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10 Boboiboy Galaxy Shocking Facts You Didn't Know

10 Boboiboy Galaxy Shocking Facts You Didn't Know

You certainly feel curious about Boboiboy Galaxy's story, right? This animated film is a continuation of Boboiboy's 3rd season. This cartoon series is planned to be made in 104 episodes. What's the difference with the previous series? Of course, there is. For this reason, we peel the story briefly.

The Thrill of BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Boboiboy's story begins with a journey with friends to the entire galaxy. Unlike the previous series, this time Boboiboy is more active! Our superhero team no longer waits for the enemy to attack, but instead looks for them to crush it. Cool, right?

Adventure in all corners of the Galaxy, causing Boboiboy to get a lot of Sfera power. This is balanced with the number of new criminals that Boboiboy has to destroy with friends.

10 Boboiboy Galaxy Shocking Facts You Didn't Know

This superhero is not only idolized by Malaysian children, but various corners of the world know who Boboiboy is. Surely you memorized the words that often come out from the mouth of this superhero? Yes, "best".

Animonsta Studio will continue the story of Boboiboy's more exciting and thrilling adventure from the previous series. Like what, the appearance of Boboiboy et al in the latest film. Here are the surprising facts of Boboiboy Galaxy:

1. More Power Sfera

Unlike the third season of BoBoiBoy or on the big screen, there are two power spas, Klamkabot and Ochobot. Sfera has more power in the BoBoiBoy Galaxy so that criminals are even stronger.

2. Adventure on other planets

You can imagine how exciting Boboiboy's adventures are with Fang, Gopal, Ying, and Yaya. If they were only acting on earth before, this time they had to face criminals who spread in various Galaxy. Hmm, what is it like?

3. Movie genre is still retained

Boboiboy Galaxy is still targeting children as spectators. So, this animated film is still full of jokes or fresh humor that is not boring.

4. The Boboiboy team is 3 years older

Surely you have watched Boboiboy The Movie, right? Do you still remember the story? Where Boboiboy wept over Ochobot's departure. Well, Boboiboy's age when adventuring in Galaxy is around 3 years older. So, the difference is three years since fighting Borara. The attributes and designs of the clothes he uses are also different.

5. The comic appears before the film is aired

Before this animated series aired for the first time, the comics will be released first every month.

6. Boboiboy is very active

Our superhero team is more mature, so their children's souls are not too prominent. This has an impact on their awareness and responsibility in upholding justice. Yes, they are more active in eradicating crime throughout the Galaxy.

7. Live at the end of the year

Plans for the inaugural release of this animated film will be held beginning at the end of 2016. Each year will be aired around 25 episodes. Wow, so I can't wait to watch this cool animated film right?

8. Boboiboy has many new powers

If you watch Boboiboy The Movie, surely you know at least 4 powers that Boboiboy has, namely Blaze, Solar, Ice, and Thorn. In the galaxy, our superhero might have many new, cooler forms. Of course, the strength of our hero is stronger than when he was a child.

9. Boboiboy merchandise is more varied

Animonsta Studios has collaborated with a well-known toy manufacturer in Japan, to publish Boboiboy merchandise. The shape is like a playset, figurine, and more.

10. Five times the number of previous episodes

If you watch the 1st to 4th season Boboiboy series, then you can calculate the episode as a whole. Each season has an average of 20-24 episodes. Whereas in the fourth series, there will be at least 104 episodes. Very satisfied, don't watch it!

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