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Vegeta Character in Anime Dragon Ball

Vegeta Character in Anime Dragon Ball

Vegeta is an antagonist at the beginning of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball cartoon. Vegeta in Indonesian called Bejita is a prince of the almost extinct Saiyan nation. Vegeta did not want him to be rivaled by the greatness of Son Goku. Vegeta's ambition is to defeat the power Goku has.

Vegeta Characters in Dragon Ball Anime

Vegeta's character tends to be emotional and reckless. He has a very high ego. With hard training, he tries to be the strongest among the people, Saiyan. However, no matter how hard the training was carried out by him, he finally realized that Son Goku was not easy to surpass.

The purpose of Vegeta's arrival to earth was to become a ruler who was invincible by anyone. Vegeta landed on earth with his uncle named Nappa.

Over time, Vegeta is friends with Goku but there are often disputes due to Bejita's selfish nature. In the final episode, Vegeta joins Babidy to become Majin Vegeta. Bejita refused Babidy's order, so he fought Kakarot instead. However, in the end, Vegeta realized his mistake.

Vegeta Biodata

This Saiya knight has a father named King Vegeta, the king of the Saiya nation. This king was finally killed by Frieza. Vegeta has a sister named Tarble. Vegeta's wife, Bulma or often called Burma, is the daughter of a scientist who made Capsule Corp.

Bulma invented a sophisticated tool, the radar dragon that is used to detect signals emitted by Dragon Ball Balls. Initially, Bulma had a girlfriend named Yamcha.

Vegeta (Bejita) has the first child named Trunks. The characteristic of this child is the color of gray hair. The age of Trunks is not much different than Goten's, sister Gohan. Trunks is able to become Super Saiyan in a short time. Trunks have the ability, like Chi energy coming out of the hand called Double Buster. The combined strength of Trunks and Goten produces extraordinary power, called Fusion Gotenks. Another strength of Trunks is Buster Cannon, which requires greater Chi. And, what is so awesome about Trunks is its ability to become a Super Saiyan Transform.

Vegeta and Bulma have a daughter named Bulla. Bula is a hybrid between Saiya and Humans in the episode Dragon Ball Z.

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