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Who Is The First Super Saiyan In The Dragon Ball Series?

Who Is The First Super Saiyan In The Dragon Ball Series?

Do you know who is Super Saiyan in the Dragon Ball movie? Super Saiyan is a change in the advanced form of Saiyan which is very strong in the Dragon Ball series. Previously, Saiyan superpowers were only myths that no one had been able to get for thousands of years.

Super Saiyan Goku

According to Vegita, the superpower is very powerful in the form of transformation. This is what makes Frieza become paranoid, and wants to destroy the planet Vegeta. Well, it looks really not, Frieza fears Saiyan.

Changes to super Saiyan were initially triggered by emotional changes. Like Goku who was able to get this power when left by Krillin. Likewise with Bejita, being super loyal is driven by his ambition to surpass Goku. If you listen to episodes per episode of this series, of course, you understand what Bejita's character looks like.

Who is the First Super Saiyan in a Dragon Ball Film?

All Saiyan descendants left after Frieza Saga, generally, reach the first level of Super Saiyan. There are no Super Saiyans in the Dragon Ball series, except for Pan who might have the potential to turn into Super Saiyan. This is still an estimate, considering that Pan is a descendant of Goku.

Changing into Super Saiyan must be triggered by a response to urgent needs, such as when Goku is determined to defeat Frieza. Physical changes are not striking, but Goku's strength has increased by 50 times from ordinary Saiyan.

Super Saiyan characteristics

A super Saiyan initially lost control of his emotions. Even they don't care about their own safety, to save their friends.

Super Saiyan characteristic is seen in the color of his hair, namely gold and rose to the top. Yes, maybe it's not like the shape of fire. While their eyes are turquoise, the muscles of the body are more muscular, and the skin color glows due to the radiating aura.

Who is the First Super Saiyan in a Dragon Ball Film?

Saiyan's super personality also changes, they are more aggressive and easily motivated. Goku is the first super Saiyan to achieve this power, which is when fighting Frieza.

The characteristics of Saiyan are also shown in the shape of their eyes, which seem bolder and sharper. Although these traits are not seen when Goku and Son Gohan do the exercises at Cell Games Saga.

Then, can super Saiya do the spirit bomb technique? In Dragon Ball Z, Goku failed to do this technique. This is because his heart is full of emotions, so energy is absorbed by it.

However, in the end, Goku was able to master him. The spirit bomb can be done by him when the Cell Games Saga.

What about Future Trunks when you become super-saiyan? Two years from the battle on the planet Namek, Super Saiyan Trunks easily defeated Cyborg Frieza and King Cold.

Super Saiyan Vegeta, getting his abilities triggered by strong emotions. Although you tend to be evil, the bad is not absolute. The strength of the Big Bang obtained by this is able to overcome the Android 19 robot and doctor Gero, but not with android 17 and 18.

Basic super Saiyan ability, unable to defeat the Android robots. So Son Goku proposed to practice in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku suspected, with training in that place was able to exceed the limits of Super Saiyan's strength.

Goku and Gohan trained hard at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, thus gaining a new Super Saiyan form. Unlike the exercises carried out by Vegeta and Trunks, where they are able to increase energy quickly.

Intensive training produces new strength for Gohan and Goku, namely Full-Power Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan legend

Get here first about the first or initial Super Saiyan. Wait for the continuation of Super Saiyan 2, huh. Who is your hero in this Dragon Ball series?

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