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Hai there! I am Taty the creator behind this blog content. Since I have a lot of free time and loves to write and loves cartoon. Then I think it's time for me to write more about it here.

(Yes, I'm not the only one who write all these. We have a team that help this blog alive!)

Sometimes it can make my friends bored hearing my story about cartoon or anime all the time. Maybe they do not have the same interest as me? 

and maybe. Just maybe, you're here reading this and have the same interest as me about cartoon and anime story. 

But then my cartoon blog here still has a really long journey and I am here will not stop until the end of the day.

Who doesn't love cartoon?

I watched tons of cartoon series since I was a kid and now that I am an adult I don't want to watch it as a hobby. You know what I mean?

It was my hobby at first, but now it's not just a hobby. Watching cartoon has become a part of my life! Maybe I am too fanatic about this?

It's okay, then this is a good start since I am enthusiastic about writing this and I am sure for the cartoon lover out there, You are not alone!

Cause I am here a cartoon fanatic, who wanted to live in cartoon fantasy but still living in the real world 

By the way, I am open to receive any cartoon request to watch, write or anything.

Email me on iamcartoonlovers@gmail.com

Feel free to email me anytime on my official email address as stated above :) Just a simple 'Hello' can make someone day...

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