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The Adventure Of Yamcha In Dragon Ball-Z

The Adventure Of Yamcha In Dragon Ball-Z

For those of you fans of the dragon ball series, of course, you know the characters in this animated film. One of them is Yamcha. This protagonist in Dbz is Goku's friend. What is the background and character of Yamcha in the Dragon Ball series and movies?

Yamcha dragon ball z

Previously, Yamcha was a desert bandit and classified as an enemy to Goku. Along with time travel, Yamcha changed her way of life and became Goku's friend. Yamcha has courage, is rather arrogant, and is a mainstay for Z-Fighters at the beginning of the story.

Yamcha is a powerful hero on earth. His ability greatly helped the Z Fighters in eradicating evil on earth. He is always present when Goku and his friends get threats from outside.

This is the Adventure of Yamcha in Dragon Ball-Z

Yamcha's characteristic is in his clothes and character. In the initial series of Dragon Ball, his hair was always long with bangs in front. Since moving to the city, her hair has been cut and is more fashionable. Yamcha's hair model was copied by Gohan for some time.

About the scar on Yamcha's cheeks is quite mysterious, some say that it was caused by training during the World Martial Arts tournament. The scan by Android 19 shows that Yamcha's body height is 183 cm and weighs 68 kg.

The clothes that are often used by Yamcha are white colored clothes, with black trousers. Similar to Bruce Lee's outfit when fighting O'Hara in a film titled "Enter the Dragon".

In the Saga Red Ribbon and the Dragon Ball Z movie, his clothes are similar to Tsukutsun Tsun's clothes. Whereas in Majin Buu saga, a yellow suit and white shirt are used by him. Yamcha's hair is left longer, at the end of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. The hairstyle is a ponytail, with the same clothes as in the Majin Buu Saga.

Yamcha Dragon Ball-Z martial tournament

Yamcha is shy and submissive to women, especially Bulma. How come? He said he was a brave soldier? Yes indeed, but not for women. After joining Z-Fighters, Yamcha was very caring about others.

Yamcha is a martial arts tournament lover and has a strong determination to win. Every time the tournament starts, he always practices with enthusiasm and learns various martial techniques. In fact, he was diligent in learning Kamehameha besides Goku.

Yamcha in Saga Android

In the Dbz series, Yamcha initially rejects the Saiyan. The next session of his life was used against the androids (artificial robots). In the end, Yamcha forgave Bejita and Bulma. In fact, he received Trunks well, as a friend.

Who is Yamcha dragon ball

Yamcha lost his enthusiasm to fight the enemies, since the presence of Super Saiyans. He realized that his abilities were far lower than theirs. Yamcha feels that his efforts have no meaning, so he prefers just to be on guard in battle.

In the final series of Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha retired from the struggle and chose to practice on his own. Yamcha finally wanted to have a family soon. For this reason, he learns against his fear of women.

Even so, in the dragon ball series, it was never told about who Yamcha's lover was after separating from Bulma. Could it be that Yamcha remained alone until the end of his life?

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