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Get to know Gohan - Dragon Ball-Z

Get to know Gohan - Dragon Ball-Z

Son Gohan is one of the characters in dragon ball who is a Super Saiyan man. His name is taken from the name of his grandfather Goku. Gohan is a Saiyan who has extraordinary power. Even able to match the strength of his father. Son Gohan is very brave. When Son Goku was killed by Raditz, then Gohan attacked him all out.

Get to know Gohan in the story of Dragon Ball-Z

Gohan's childhood

Gohan when he was young he was good at counting. This child likes to wear yellow, red and green clothes, with a unique hat on his head. The reason for his changed appearance was the attack from the Saiyan nation.

Gohan when he was a teenager

Teen Gohan originally used purple clothes. However, when the earth is in a dangerous situation, the clothes that are used are the same as those of Son Goku. Young Gohan has an attack technique called Namekian Uniform Masenko.

Gohan when he was an adult

At first, Gohan's young appearance was not much different than Yamcha. However, when Omega Shenron attacked, Gohan's appearance returned to resemble Son Goku. The flagship weapon is Z Sword.

Gohan's strength

Gohan saves incredible hidden power. As Super Saiyan, Gohan is able to defeat Raditz without help from others. This strength is increasing, when his emotions peak, it's like a super masenko.

Gohan's Biography

Son Gohan has an old man named Goku, with his mother named Chi-Chi. He also has a brother named Goten, and Gohan's wife named Videl. Gohan has a child named Pan.

Gohan is actually a spoiled child, who lives well and lives in a pretty good house. Gohan is a smart child, a little different than his father who never sat in the school bench. Hehe..

Gohan was kidnapped by Raditz

When Gohan was invited by his father to visit Kame's house, Raditz suddenly arrived. Raditz invites Goku to destroy all humans, but this invitation was rejected by Goku. Raditz challenges Goku and kidnaps Gohan. Piccolo comes to help Goku against Raditz.

Defeat Raditz

In the battle between Goku, Piccolo, and Raditz, Gohan can escape from Raditz's plane. Then Gohan struck a powerful blow against Raditz. In short, Piccolo can overthrow Raditz, even though Goku finally dies.

Gohan was invited by Piccolo to be trained in the wilderness. But the method might be rather unique. Gohan is left alone to fight all danger for 6 months, but Piccolo actually watches him from a distance. Gohan is finally able to fight his fear.

Gohan with Masenko is awesome

When Nappa attacks Gohan extraordinarily, Piccolo sacrifices himself to protect Gohan. Piccolo's death makes Gohan angry and takes Masenko out loud about Nappa, which can damage Nappa's arm. When Bejita in Great Ape's form and hurts Goku, then Gohan is able to defeat Vegeta.

Well, that's the summary of Gohan's story in Dragon Ball Z. For you, of course, you are no stranger to all the characters in this cartoon. How do you describe Son Gohan's figure?

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