Monday, July 1, 2019

Revealed, Is this the End of Doraemon's Story?

Who doesn't know Doraemon cartoons? The story of the 22nd-century cat robot is indeed one of the most legendary cartoons. Since 1969 is still playing on the Malaysia television station.

The tools from the Doraemon magic bag really make it drool, from the door to anywhere, the take-copter,  time machine and more!

However, of course, you have thought about the end of this Fujiko F. Fujio cartoon? Unfortunately, the last story of Doraemon is still a secret.

Take it easy, there are leaked two versions of the story that will be the end of the story of Doraemon's return. 

1 Happy Ending.

The first version of the Doraemon story was written by Nobuo Sato a few years ago, which is the result of fanfiction aka a fan story made by fans. In this story, the Doraemon battery is told that it runs out and it made Nobita panic.

Nobita was finally given two choices, namely having to replace Doraemon's battery but the cat robot lost its memory, including happy memories with Nobita and his friends. Or Doraemon will be repaired by technicians from the future that came in the Nobita era. Finally, before the technician appears, Doraemon will be suspended.

Sad because he lost his best friend, Nobita promised to study hard to improve Doraemon. Nobita's hard work paid off. Nobita, who had been teased so stupidly, finally became a robot researcher.

Yup, it was Nobita who finally repaired Doraemon. So, actually, from the start, Nobita sent Doraemon to himself. Nobita's life has changed after that, besides Doraemon returning to life, he also managed to marry the woman who he loves since his childhood, Sizuka. Duh, really sweet, right?

2. Sad Ending.

If this one story is guaranteed you will not approve it. Because, in the scenario, the story of Doraemon and Nobita will end tragically end.

In this story, Nobita, who is portrayed as a cheerful child, turns out that in the real world she has a severe and deadly mental illness.

In fact, because of the severity of the illness suffered by Nobita, he had to be hospitalized throughout his life.

Well, the character of Doraemon and the adventurous story of Nobita is nothing more than Nobita's delusion or imagination. And all happiness in the film is a representation of his body who wants to feel like other children.

Suddenly, Doraemon fans protested this scenario until they held a demonstration in front of the Doraemon publishing house, Shogakukan. But calm down, Deputy Shogakukan has given a definite statement, that Doraemon's story that ended tragically is just a boast.

Wow, I hope the first story will be the end of Doraemon!

Are we really human if we didn't cry about the second ending?😭😭

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