squidward must have covered his genitals

Some people may be aware and wonder whether Squidward actually uses pants or not this is certainly still a mystery.

3. Mr. Crab listens to music

Have you ever seen Mr. Crab listen to music, if so, maybe you feel there is something strange about it?

During this time the location of Mr. Crab's ears, when he listened to music with earphones, usually Mr. Crab listened by putting his earphones with his eyes.

Then where is Mr. Crab's ear actually, of course, this is still a mystery and makes you wonder.

4. Krabby Patty's Secret Recipe

As is known together, the Krabby Patty is the favorite food of Sponge Bob's cartoon series, and until now it is still something contested by Plankton.

However, the mystery has not yet been resolved, and what is actually the secret apostle even circulates a formula thought to be the recipe for Krabby Patty, but the writing is difficult to translate.

5. Spooky The True Story of The Flying Dutchman

Of all the stories in the sea, nothing is more haunting than the story of The Flying Dutchman.

The legend was based on a ship which was actually headed by a skilled but bragging sailor named Hendrik Vanderdecken.

Hendrik, a Dutch sailor who had sailed from Amsterdam to Batavia, then anchored in Dutch East India in 1680.

Despite being ordered by the trading company to sail on a company ship and bring home a full load, Vanderdecken felt sure he could bring enough swag to enrich himself.

When Vanderdecken's ship was hit by a tropical storm, the legend told him he was trying hard to advance his ship.

Shortly afterward the shipwrecked and the entire crew died. Once, due to his mistake, Vanderdecken was condemned to arrest his ship until the end of the Age.

The legend is indeed very tragic, but eyewitnesses in a row swear that there are still many stories besides that.

In 1835, the British captain and crew saw the ghost ship approaching them despite being hit by a typhoon.

However, suddenly the ship disappeared shortly after its terrible appearance.

In 1881, sailors on the British warship H.M.S. Bacchante said that a crew member fell from the side of the ship to death in the day after the other crew members saw the ghost ship.

The most recent appearance and witnessed by many people took place in March 1939, at Glencairn Beach in South Africa.

The day after his appearance, a newspaper reported how swimmers were looking at the ship, discussing in detail the views he had seen, and noting that the ship was running full of power with a steady speed, even though there was no wind blowing at that time.

Some scientists explained that the group's vision was like a mirage.

But the witnesses protested because it was difficult for them to imagine a ship from the 17th century in such detail, because no one had seen a ship like that before.

5 Pixar Films that you need to watch

Through the Toy Story film which was released in 1995, the name Pixar studio began to be widely known by many people because it became one of the best animation studios.

Although Dreamworks finally emerged, it did not make Pixar's popularity fade and it was seen from various aspects of Pixar.

From the many animated series that have been released by Pixar Studio, these are the best films that you must watch.

1. The Incredibles (2004)

When superhero animated films are still very rare, Pixar released an animated film with a superhero story that made the film The Incredibles selling well.

The story in this film is also very unique in contrast to other superhero stories, family life that all have superpowers.

Especially with the second series from The Incredibles that just aired, surely you will regret it if you haven't watched the movie yet.

2. A Bug's Life (1998)

The unique story of the struggle of an ant who wants to get out of the oppression of this grasshopper herd has an exciting story.

The reason is, instead of looking for someone who is strong, he instead brings circus players to defeat the locusts.

3. Ratatouille (2007)

From this film, the image of a dirty mouse will be able to disappear, because the main actor in this film is a mouse named Remy who likes to cook.

Although initially opposed by his family because there were no rats, mice were destined to become chefs, Remy remained adamant in reaching his dream of becoming a chef.

The story that sounds ridiculous in this film is indeed very unique, this is what actually makes the film sell well in the market! In fact, until now people still love watching Ratatouille film.

4. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

This film tells the story of the world of monsters that use the cries of children as the main force for everyday life, but they themselves are actually afraid of children, Loopers.

The story sounds very unique, right?

With this very unique story, many film lovers end up liking this movie.

5. Wall-E (2008)

What if the earth is full of garbage and not suitable to be inhabited because there is too much pollution until humans evacuate out of space?

You can find this unique premise in this Wall-E film because in this film the earth is full of pollution and uninhabitable.

Films that also criticize people's lives today have managed to get positive responses.

When you are on a long holiday rather than being confused about watching movies, is it better to watch the best films from Pixar to make your holiday even more exciting!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Revealed, Is this the End of Doraemon's Story?

Who doesn't know Doraemon cartoons? The story of the 22nd-century cat robot is indeed one of the most legendary cartoons. Since 1969 is still playing on the Malaysia television station.

The tools from the Doraemon magic bag really make it drool, from the door to anywhere, the take-copter,  time machine and more!

However, of course, you have thought about the end of this Fujiko F. Fujio cartoon? Unfortunately, the last story of Doraemon is still a secret.

Take it easy, there are leaked two versions of the story that will be the end of the story of Doraemon's return. 

1 Happy Ending.

The first version of the Doraemon story was written by Nobuo Sato a few years ago, which is the result of fanfiction aka a fan story made by fans. In this story, the Doraemon battery is told that it runs out and it made Nobita panic.

Nobita was finally given two choices, namely having to replace Doraemon's battery but the cat robot lost its memory, including happy memories with Nobita and his friends. Or Doraemon will be repaired by technicians from the future that came in the Nobita era. Finally, before the technician appears, Doraemon will be suspended.

Sad because he lost his best friend, Nobita promised to study hard to improve Doraemon. Nobita's hard work paid off. Nobita, who had been teased so stupidly, finally became a robot researcher.

Yup, it was Nobita who finally repaired Doraemon. So, actually, from the start, Nobita sent Doraemon to himself. Nobita's life has changed after that, besides Doraemon returning to life, he also managed to marry the woman who he loves since his childhood, Sizuka. Duh, really sweet, right?

2. Sad Ending.

If this one story is guaranteed you will not approve it. Because, in the scenario, the story of Doraemon and Nobita will end tragically end.

In this story, Nobita, who is portrayed as a cheerful child, turns out that in the real world she has a severe and deadly mental illness.

In fact, because of the severity of the illness suffered by Nobita, he had to be hospitalized throughout his life.

Well, the character of Doraemon and the adventurous story of Nobita is nothing more than Nobita's delusion or imagination. And all happiness in the film is a representation of his body who wants to feel like other children.

Suddenly, Doraemon fans protested this scenario until they held a demonstration in front of the Doraemon publishing house, Shogakukan. But calm down, Deputy Shogakukan has given a definite statement, that Doraemon's story that ended tragically is just a boast.

Wow, I hope the first story will be the end of Doraemon!

Are we really human if we didn't cry about the second ending?😭😭

6 Unique Facts Behind SpongeBob Squarepants Cartoon

I wanted to believe that everyone knows SpongeBob's character in the cartoon series "SpongeBob Squarepants". All must know this cartoon character. Even not infrequently many adults are also addicted to watching episodes by episode. However, there are still many who do not know about some of the stories behind its creation. 

I did write about others Spongebob Squarepants fact on another blog post. However, there are still many facts about this cartoon series and I will write about it one by one in the future!

Here are 6 unique facts behind the cartoon "SpongeBob Squarepants"


SpongeBob's character was created by Steve Hillenburg, a marine biologist and former science teacher who then continued his studies to an art school to study cartoons. Like SpongeBob, Hillenburg once worked as a cook at a seafood restaurant.


Hillenburg, who really likes to draw marine life, thinks that sponges are "the strangest" creatures of all creatures on this earth. But he felt that the form of a lumpy sponge was not right for the character he wanted to create. A sponge that sank into the water turned out to look perfect, so clean and so square, like SpongeBob that was visibly innocent and not hip.


SpongeBob lives in a pineapple house because pineapple is a common motif in Polynesian crafts. In addition, Hillenburg thought that SpongeBob "liked" his house with pineapple flavor. while smear is a very important sense for marine animals.


SpongeBob was originally named SpongeBoy. However, it turned out later it was discovered that the name had become a trademark (legally owned by another person).


Squidward only has six legs, but he is still an octopus. The creator thinks if the character has eight feet, as it really is, it will make him appear too burdened.


Tom Kenny, who dubbed SpongeBob's voice, said that the laughter in his character was intended to make the audience remember the sea. This is based on the distinctive sound of calls to call dolphins, which are the sounds of seagulls.