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4 Moments that prove Squidward loves toward Spongebob

4 Moments that prove Squidward loves toward Spongebob

Spongebob Squarepants has a lot of really interesting things to discuss. One of them is a complicated relationship between Spongebob and Squidward. As you all know, Squidward is a character that you can say is not so familiar with Spongebob. No matter how much joy Spongebob emits, Squidward always responds with an apathetic attitude. The proof is clearly seen from Squidward's bitchy and lazy face when dealing with his neighbor.

However, you know that there are some moments in certain episodes that show Squidward's concern to Spongebob. In fact, in a few moments, he even seemed to be longing for Spongebob's ignorant behavior and laughter. Don't believe it? Here, just look at the evidence in the review of the episode below!

1. A special day for the last day of Spongebob

You can see this touching moment in Spongebob Squarepants episode "Dying for Pie". Right on Brotherhood Day, Mr. Krab told his two loyal employees to exchange gifts. Spongebob gave Squidward a knitted jacket from his plump eyelashes. Disgusting, but also too cute. While Squidward gave him a pie he bought from a pirate.

Actually, the pirate has warned that the pie is a cake-shaped bomb. It was proven by the fact that the small part only is able to damage half of the Krusty Krab kitchen. Unfortunately, after fighting outside with the Lord Krab and returning inside, the pie had been eaten by Spongebob. Mr. Krab, who claimed to have experienced a similar incident many times, told Squidward that Spongebob is certain that he cannot be saved and his longest life will only last until sunset.

Feeling guilty, Squidward then promised to accompany Spongebob to spend his last days by giving him the best togetherness moment he could feel. Spongebob then compiled a long list of absurd and crazy things he wanted to do with Squidward. In normal situations, where is Squidward willing? However, due to his own actions, he couldn't help but be forced to violate his own principles.

Until the last activity on the list arrives. Watch the sunset. Blocked by the wall that Squidward woke up to avoid the explosion, Spongebob then said that this was the scene he wanted to witness if at that time he was killed "by some kind of explosion due to the carelessness of a friend." From where the Spongebob could have thought that such predictions right.

Hearing this, Squidward's tears of guilt flowed unstoppably. This scene was even more dramatic when Spongebob did a sunset countdown. And when the sun really sinks, BOOM! Squidward's cry broke out even more. A friend who is diligent in making him annoyed so far now is gone.

Uh, the second explosion followed because apparently, Spongebob didn't die. He apparently just blew a bomb bubble. Squid is surprised and angry at the same time. When he asked where the pie he had given him, Spongebob then took it out.

Apparently, he accidentally saved the pie because he wanted to enjoy it together with Squidward. And as soon as Spongebob stepped in to give it, he tripped over a rock and accidentally threw this pie bomb right into Squidward's face. Visually, what happened then was an epic view of the "mushroom" puff of smoke from a massive nuclear explosion which directly destroyed all of Bikini Bottom.

2. Worrying about Spongebob being trapped in an "imaginary vehicle"

Lol, no. This isn't a real vehicle, really. The vehicle in question here is a cardboard box that became Spongebob's fantasy space and Patrick preserved their silly imagination. Therefore, this episode is given the title "Idiot Box" or "Idiot Cardboard Box".

The narrative began when Spongebob and Patrick got a box of cardboard boxes which turned out to contain a large television. It's funny, the television was discarded and the cardboard was taken. Squidward, as the only creature among those with a sane brain, is clearly confused. Spongebob explained that they don't need television, as long as they have the name imagination. screenshot This "rainbow imagination" scene was then popular and celebrated as a meme until now. No need to bother, Squidward then returned to the house carrying a television with two imbeciles.

When leaving to take the remote, Squid was amazed at the sounds heard from inside the box. Sounds like both of them are climbing a mountain. Outraged by their ignorance, Squidward then kicked the box. Suddenly, a mountain sound erupted and the two rancid boys screamed in pain. Patrick even told Spongebob that their limbs were frozen and had to be forced amputated. Squid who feels guilty and worried then opens their cardboard. Apparently, there's nothing in it. There is no TV or tape recorder as the producer of the sound. Squidward is angry then returns to his house.

The voices were heard again, this time involving chases with the police, rocket launches, and fighting on the island of robots and pirates.

Intrigued by what really happened, at night Squid settles into the cardboard box. He then tried to "imagine" according to Spongebob's advice. He then pretended to fantasize that he was racing. Unexpectedly, the sound of the car's engine lit up and the cardboard really drove. In fact, it is actually the sound of a garbage truck that transports the cardboard to a landfill. And Squidward who was "sane" finally fell into the garbage pile of Bikini Bottom.

So, who in this episode is actually stupid?

3. Angry when SpongeBob is being bullied by a customer

This episode tells the story of Spongebob and Squidward's journey to a customer's house in an area that is nowhere. Their mission is to usher in a Krusty Krab presentation that is literally being developed and only appears in this episode, Pizza.

After going through a series of bad luck along the way, they finally found the place of the buyer. Spongebob then knocked on the door of the owner to bring Pizza in his hand. However, not long after that sense of pride vanished and changed into sobs. The thing is, the buyer has ordered a drink. He said he didn't want to eat pizza without a drink. In fact, Spongebob has no doubt that there are none. No thanks, the consumer then rejects the Pizza that Spongebob and Squidward have been struggling with between.

Watching Spongebob be humiliated like that, Squidward then took the knight's step. He snatched the pizza, knocked on the door of the annoying consumer, then threw it right at his face. Squidward then returns and tells Spongebob that the guy (fish) was happy to take orders without drinks. Spongebob was happy, they went home.

If Squidward didn't put up a body for Spongebob, maybe the only miracle that appeared in this episode was the giant stone that became their lightning vehicle.

4. Squidward miss Spongebob even though he lived in the city of dreams

In the episode "Squidville", Squidward feels that he has enough with Spongebob and Patrick who are endless rowdy. He also hopes to immediately evacuate themselves from the two shrewd creatures. Then, like the revelation that comes down at the right time, the TV suddenly lights up among the ruins of its destroyed house. The TV plays commercial broadcasts about a dream residential area specifically intended for entities like himself. The place is Meikarta Squidville.

Without a doubt, Squidward immediately shot to the place. Sure enough, as soon as he entered the gate of his giant complex, Squidward was immediately greeted by the neat scenery of the same house as his. Everything he dreamed of existed. Starting from cycling in the afternoon, dancing to playing the clarinet with his idol trio. Everything he could casually walk without any meaningful interference from the yellow sponge and pink starfish. It is truly a utopian city for squid.

However, all that happiness slowly faded. Day after day passed until in the end the routine he had longed for reached the point of exhaustion. As he pondered in a park, he saw a coral blowing machine, a tool used by Spongebob when (accidentally) destroyed his house. Although initially shy, Squidward apparently likes to play with this tool.

Squidward may just pretend to be bored with his routine in the city. However, his expression that laughed off while using this tool was proof that he missed Spongebob's ignorance. He even presumptuously accused that the population in the city was too stiff and needed insanity like he did. As if to emphasize that he was actually one opinion with his annoying coworker.

At the end of the episode, Squidward fled from the mass tantrum by darting into the sky using the blower machine. 

Those are the moments that prove that Squidward sometimes cares and loves Spongebob. Apart from those already mentioned above, what other moments do you think to indicate the close friendship between Spongebob and Squidward? 

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