Tuesday, July 2, 2019

5 things that you may or never realized in the cartoon series Spongebob.

SpongeBob is one of the phenomenal cartoons and almost everyone knows this! Even if you do not watch the cartoon, you still heard about SpongeBob cartoon.

In fact, there have been many awards achieved by this one cartoon, but behind its success, there may be many things absurd and seem strange in this cartoon.

Like the beach in the sea to the fire in the sea that makes netizens wonder, but besides a few things, there are actually other strange things that are still a mystery until now.

Some of them may not be realized, but they are actually very funny and you will be aware after reading this article.

Here are 5 things that you may or never realized in the cartoon series Spongebob

1. The Door of Patrick's House

Patrick's door open from the top, but that's not interesting, what you never realized was that the door to Patrick's house was so sophisticated.

Every time Patrick will enter the house, the door will automatically open, unlike Squidward and Spongebob, who still open the door with his hand when going into the house.

2. Squidward's pants

As is known, Squidward never wears pants, but when his clothes are released, Squidward must have covered his genitals

Some people may be aware and wonder whether Squidward actually uses pants or not this is certainly still a mystery.

3. Mr. Crab listens to music

Have you ever seen Mr. Crab listen to music, if so, maybe you feel there is something strange about it?

During this time the location of Mr. Crab's ears, when he listened to music with earphones, usually Mr. Crab listened by putting his earphones with his eyes.

Then where is Mr. Crab's ear actually, of course, this is still a mystery and makes you wonder.

4. Krabby Patty's Secret Recipe

As is known together, the Krabby Patty is the favorite food of Sponge Bob's cartoon series, and until now it is still something contested by Plankton.

However, the mystery has not yet been resolved, and what is actually the secret apostle even circulates a formula thought to be the recipe for Krabby Patty, but the writing is difficult to translate.

5. Spooky The True Story of The Flying Dutchman

Of all the stories in the sea, nothing is more haunting than the story of The Flying Dutchman.

The legend was based on a ship which was actually headed by a skilled but bragging sailor named Hendrik Vanderdecken.

Hendrik, a Dutch sailor who had sailed from Amsterdam to Batavia, then anchored in Dutch East India in 1680.

Despite being ordered by the trading company to sail on a company ship and bring home a full load, Vanderdecken felt sure he could bring enough swag to enrich himself.

When Vanderdecken's ship was hit by a tropical storm, the legend told him he was trying hard to advance his ship.

Shortly afterward the shipwrecked and the entire crew died. Once, due to his mistake, Vanderdecken was condemned to arrest his ship until the end of the Age.

The legend is indeed very tragic, but eyewitnesses in a row swear that there are still many stories besides that.

In 1835, the British captain and crew saw the ghost ship approaching them despite being hit by a typhoon.

However, suddenly the ship disappeared shortly after its terrible appearance.

In 1881, sailors on the British warship H.M.S. Bacchante said that a crew member fell from the side of the ship to death in the day after the other crew members saw the ghost ship.

The most recent appearance and witnessed by many people took place in March 1939, at Glencairn Beach in South Africa.

The day after his appearance, a newspaper reported how swimmers were looking at the ship, discussing in detail the views he had seen, and noting that the ship was running full of power with a steady speed, even though there was no wind blowing at that time.

Some scientists explained that the group's vision was like a mirage.

But the witnesses protested because it was difficult for them to imagine a ship from the 17th century in such detail, because no one had seen a ship like that before.

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