Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Cartoon Characters Never Change Clothes

We certainly love cartoons, besides being funny, the characters in each cartoon also have a lot of uniqueness.

Have you ever noticed, in every cartoon film like Spongebob, Doraemon, Shin Chan, even Anime rarely or even never change clothes?

I wonder why characters in cartoons rarely and almost never change clothes?

1. Icon themselves to be quickly recognized

Clothes are one of the characteristics of each character in each film.

With just the same clothes, we will easily recognize the appearance of a typical cartoon character from their clothes.

For example, if we hear the word Naruto, we will imagine a male character wearing an orange and black jacket.

2. Ease the Author in Drawing

Besides being able to save time in making it, this also makes the author easier to draw.

The author also does not have to think about the new clothes that the character will wear.

Imagine if the cartoon character in your favorite movie has a lot of clothes?

Of course, it will make the author need a lot of time to draw it and it will take a long time in making the film. Hehehe.

3. Have Certain Symbols or Meanings

Have you ever noticed princess characters in Disney cartoons and Barbie cartoons?

Usually, most of the clothes they wear are bright and cheerful.

Besides being their identity, this symbol of bright colors symbolizes the colors of women.

Oh yes, the princess characters in Disney cartoons also mostly contain blue.

This blue color describes women's courage and adventurous spirit.

4. More Focused on Stories

One other reason why cartoon characters have only one shirt is so that the authors think more about the storyline that will be displayed.

The storyline is much more important than the character cloth right?

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