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Monkey D. Luffy 35 facts, One piece fan ONLY! are you one of the straw hat fan?

We all know, Luffy is a person that always hungry and kind of eats everything. As long as it is edible, Luffy will eat it.

Gosh, I think there's no doubt about Luffy favorite food. He loves all food, especially meat! 

Not a picky eater like Shin Chan LOL

Luffy eats EVERYTHING. I mean literally everything.

He will be more eager to eat it if the meat is big, even Usopp and Chopper have been frightened by Luffy because they intend to hunt sea monster just for a slice of meat. In Thriller Bark Saga, Luffy describes what rescue mission was stolen by Gekko Moriah with the term, "(Rescue) meat, Nami and Shadow". In the comic crossover between One Piece and Toriko, it was described that Luffy ate meat menus for all types of food, including desserts.

35 facts about our beloved captain:


Luffy was born on May 5, 1505, AOP. If in the real world, May 5 is celebrated as World Children's Day. 


Can Luffy's penis stretch too? YEP (Odachi / SBS 8). 


Luffy is the core and most important character in Anime One Piece, and as a figure who builds the storyline, with Zoro and Nami. 


Luffy is a type of person who is very jovial, likes to joke, is not easy to be afraid of anything, easy to be amazed, act like a child, and also has an innocent nature that is beyond the limits. Even this nature has not changed at all during the two years of Time Skip. 


According to Usopp and Robin, Luffy is a type of person who is very easy to believe in other people and is not easy to suspect at all to the person he just knew. This is the reason why Luffy is easily fooled. 


Although it has a very innocent nature, there is still a perverted nature hidden by Luffy and what can evoke Luffy's perverted nature is Usopp. 


Luffy is the type of person who really likes shorts. Luffy never wears pants with other models.


Luffy loves Redshirts, but sometimes he is also often seen wearing clothes with other models, such as pictorial models or criminal models. 


Want Luffy to take you on a sail? Be a unique and cool person and also give Luffy a packet of meat and rice balls, so Luffy will gladly invite you. 


Characteristics of Luffy are very easy to recognize, which are thin but muscular, have a height below average or can be short for the size of a pirate, always carry or wear a Straw hat, always use flip-flops, always wear a red shirt with buttons open (sometimes replaced with other models), has a left under the eye suture wound, and has a large (X) shaped burn scar on the chest which is always shown. 


According to Nami and Sanji, Luffy is a type of person who has a very stubborn nature and very high selfishness. No matter what the orders from Luffy will dare to argue because Luffy will not listen to the advice of others if the goal is round. Sometimes this is what causes the crew to experience problems often. 


Luffy hurts the bottom of his left eye solely just to show Shank that he is no longer a child and is not afraid of pain.


According to Nami, Luffy is an Omnivorous group or someone who can eat any kind of food, from insects, raw meat, unknown mushrooms, even if it urges Luffy to eat Non-Food objects. 


Even though he has a small and human-like body in general, but Luffy's energy and stamina are very large, even when at the Thriller Bark arc, Luffy is able to receive and support 100 shadows which ordinary humans cannot do. 


Luffy is the first Anime character to be a Cover Model from Japan's Fashion magazine, the "Non-No" Men's Fashion magazine in the January 2010 edition. 


Luffy is one of the people who need special attention and extra attention when visiting a new island, followed by Zoro. If Zoro can get lost he doesn't know the way to go home, then Luffy can disappear in an instant and the destination is unknown. 


Luffy is a person who has a very large and greedy appetite. Luffy can even spend tons of food in just one day and sometimes Sanji never stops cooking just to fill the captain's stomach.


Luffy is one of those people who has such a light duty on the boat, followed by Zoro. Luffy usually spends his time just to sleep in a bed and just eat. 


Luffy is the only person who does not have a fixed sleep schedule. According to Odachi, Luffy can sleep as he pleases and wakes up as he pleases. If he is sleepy then he sleeps, if he is not sleepy then he does not sleep. But, usually, Luffy spends up to 5 hours a day just to sleep. 


Why did Luffy never show feelings of nervousness? Because he is very BODY: D (Odachi / SBS 4). 


In the Straw Hat pirate group actually has 2 captains at once, namely Luffy as the Core captain, and Nami as the internal captain in the Ship (Yellow Databook). 


Want to memorize Luffy's stance, yo memorize ... Luffy's stance if there are more than 50 moves and his name is mostly taken from the name Weapons, Words, and Animals. But the moves of Gomu Gomu no Booooo are the most popular moves and have a lot of votes in Voting in Japan. 


In general, there are two determining factors for the new crew to join, namely Time and also Luffy Instinct (Yellow Databook) 


Not only did Zoro have blind directions, but Luffy too. According to Luffy, if you want to go north then you have to walk in the direction that has cold air. 


Luffy often entrusts the Straw Hats to Nami, that's because only Nami can repair Luffy's Straw Hat if it's broken. Even Nami modified Luffy's Straw Hats. 


Until now, only Luffy is the only character who has a single or song that has been hit and favored by fans, the song is titled "BAKA SONG".


Luffy's age is only 19 years old, just like Usopp, who is the same as born in 1505 AOP. But Usopp was a little older than Luffy because Usopp was born first on April 1, while Luffy was on May 5. 


For now, Luffy is a very young Rookie pirate who has a fugitive rating above the average Senior Pirate, which is 1,500,000,000 Billion Berry. 


Why is Luffy given the power of Gomu Gomu (Rubber)? Because the strength of rubber is a ridiculous force and is very fitting with Luffy's ridiculous behavior too (Odachi / SBS 65). 


Luffy is one person who has a bathing schedule only once a week, followed by Zoro and Brook. Even Nami once said that Luffy's breath was very smelly, they were afraid of their body odor especially Luffy and Zoro who sweat every day: D. 


The real purpose of Luffy sailing to the sea is just a fad and also to become a Pirate King. In the sense of Luffy, the Pirate King is someone who has the freedom that is freer than others.


There are 3 people who are very feared by Luffy, namely Kakenya Garp, Nami's Navigator (the scariest), and also his adoptive brother Ace. 


If Luffy is in the real world, then Luffy will have Brazilian citizenship because Luffy's favorite party and celebration. 


If Luffy does not work as a pirate, then Luffy will become a member of the Fire Department. 


Luffy is indeed very fond of all kinds of food, but only a few foods can make Luffy sparkle and shine, namely A Sanji Soup (Skypeia Arc), Sanji-made Takoyaki, Sanji-made Noodle (Arc Filler Water7), Hatchi's Takoyaki, Gorgon Gondola from Amazon Lily, Paella (Heaven Food) made by Panz Fry, Chocolate from a Charlotte Pudding Cafe and a Biscuit creation from the power of Mute no Mi Mute Fruit eaten by Cracker.


It's never too late to wish someone's birthday


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