Saturday, June 29, 2019

5 Good Characteristics of Shinchan that you can apply in daily life

Do you agree that the Crayon Shin-chan anime is indeed one of the favorite anime that accompanied the children of the 1990s? It feels like the morning isn't complete, yes, if you haven't watched this one anime. Lo, you know Shinchan, how do you like it? Surely you know him as a child who likes to adult girls, right?

Full name Shinnosuke Nohara, Shinchan is always known for the nature that does not fit with his age. However, you know if there are still good qualities in him. Even good qualities are different from most children and you can really imitate.

Curious? These are the five good qualities of Shinchan that you can apply. He is also a small child who has a good nature. Come on, see!

1. Maximize Talent

Don't you realize, that Shin Chan is a smart kid? He has a variety of talents that make you surprised. He has kendo talent, skiing, fishing, swimming, surfing, etc. When it comes to swimming and skiing, indeed Shinchan, the master. Even you yourself will be amazed at the skills he has.

He is also good at playing baseball and soccer. In fact, Shin-chan also has a sweet voice, you know. Apparently, not only does Shinchan appear with bad qualities, huh? He also has a talent that you deserve and thumbs up. You feel amazed that you don't have the same talent?

2. Loves Family

Although Shin chan is sometimes not polite to his mother, he still loves him. The proof, when his mothers were pregnant with Himawari, he was sad because he believed that his mother would die after giving birth.

In fact, when his younger sister, Himawari, was already a toddler, Shinchan still gave his sister's full attention. Actually, in his heart, Shinchan really cares for his family. Shinchan is indeed a person who loves his family!

3. Animal Lovers

You must have known if Shin chan has a pet named Shiro. Shinchan was very fond of her pet dog and refused hard when someone took his pet dog. Shinchan also saved a frog from a truck when it rained again. He was willing to be scolded by his father because his clothes were soaked and dirty even though it was his last clean shirt.

Not only just love the family, but Shinchan is also an animal lover. He is willing to be scolded by his father for saving a frog.

4. Patience and Strength

Apparently, this Shinchan is patient, you know! Evidently, when he was always scolded and beaten by his father he never cried, you know. He also rarely snapped when his mother scolded him again. Shinchan also never cry, when he got punished.

You could say Shinchan is a very patient person, huh! Shinchan, who is just a bad boy, never cried and never get angry when he was punished. 

5. Humorous

No wonder, though, if Shinchan is indeed a humorous person. He sometimes likes to change the actual words that become funnier. Humorous behavior successfully shakes your stomach when watching his action. It seems like if you are friends with Shinchan it won't make you bored, anyway!

He can also make the atmosphere more pleasant and not crisp. You can exemplify his humorous nature and a happy-go-lucky person.