Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10 Lesson From Cartoon Sponge Bob

10 Lesson From Cartoon Sponge Bob

1. Spongebob teaches us if we too obsessed or fanatic about something, it will destroy us.

If you noticed, many of Spongebob episode that showed us if we obsessed with something, eventually it will destroy us.

2. Patrick teaches us, friendship does not require intelligence and wisdom. Patrick was a shrewd and no-brained creature, but whatever Spongebob faced, Patrick always beside him.

Patrick once said, "No one can replace my friendship, I choose to be stupid."

3. Squidward is a character that often reminds us of reality when we are neglected with our dreams and our ideals. 

I am sure everyone will be able to feel the character of Squidward. It's the only character that is closest to us because he is most realistic in the fantasy world of Spongebob.

4. Gary teaches us success in our lives there will be people who always help and pray for us without us knowing.

5. Mr. Krabb teaches us not to wonder why poor people are very obsessed with money because they know how difficult it is to live without money.

6. Pearl teaches us something more important and valuable than money, is family.

7. Sandy teaches us not to forget our origins and our culture where ever we are.

8. Plankton teaches us not to give up on any matter whatsoever our journey to pursue. The winner is looking for a way, the loser finds reason.

9. Mrs. Puff teaches us how great the obstacle is to educate students who are not good at and do not have the passion to learn something.

10. A good wife is a wife who always supports her husband. Just like Karen. How she always supported her husband Plankton.

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