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18 Top question about Squidward from Spongebob Squarepant Cartoon Series (ANSWERED)

18 Top question about Squidward from 

Spongebob Squarepant Cartoon Series

I try my best to answer these question based on my knowledge. ENJOY!

1. Does Squidward like Spongebob?

Yes, Squidward does like Spongebob. Eventhough sometime his word may hurt Spongebob feeling but his action sometime show another part of him that he actually like Spongebob. Like one of the episode where a customer refuse to pay for a pizza because there's no drink included and this make Spongebob crying and then you can see how angry is Squidward and defend Spongebob from that customer.

Squidward usually does some nice thing to Spongebob especially when he realize he made a terrible messed. When he thought that Spongebob ate a BOOM Pie, Squidward really want Spongebob to enjoy his final hour and start to do everything together according to Spongebob bucket list.

2. Does Squidward have teeth?

Of course he have teeth. Remember the episode "Just one bite"? There's a close-up scene where Squidward eat a tiny bit of krabby patty and ended up getting obssesed with it!

3. Does Squidward wear pants

Theoritically, firstly presumably due to his 4 legs. You think it's easy to wear a pant when you have 4 leg?

Secondly, maybe it's because Squidward nose is actually his p3nis.

4. Does Squidward play the clarinet

It's seems like the only person who really loves Squidward playing clarinet is Spongebob. No matter how bad Squidward plays it, Spongebob always give his fully support to him,

Squidward can play a clarinet really good especially in his dream. In reality, most of the time people are just closing their ears.

5. Does Squidward have ear

Yes, he has ear. He work as a cashier and when a customer calls, he can pick up the phone and literally hear every words in the phone call. Althought we can't see his ear, it still exist.

6. Does Squidward have depression

Although most of the time Squidward always says something that depressed, there is no actual proof or evidence that Squidward is suffering from depression.

On the other side, Squidward actually let his ego get the best of him. He has a home, stable job, friends but he is just ungrateful. Key of happiness is always gratitude.

7. Does Squidward have eyebrow

Yes, he does have eyebrow. On the episode, "Pineapple fever", Squidward is tweezing his eyebrow but accidentally rip off his whole eyebrow because Patrick angrily nails a hammer at Spongebob house which cost an eyebrow for Squidward.

8. Does Squidward have parents

Although his Mr.Tentacle did not appear on the show, Squidward did mention about them on how his father raised him right and he really loved him. 

And yes, Squidward have his parents Mr.Tentacle and Mrs.Tentacle

9. Does Squidward have a last name

His name is Squidward Tentacle.

10. Does Squidward have a brother

In my knowledge. NO

11. Why Squidward is the best character in Spongebob

Possibly, Squidward is the only character that we can relate with. 

12. Why Squidward hates Spongebob

It's not that Squidward really hates Spongebob. He just feels annoy with him. It's kinda annoying hearing his laugh and voice.

13. Why Squidward didnt wear pant

Because he has 4 legs.

14. Why Squidward is awesome

Is he? 

15. What's Squidward phone number

I have some problem with this question. Squidward is a fictional charter and it's not possible to call Squidward. Although I've seen some youtuber that claiming that Squidward actually talk with them on the phone which we all know it's fake, it is still impossible. Unless you're saying about the voice actor Rodger Bumpass,

16. What Squidward middle name


17. What Squidward last name


18. What Squidward full name

Squidward Quincy Tentacles

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