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6 Interesting facts behind the cartoon Hey Arnold!

6 interesting facts behind the cartoon Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! is an American animated television series made by Craig Bartlett that aired on Nickelodeon from  1996 to 2004. The show is about a young boy named Arnold a fourth-grade student who lives with his grandparents in a city. The series is about his experience trying to figure out life in a big city while facing a problem that he and his friends face

A continuation of the television film series, Hey Arnold !: The Jungle Movie, lights green. He takes from where the series ends and completes the storyline that is not answered from the story. The film premiered on November 24, 2017, on Nickelodeon.

Almost every child of the 90s generation must know the Nickelodeon cartoon "Hey Arnold". The first thing you remember, the strangeness of the characters' heads. This cartoon was taken apparently taken from a true story. After a while, it was revealed that this matter was from an important person on Nickelodeon and finally this cartoon was stopped to air.

1. Background to the film 'Hey Arnold!'

This cartoon tells of a child who has a strange head shape and has no parents, even though what he calls grandparents is his parents. But grandparents told him that his parents died in a plane crash. It turns out that all the stories are taken from real life. 

2. Arnold's head shape

Arnold was born with a state of hydrocephalus, a disease that results from a disruption of fluid flow in the brain which results in an enlarged head and suppresses brain and nerve tissue. That's why Arnold's head shape is different from normal people.

3. Arnold's parents have a mental disorder

Gretie and Phil who were his parents Arnold suffered a mental breakdown, and Phil often sexually harassed Arnold, and Phil said that this was normal or normal for grandparents.

4. Arnold is often bullied because of his condition

Arnold was often mocked because of the shape of his head, then a psychological disturbance arose in Arnold. The psychologist's disturbance made him imagine where the world was, there were friends who had oddities that made Arnold like a normal person. Then from that in the cartoon Hey Arnold all the characters had their own peculiarities.

5. The story behind the Hey Arnold cartoon

The cartoon maker got lost in New York, and in a dirty place. Because it was late at night, so he had to stay at the hotel. Then he saw a 9-year-old boy and had two very old parents.

Out of pity, the cartoon maker wanted the child to talk about his story and the cartoon maker promised to make this child's life better. But after hearing the story of the boy, the cartoon maker did not keep the promise and finally, the cartoon maker made a cartoon called "Hey Arnold" whose story was lifted from the boy's story.

6. Until finally this problem is solved

He didn't tell anyone the idea, but until finally the problem was revealed by one of the important people on Nickelodeon. Finally the cartoon Hey Arnold stopped airing because the cartoon maker was irresponsible and only enjoyed his wealth under someone's suffering.

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