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What Is Tenkaichi Budokan In Dragon Ball Z?

What Is Tenkaichi Budokan In Dragon Ball Z?

Tenkaichi Budokai is a world-class martial arts tournament, in Dragon ball comics. It starts with Son Goku's desire to become a stronger fighter than before. This reason encouraged Goku to meet Kamesennin, a martial arts teacher.

In other places, it turns out that Krillin also has the same desire. However, Kamesennin turned out to reject their wishes, the reason he had stopped teaching. Long story short, finally Kamesennin accepted these two people to become his students.

Next, Kamesennin trains Son Goku and Krillin. At the beginning of the practice, Kamesennin throws a stone into the forest, then Goku and Kuririn compete to find the stone. This race has delicious food prizes as the evening menu. Kuririn won by cheating, but she was poisoned as a cheating reply.

Goku and Krillin training:

  • Lifting large stones using their hands.
  • Use their hands to plow the land.
  • To get food in the morning, they have to walk to deliver milk first.
  • Avoid wild fish sharks.
  • Avoid bee stings.
  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

8 months passed, finally Kamesennin registered Kuririn and Son Goku to take part in the event called the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, the aim was to test the strength that was within them. Secretly, Kamesennin also participated in the tournament disguised as someone in Jackie Chun's style. In this prestigious event, Yamcha is not left behind.

The initial match until there were only 8 finalists left, they still escaped. The remaining eight fighters are combined according to their respective opponents. And, this is what is left of them:

  • Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun

  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

  • Ranfan vs Nam

  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

  • Krillin bacteria

  • Tenkaichi Budokai In Dragon Ball Z

  • Giran vs Goku

The match was quite exciting, one of which was a session where Kuririn had to fight it out to fight Bacteria which had a very bad odor and bad breath. Kuririn was truly cornered and almost lost. Son Goku gives motivation to Kuririn, saying that he has no nose. So Kuririn can finally defeat Bacteria in a landslide. The bacteria fainted by Kuririn's pretty strong punch.

Well, that's Tenkaichi Budokai in the film Dragon Ball. However, this event is the first step for Goku to achieve strength as a Super Saiyan.

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