Thursday, November 21, 2019

6 Moral messages from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series

Do you still remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons? This film is very popular because of the cat, Tom, and the mouse, Jerry who never get along. Although this film is very entertaining, there is a moral message that is exemplary for life.

1. Not giving up easily

Both Tom and Jerry don't give up easily. Tom always tried to prey on Jerry, but he always failed. But does he just give up? No, no. He kept trying to get Jerry by all means. Jerry also tried to run away from Tom with all his tricks and never gave up on Tom.

2. Size does not guarantee everything

Although Tom has a bigger body than Jerry and has sophisticated equipment, in fact, he always fails. In fact, Jerry, who was small in his modest equipment, always escaped Tom's actions. This shows that size does not guarantee everything. The most important thing is ingenuity and courage.

3. The key to success is confidence

Jerry is not a hero. It's just that he was confident enough to defeat Tom with his ingenuity. Nothing can make you feel inferior, except with strong beliefs.

4. Have lots of ideas

Just look at Tom and Jerry never run out of ideas. They have a lot of sense to set a trap. We must have many ideas to face life's difficulties.

5. Their relationship

Not always Tom and Jerry always fight. They sometimes get along very well and work together. It is very beautiful not rather than having to fight all the time.

6. Not everything that looks good is really good

You've certainly seen one episode of Tom suddenly turn out well for Jerry. It turns out it's just pretending that Tom can prey on Jerry more easily. Many hypocrites in this world, you must be careful.

It turns out that cartoons can convey valuable moral messages for life.

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